Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 848 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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Bedford, Canada

#502 Jul 9, 2008
Before taking Lipitor I was so healthy, even 3 teanagers couldn't keep up with me and my strength was above normal for my size and age. The last few years I have gone down hill fast. since taking Lipitor my bones have gotten to the point of constant aching and pain that's unbariable. My joints are collapsing all the time, I can bearly walk at times. The jumping of my nerves is nerve recking and puts me on edge so bad. Once had the best judgement now I constantly bump into windows when looking through them, constantly tired for no reason, have no motovation, not the active go getter any longer. It seem like over night I went from a young hyperactive man to a 90 year old and it depresses the hell out of me and my wife. My muscle pain gets so bad it affects my grine area so I have to get shots to deaden my right tistacle because it feels like someone kicked me between the legs. I am so pissed right now because I decided to check out the Lipitor on the internet and I hear all of these horror stories about all the same things that has gone and going wrong with me since taking Lipitor that no doctor would tell me this. They would send me for test and tell me nothing is wrong or there is no answer for my detoration of the body. I have about half my stringth left or less. Dam I'm pissed. Thanks for listening and please let me know how to get in contact with these people and put myself into the lawsuit.

Santa Ana, CA

#503 Jul 13, 2008
Well, good for you; however, my husband was on lipitor and tricor and having terrible leg pains and could barely walk. He got off for a little while and he seemed to get better,
then the doctor told him to go back on them. Well, it started all over again so he just took himself off the medication and is finally after 2-3 months getting somewhat better. I even took myelf off of Lipitor and am taking Red Yeast Rice and CQ10 at the okay of my doctor. I will know shortly the outcome of that. I have friends - same doctor - who are on it and doing good. I'm really not in favor of so many medications..I complained to the FDA.. People need to do this when they see a problem. Also my husband is less irritable since being off. He is now taking Policosinal and will have a blood test soon to see how that is working. He didn't take Red Yeast Rice because that is an ingredient of the Statins...

Howell, NJ

#504 Jul 15, 2008

Warren, ME

#505 Jul 16, 2008
I was prescribed Lpitor as a "precautionary" measure in 2001...I was 56 & female...2003 I suffered from kidney failure...extreme arthritic like pain...extreme fatigue...memory loss...none of these complaints were a "red-flag" for my doctor...only after 2 other doctors thought them "suspicious", was a CK test performed, having elevated levels and suffering from muscle wasting I was told never to take another statin as long as I live...But, left to my own devices to recover...I was told in about 6wks all would be as it was pre-Lipitor...I was never told that my coQ10 levels were seriously depleted...I found out in June of 2008...I now must perform physical theraphy each day just to get out of bed...and suffer regular cycles of extreme arthritic type pain..I aged nearly over night..and suffer from vit D defiency and coQ10 defiency inspite of the mega doses of each I take daily and weekly...and my memory has not completly returned to me...I beg physicians to listen to your patients, take them seriously if you must prescribe statins...and shame on the drug companies who deny the harm they do...if ever there is a class action suit against these companies I would be glad to testify..if only I could remember to show up!
Cleaves M Bennett MD

Austin, TX

#506 Jul 17, 2008
Big Pharma has convinced us by their ubiquitous Direct to Consumer ads that cholesterol is “bad” and drugs are the most effective way to get rid of it. Their newest target population, school kids. This not a well thought out program. Shame on the American Academy of Pediatrics!
The truth about cholesterol is that it is not “bad”. It is vital to not just health, but to life. Your entire body is made of cholesterol. Many hormones (including testosterone and progesterone) are made of cholesterol. No "bad cholesterol" means no sex life. If your cholesterol is too high the only thing that is bad is your diet! Back to the kids taking statins.
That big organ up there between their ears is made of cholesterol.From age 8 to 25 the brain is growing and learning rapidly. There are no studies to show that kids on statins will do well in school, form relationships normally, have appropriate ambitions, have normal sexual desires and performance, and be able later to have normal pregnancies.
It will be 20 years or more before the scientists can tell whether they are doing more good than harm giving statin to kids. And the potential harm by giving children statins is catastrophic.
People in their 40’s are given statins with the unspoken direction: take these pills everyday for the rest of your life. If you are 9 when you start, at $100/month for Lipitor, that could amount to many $1000s during a normal lifespan. Pfizer is smiling all the way to the bank. I can imagine the scenario,“I’m sorry honey, we spent all your college tuition money on your statin pills. And because you always had so much trouble paying attention in school, your grades were so poor that you couldn’t get a scholarship.” We can’t really help you out ‘cause your Dad and I have both been taking cholesterol and blood pressure pills for years and that’s keeping us broke all the time.
That is the Brave New World that America is fast becoming. I wonder how many of the AAP who voted for this policy receive monetary support from drug companies?
Nancy H Z

