Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 848 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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Tom Reeves

Franksville, WI

#481 May 26, 2008
I've been on Lipitor for about six years. Yes, it lowers cholesterol. But I've developed sharp pains in both feet, especially under the toes of my right foot. I cannot walk without pain. My physician as taken me off Lipitor, declaring that this is not the first such reaction to the drug he has encountered.

Alachua, FL

#482 May 26, 2008
It's corporate murder and inflicting great harm. No question about it.


#483 May 29, 2008
My doctor put me on liptor 2 months ago - I am 49 years old yes I am overwieght and since liptor I have gained more. The last couple of weeks my feet are swollen and my legs hurt and I am dizzy and afraid of falling and My right wrist is very sore when I turn it and I am going to stop taking it I want to thank you for the fish oil information I will try that. I hate pills I know I have to take one to stop the reflux as I have GERDS but that is all I am going to take I will lose weight and excercise and if I die trying to lose weight so be it there is no majic pill to take this away. Mine is Family related too so that is all I can do before I find myself in the same as you people...Thanks

Burlington, Canada

#485 Jun 2, 2008
I utilize common prescription drugs for common age-related disease - HTN (Hypertention) Metoprolol SR, Hydrochlorothyazide, Eltroxin, Zoplicone for OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea), Lipitor for Hypercholestrolemia. I am writing to describe the terrible effects Lipitor had on my health and on the health of our long friendship.

I have been taking a statin - 20 mg LIPITOR- for over 2 years to control my cholesterol levels. Before I came to panama in December '07, I experienced extreme forgetfulness, incapacitating confusion, profound disorientation, and memory loss - both long and short-term. I was severely depressed for unknown reasons and constantly tired no matter how much sleep I had. This chronic fatigue is a less severe form of sympathy (fatigue and weakness). Three weeks ago, I almost had a full-blown TGA (transient global amnesia). I could not think properly and felt I was in a fog. I couldn't put my thoughts into words. In fact, I could not even string words in a sentence. I asked my doctor what was happening to me. He did not know and recommended an anti-depressant. For me this was not a good enough answer because I had nothing to be depressed about and a definitive diagnosis of depression did not explain my short-term memory loss. I had to find my own solution.

I decided to investigate the reasons for the symptoms. After much research into obscure medical literature as to unwanted drug side effects, I found a relationship between Lipitor and my symptoms. Findings: 2% of people taking Lipitor have severe side effects I had. I promptly stopped taking Lipitor 3 weeks ago. After 1 week, I noticed a radical improvement in my cognitive thinking, depression and muscle weakness. In my estimation, I have gained 80% improvement.


Mansfield, OH

#486 Jun 3, 2008
After reading all of these side effects i took my husbands lipitor out of his daily pill case.He has been on it since he had a heart attack in 2005,and has complained about pain and swelling of his feet,leg cramps,memory loss and latley his leg going numb,to the point were i would hear him slapping it because he couldn't feel it!Then over this past weekend it was hurting him to the point he couldn't think of anything else,so i took him to the emergency room.They did x-rays and an ultra sound and said they found nothing,they told him to see his pain doctor.A close friend of ours was given lipitor by his doctor last summer,but just as he got it a big article hit our town paper on lipitor causing A.L.S He threw it in the trash and said he would rather die then take that chance.He had just buried his 30 yr old son who died from A.L.S ,Now i wish we would have done the same,THROWN IT AWAAY !!

Boca Raton, FL

#487 Jun 5, 2008
Have tried all of the statin drugs (same pain in muscles) but after I had the 2nd stent put in the cardiologist put me on simvastatin 40 mg which I took along with coQ10...same pains but the dr kept saying my blood test shows up with NORMAL liver enzyms and placed me on the 80 mg of simvastatin and 2 days later the muscle pains left me incapacitated.(could only take pain bills for the sharp shooting pains.My internist said go back to the 40 which I did ...however last night the pain in my right arm and 2 upper thighs was unbearable.I am waiting for the cardiologist to callme back as I'm prepared to go off the simvastatin completely.I need to know how I should do it Cold Turkey or gradually?) These drugs have harmed a lot of people.The drs credo of "first do no harm" seems to not apply to drugs does it???????