Atlanta, GA

#507 Jul 26, 2008
I have developed a horrible cough since starting Lipitor. I cough for no apparent reason. I just get this command to cough and I do. It is low in the throat and seems unstopable.It is not like any cough I have ever had. My mucas in my mouth does seems thicker than usual. But I cannot pin point why I cough other than the Lipitor and the timing of starting this drug.
Nancy H Z

Atlanta, GA

#508 Jul 26, 2008
I have to correct my comment on Lipitor causing my dry hacking cough and thick mucas. This symptom was started the same time I began taking Lisinopril. But my most recent lab test resulted in microalbumin in my urine going from 2.0 to 5.7 mg/dL since starting Lipitor.

El Dorado Hills, CA

#509 Jul 30, 2008
This is also why we can not trust ...
Thanks god I am using the natural remedies go to and forget about cholesterol


Since: Apr 08

Location hidden

#510 Jul 31, 2008
with all this information? why isn't there a class action law suit? been off lipitor since april 17th...4 months . feel better besides the rashes.

Surrey, Canada

#511 Aug 1, 2008
Since starting on Lipitor approximately 4 years ago, my husband has had no sex drive. Never sleeps, has constant joint pain and frankly if it wasn't for him reading this sight I would have continued to blame myself for this. We are making an appointment with the doctor this week to have him taken right off of this horrible drug. Thankyou to all of you that have written in. I hope this will be the beginning of our love life again. I hope it will be the end of his pain. He had a heart attack at the age of 42 and since then things have just gone downhill. We realize now that this may be the problem. Thankyou to all of you that have written in.

Augusta, GA

#512 Aug 4, 2008
Hello America their are a range of drug out here that the drug company's know will kill or harm us. but your fda. approves these drugs worst than street drugs. the prophet is so big every one has their hand in the cookie jar. I'am going natural My health is is not worth this trash. plavix is a big law suit at this time & gabapentin was only for epilepsy, they are giving it for restless leg migrain ect.& the side effects can be deadly. please research every perscription you are given. My spouse has been put on more med than 20 people in a life time unbeivable.

Since: Aug 08

Watertown, CT

#513 Aug 6, 2008
I believe it is a personal preference about medications.. I personally do not agree with medications unless absolutely necessary. Did you know that the drugs are made to be taken for a symptom for the rest of your life?

I am not knocking any one particular drug ... and in many cases they have saved millions of lives. But if there is alternative way... it should be looked at.

How about preventive care? Most of the time people wait till their aliment NEEDS medication.

I recently got involved with a 14 years old biotechnology company, Genelink, that just launched its nutrition and wellness company - GeneWize Life Sciences.

Genewize can test your DNA in 12 different areas for deficiencies in your genes and then customize a dietary supplement formulated on your test results.

I had my test done and I was very surprised by the results. I just got a glimpse of what my future could have been like if I didn't know what part of my genes were flawed.....

an example of my test results.... The gene responsible for getting rid on TOXINS in my body is genetically flawed as well as the gene that is responsible for carrying Cholesterol - HDL/LDL.

Out of the 12 areas I only had 2 that were functioning at optimum levels, 2 needed MAXIMUM support and 4 need ADDITIONAL support. The company now creates my specially formulated supplements monthly and ships them to me.... FRESH.

If you want more information - do your due diligence and look into it yourself -

You can find out more information here , however the consumer ordering site will not be available til the week of Aug 11th

I hope this information is useful for those of you who want to know exactly what YOUR genes can and can't do.

my motto .... No more one size fits all!

Feel free to contact me if you would like more information.


Gaylord, MI

#514 Aug 12, 2008

United States

#515 Aug 14, 2008
terry wrote:
Two years ago my 83 year old Aunt was put on lipitor. She was a very healthy and actice person who walked every morning. A couple of month after starting Lipitor she slowly started to decline, Muscle aches, backaches, fatique. Then depression and flu like symptons. From there shingles for 3 months and then shortness of breath that put her in the hospital, where they found stage 4 cancer. It was like something hit her immune system and I believe it all started with the lipitor. Before lipitor her toatl cholesterol was 213. She ask the Doctor if she could stop taking it but he wouldn't take her off and she wouldn't stop it on her own. I don't think that any Doctor should put an 83 year old healthy women on any drug that was not needed. There is lack of evedence that these statin drugs help people over 70 without previous heart conditions or women of any age and there is a 25% increase in cancer for the elderly. My Aunt will not be with us much longer. I'm writing this to warn others who have concerns for elderly loved ones.
Terry: I am 40yrs old now, I took Lipitor for 3 months and got shingles. I now have nerve damage on the right side of my head and lost sight in my right eye. I also have neck pain. Has anyone linked Lipitor to Shingles
Bill Scotland UK


#517 Sep 4, 2008
My doc put me in Rapiril and simvastatin. Within a couple of weeks I was getting massive headaches and felt terrible.
I was given antibiotics for sinusitis. I took myself off the statins. Then the headaches returned and became so bad I was taken into hospital given a CT scan and a lumber puncture.
In the weeks following I have suffered bizarre sweating episodes and muscle pain. Until I was given the statin I was playing 18 holes of golf a day. Now the clubs are in the garage and I am trying to rebuild my strength by walking round the block like a 90 year old. Was it the statin?
I don't know but I never suffered sinusitis before or migraines and I played golf at a pretty good level.

Los Angeles, CA

#518 Sep 10, 2008
I had many muscle and tendon problems which travelled around my body. Not one doctor (cardiologist, cardiologists assistant, family doctor, orthopedic surgeon) believed that it was Lipitor. Nor did an Accupuncturist and nor did the Physical Therapist who was at least puzzled by my condition.
I didn't even talk to a lawyer! I am now a statin refusenic, and have a new cardiologist. However I am not convinced that Zetia will be a major improvement - but will be discussing possible (new) problems with the new cardiologist. I am coming to the conclusion that lowering cholesterol by taking a pill is simply a bad idea.
I was pretty happy when my cholesterol was rock steady at 235 for over 30 years.

Winters, CA

#519 Sep 17, 2008
I am so very grateful for all of the helpful comments about Lipitor- the good, the bad and the ugly. As someone with a strong genetic predisposition to heart disease. As an active female, 47 yrs old, I have been taking Lipitor for 6 months and seen a 100 point drop in my total cholesterol, which I consider remarkable.
I do however take to heart (no pun intended) all of the contr-indications reported and I am especially concerned about the long term effects of extended use. Does anyone have a good pointer to reliable, comprehensive clinical data which correlates deleterious effects with duration of usage?

Telford, PA

#520 Sep 21, 2008
I was on Lipitor for a year and during that time, my memory, ability to concentrate, and think clearly suffered greatly. I have ceased taken Liptitor and my ability to think has increased considerably. While on Lipitor, i was at best a "C" student in my ability to communicate and problem solve. Since, I am off Lipitor I am an "A" student and can think clearly and articulate my words again. Lipitor is clearly NOT a safe drug.
Joe Donner

Denver, NC

#521 Sep 25, 2008

You might want to check out -- they seem to have some
data on Mood swings with Lipitor usage.

Prairieville, LA

#522 Oct 23, 2008
Hi my father in law had been taking lipitor for about 4 years and has become disabled. I was wondering if there is any way possible that you can give me the information on the attorney in this area for these cases. He too is from Prairieville La. Thanks
Lulubelle wrote:
There will be MORE lawsuit and I hope they (Pfizer)have to pay back ALL the money to the people they injured with this drug, that we spent as a result of the damage/pain/problems this drug caused us.
All the doctor visits I had because of the side effects, the tests done, the medicines I had to buy, the PAIN I endured, the things I missed in life and I am NOT alone. None of the side effects I had were listed on the warnings and my doctor was as clueless as I was as to the root of my problem! LIPITOR!

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