Toronto, Canada

#488 Jun 7, 2008
I am a 64 year old male who was tested as having have a borderline (high-normal) blood cholesterol level in 2002. I went on the statin Baycol as a precautionary measure since there is heart diease in my family and after a day had liver pain (Baycol has since been taken off the market due to its serious negative effect on liver function). I was switched to the statin Pravachol and had the same reaction within a day or so. It was suggested I start on the non-statin drug, fenofibrate "Lipidil". Within months, no liver pain, but I started having muscle weakness in both legs followed by numbness in both feet shortly thereafter. I went off all cholesterol drugs since and have seen some improvement in the last 5 years, but I fear I will never return to my normal healthy self. To this date I cannot walk very well and all symptoms persist. I believe these drugs are at fault and suggest anyone on them beware. If anyone out there has had similar side effects taking Lipidil I would like to hear back regarding their experiences.
Kathy D

Indianapolis, IN

#489 Jun 9, 2008
I had an incident of TGA , not a good thing. I was on Lipitor for 2yrs. It did get my numbers where the Drs. said they were suppose to be, but having a day not knowing where you are and asking the same question every 10 secs is not a fun time. I have been off of Lipitor since last July, my numbers are not good , 250, what should I start taking to get control of my health,,,any suggetions will be greatly appreciated.

United States

#490 Jun 10, 2008
In the beginning I took Lipitor 10 mg for six weeks without any side effects. My bad cholesterol dropped from 150 to 87. After two months of being on Lipitor I began to get dizzy and fatigue. The medication had worked so well that I decided to try cutting back on the dosage. I took a two-week break and started 5 mg daily, after a few weeks the side effects came back again. I took another two-week break and tried 5 mg every other day. Several more weeks went by but the side effects came back. I have suspended all Lipitor medication for now pending blood test. It is really surprising how one can cut the dosage down to such tiny amounts and still get beat up by this medication.

Lockport, IL

#491 Jun 12, 2008
Lipitor definitely makes you gain weight.
I am 55 I always weighed 127... after being on lipitor I gained 18 lbs. I walk on the treadmill for a half hr twice daily and eat ONCE daily very little.

I could not drop the weight, I stopped taking the lipitor for 3 weeks now and am Finally back down AND no more bladder infections.

That medicine would make you Huge no matter if you ate anything.... Terrible !
cindy L

Lake Orion, MI

#492 Jun 16, 2008
I took lipator for year, i had my period every day for a year, then dr did a d&c, and that part stopped, so did my periods all together, for 2 years, I was tired all the time, my kidney hurt so back i could even walk to the corner, I was tired, and cranky all the time, they kept running tests to see if i was in menopause,( I wasnt) finally I stoped the lipitor, and and now my period is back every month like clockwork, i dropped 25 pounds in water weight, and i dont wake up chocking on my vomit at night anymore, all side effect of the nice lipitor!

Irvine, CA

#493 Jun 25, 2008
My mother has been on lipitor for a year and a half. She had a few TIA falls, and the dr. decided that she had such severe arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, severe depression, and burnout from caregiving that this was the solution. Since taking this drug, she has had constant pain in her back,legs and now can barely walk. She is lethargic, barely stays awake, has gained so much weight she can't fit in her clothing and her memory is shot. She is turning 65. More tests, MRI's X-rays - all negative. Hmm... don't know what is wrong, let's schedule her for another MRI and then a spinal tap!!!! I said how about you look at the side effect of the drug that you are getting such a great kickback from the Pharm company from, as the source of her inability to walk and pain, before using her as a science experiment to pay off all of the equipment that you have purchased - first! Finally the dr. admitted that he had not really "considered" that she might be having side effects from lipitor - and admitted he overlooked that possibility. He said he only saw 1 person ever come through his office with severe reaction to lipitor... and that was a long time ago. Because he only reads "scientific journals" he does not believe that CoQ10 has any possitive effects - because the journals say so.(maybe he should try expanding his reading materials!) So, what do we pay dr's for? I had to bring it to his attention - that this "could" be part of the problem. If they were true "healers" they would be looking at all angles of someone's health, and looking for improvement instead of watching steady decline without trying to find out the reasons why. My mom will stop taking this poison today - I hope that we see some improvement and that my ranting to the dr. has not been in vain!

By the way - is there an actual law suit that is presently in process? Everything I read is several years old - I'm not sure if they abandoned the suit, or if it is still in process.

Thanks everyone for your stories of hope and recovery.

Ramona, CA

#494 Jun 26, 2008
My Husband in now in route to the doctors for a urine test, and xray of his back. He has only been on the Lipitor for 3 weeks to 1 month. His Kidneys have been bothering him since day 4 of taking the Lipitor 20mgs. Week 3 last week he could hardly walk saying he thought he had hurt his back. Having disk issues in my back I recognized his walk and movements as being similar. As the days went on his complaints became greater. This morning he called me and told me to call his doctor. I did and he is on his way to get tested. I told him I had been researching all day on the Lipitor and Statin Drugs and as far as I was concerned he could tell the Dr he was off them...and would only be taking the Red Yeast Rice tabs 600mgs a day. This has made leaps and bounds improvements in my Cholesterol levels in only 2 1/2 months. My Doctor told me about them. Thanks for all the input here about the Lipitor and other Statins.

Pearland, TX

#495 Jun 26, 2008
Well, I am back for another Lipitor update. The doctor finally agreed that I was having severe side effects from the Lipitor and i wasn't completely crazy as they were trying to insist that it was all in my mind. I took myself off 2 weeks before he finally acknowledged this and I have seen a tremendous turnaround. I have been off for about 2 months at the present time and I have noticed a huge difference. No more chest pain issues, leg cramps and left side effects. I do still have some tingling from time to time on my left side but I expect that to cease in a few months. I go back for blood work and a complete cardiac screening on Monday. This is t see how much damage was done to my kidneys and liver. He also said something about my heart muscle. Keeping my fingers crossed because I do not want to be on dialysis or intend on going back on any statins.
lipitor victim

Schoharie, NY

#496 Jun 26, 2008
The only time in my life I have ever gotten a prescription renewal reminder in the mail was this year when I decided not to refill my Lipitor. Both Rite Aid and Pfizer sent me mail twice urging me not to stop taking it. What a scam.

Ramona, CA

#497 Jun 26, 2008
Folks, I take Red Yeast Rice tabs. one a day 600mgs. I buy the timed release type. My Cholestrol has come down 37 points (Total Cholestrol)in less than 2 1/2 months. My before LDL 159 after 121, before HDL 85 after 88 Total Chol 273 after 236. I am 56, in good health and fairly active. Now I bet the Lipitor doesn't work that well or that fast. I was instructed by my Dr to let my husband know NOT to take both but only one or the other..This, that I take needs to be taken with CoQ10 as a replenishment. I take 30 mgs of the CoQ10 because I dont actually know how much of that to take, but minimum is better than none. I have no pains or side effects. Red Yeast Rice isn't a drug and is available in most Health Food Stores or can be ordered online as that is where I buy it now. My husbands cholesterol lowered 41 points in 15 days before he started the Lipitor. Now he has kidney pains on both sides and back pain. He only took the Lipitor for 6 weeks and has suffered for 3 weeks with the kidney,back pains. Today he went for a Urine test, and back xray. He has gained weight again. He had just lost it. In 6 weeks gained about 8 lbs. He is normally a thin type guy and very very active. He has slowed down so much now. Yesterday he stopped taking the Lipitor. Awaiting the test results. I presume they will show nothing as so many others have shown. I am going to have to nag nag nag to get him to stop taking that drug...I can see that coming. I have already told him all the bad about the and learn......
Mr Perfect

Yorktown, VA

#498 Jun 27, 2008
That's why you start out with only 10mg, to see if you have side effects. If you, as stated on the warning do, stop taking it. Pfizer should tort you and your lowlife lawyer to the poor house.

Göd, Hungary

#499 Jul 3, 2008
43. Male. For 5 years I have experienced everything I've read on this board. Taking only 10mg It started with sharp pain at the bottom of my foot and knee pain. After I began having extreme neck & shoulder pain that put me out of work, I started to cut the dosage in half. My cholesterol didn't spike and I felt much better. But afew years later and Just in the last few months I have been experiencing swollen and painful hands when I wake up along with chronic elbow pain. Lat year I worked out at the gym on a regular basis and now I can't even pick up my kids. I'm about to get off lipitor completely and try alternate methods.

Moscow Mills, MO

#500 Jul 3, 2008
I am suprised at what I am reading. I have been on Lipitor for 3 months and have dropped 85points in my cholesterol and lost 25 pounds without dieting. I haven't felt this good in a long time. Dr. says he is not going to keep me on it any longer. I aasked why and was told it is not a long term medication. He told me now that he will check my cholesterol again in 3 months to see where it is; he strongly urged me to watch what I eat. Good luck to all of you and I hope your symptoms improve.


#501 Jul 4, 2008
Two years ago my 83 year old Aunt was put on lipitor. She was a very healthy and actice person who walked every morning. A couple of month after starting Lipitor she slowly started to decline, Muscle aches, backaches, fatique. Then depression and flu like symptons. From there shingles for 3 months and then shortness of breath that put her in the hospital, where they found stage 4 cancer. It was like something hit her immune system and I believe it all started with the lipitor. Before lipitor her toatl cholesterol was 213. She ask the Doctor if she could stop taking it but he wouldn't take her off and she wouldn't stop it on her own. I don't think that any Doctor should put an 83 year old healthy women on any drug that was not needed. There is lack of evedence that these statin drugs help people over 70 without previous heart conditions or women of any age and there is a 25% increase in cancer for the elderly. My Aunt will not be with us much longer. I'm writing this to warn others who have concerns for elderly loved ones.

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