Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 848 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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#378 Feb 17, 2008
I am 51 years old. I have been on Liptor about two years. My memory has been a problem for awhile It was brought to my attention but I didn't want to admit it. The other day I was driving and was so disoriented I could not figure out where I was and how to get where I was going. I managed to pull it together but it scared me. I have stoped taking the Liptor for two days now. I have gone to the doctor and told him on many occassions of tingling in my legs my fingers and hands. My doctor said nothing nor did he say it was a side effect of the Liptor. I eventually had to stop taking all of my meds and introduce them one by one to see which one was causing the problem. I ended up with only the Liptor and it is the only med I was taking so I now know it is the side effect of Liptor. The business of taking meds is a scary thing to cure one thing you have to get something else. Does anybody know how long it takes before the side effect of the Liptor stop after you stop taking it.?

College Station, TX

#379 Feb 18, 2008
I've now been off Lipitor for 4 days and I don't think it's my imagination, but I feel better. I seem to have more energy, my mind is not foggy anymore, and the neck pain is much improved. I've had that instance where I was driving and found myself wondering where in the world I was and where was I going. Didn't last long, but it is unnerving when it happens. Maybe that was a side effect of Lipitor, too.


#380 Feb 19, 2008
Have been on Lipitor since Oct. 2007. The past 3-4wks. I have developed neck pain, headaches, extreme tiredness, arms aching from the elbows down in particular & some tingling in hands & fingertips and nausea. I am scheduled for a follow-up with my PCP next week & am thinking of going off this drug if it is the drug causing my problems? At first I thought I had the flu.

Gadsden, AL

#381 Feb 19, 2008
I was on Lipitor for 20 DAYS, ended up in the emergency room of the hospital, couldn't hardly walk, headaches, weak, a whole list of complaints. Couldn't reach my doctor to discuss my condition. It has ruined my legs, feel like they are in the fireplace or on a block of ice, tingling, burning, hurting, pain. It left me with peripheral neuropathy that I have been suffering with since 1999. BEWARE, people!!!!

Did this ever go away or get better????

Gadsden, AL

#382 Feb 19, 2008
Have been on Lipitor since Oct. 2007. The past 3-4wks. I have developed neck pain, headaches, extreme tiredness, arms aching from the elbows down in particular & some tingling in hands & fingertips and nausea. I am scheduled for a follow-up with my PCP next week & am thinking of going off this drug if it is the drug causing my problems? At first I thought I had the flu.

OMG- had only been on this pill for two weeks and started having sooo much pain that NOTHING would help it. Wound up in the ER last night.....stopped taking a week ago but I need to know how long these side effects will last? Cant handle this pain all over my body!!!

Gadsden, AL

#383 Feb 19, 2008
I've now been off Lipitor for 4 days and I don't think it's my imagination, but I feel better. I seem to have more energy, my mind is not foggy anymore, and the neck pain is much improved. I've had that instance where I was driving and found myself wondering where in the world I was and where was I going. Didn't last long, but it is unnerving when it happens. Maybe that was a side effect of Lipitor, too

did you have terrible aches? How long were you on it?


#384 Feb 21, 2008
Now I am absolutely convinced that I am stopping the Lipitor. My daughter is an RN & told me to get off of it NOW. My whole body aches so much, even my feet. Have noticed a slight weight gain although I have been following Weight Watchers faithfully, but the main thing is the hurting all over, headaches, & the neck pain. The nausea thing is not terrific either. I am so glad that I located this web site & hope that my symptoms go away quickly!!!!!! Thank you all for your openness & sharing of your "issues" with this drug. I had begun to think I am crazy. Everything has become such a big deal physically for me. At 61 I expect some aches & pains, but nothing like what I've had since I went on this drug.

Maxton, NC

#385 Feb 21, 2008
I too take Lipitor. It has helped lower my cholesterol to less than 160 after a stroke 6 years ago. Think about this. How many people are allergic to penicillin? Are we going to ban it's use just because of those who can't take it? Let's keep things in perspective. Let's take responsiblity for our life style. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise is probably why we end up needing this medication in the first place. Not always but oftentimes. Next we decide what to put in our bodies. If after realizing a medication is adversely affecting you then of course you mut stop taking it. But should you "go after" someone? Loud enough warnings? Come on. Grow bigger ears!


#386 Feb 22, 2008
I have no intention of going after the manufacturer of Lipitor. Not everyone has adverse effects from it, but unfortunately I apparently do. Therefore, it is my personal decision to stop taking it as my quality of life is so much diminished by its side effects. I try to eat well & have for a long while as well as exercise (ie walk every day, aiming for 10,000 steps), but my cholesterol still remains at 260 (apparently hereditary). Not everyone can tolerate certain medicines. I choose not to have my quality of life so diminished by my reaction to Lipitor.
RIN Palm Springs Ca


#388 Feb 22, 2008
A friend of mine has developed severe muscle/joint pains. To the point he can hardly get around and three weeks ago he was on the golf team playing several times per week. All his arthritis tests are negative as is his blood work.
He has stopped taking the Lipitor 4 days ago so far no improvement . Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Bronx, NY

#389 Feb 22, 2008
Lulubelle wrote:
OK Connie, did he tell you about the memory problems? Did he mention TGA? Confusion? Stumbeling? Forgetting words? Not being able to pronounce some words? Joint pain? Urinary urgency... and the need to alway "go"? Did he tell you if you start having tingleing anywhere on your body (hands feet, fingers, toes, face, arms, legs and so on), that is statin doing it's damage? Did he warn you about swelling of your feet or hands? Did he tell you they will steal your energy until you have NO life? Did he tell you that it hasn't even been proven that statins do women any good? Did he tell you your heart attack chances are only about 1% under someone not on the drug? Did he tell you that cholesterol is NOT what causes heart attacks, it is inflamation in the heart that is the culprit, that people with low cholesterol have heart attacks? Did he even bother to tell you every cell in your body NEEDS cholesterol, even your brain. Did he tell you statin drugs deplete your body of CoQ-10 and every cell in your body needs that?

I ask you to PLEASE educate yourself to the true side effects so IF they happen, you will know what it is and be able to get off of them before any permanent damage is done.

I was on them for 6 faithful years and I really believed in them like you and so many others do. In fact, only 3 months ago, I would have defended them too. They were doing their job, had my cholesterol down and my doctor was happy. ONLY when I searched for a answer as to what was going on with my memory did I connect any of it it to the statins. Then I connected one ailment after another, things I had assumed went with getting old.

I got off the drug and all my problems vanished and my energy came back. EDUCATE YOURSELF so when it happens to you, you will reconize what it is! Do that for yourself, it IS your life!!!(so take care of it)

I'm so happy that your syptoms stopped upon stopping Lipitor. You are absolutely right. Lipitor is a very bad drug. My uncle is currently in a Nursing Home and is no longer able to walk or feed himself. Numerous times I took him to the Dr. complaining of swelling in his ankles, being unsteady on his feet, forgetting words in the middle of a sentence. Then overnight his muscles completely melted down. This is a man that worked his whole life, who took care of so many people, friends and family alike.

He has been reduced to a mere shell of who he was. His Dr. and "friend" of some 30 odd years won't even see him or return my calls. Shame on him.

I feel as though our family has been cheated. My dear Uncle was taken from us too soon, to now live out the rest of his life in a Nursing Home. The drug company should be held responsible, how many others, like my Uncle, had their lives taken from them.


#390 Feb 23, 2008
Well, have been off the Lipitor for 2 days with no noticeable improvement. How long does it take to start feeling any improvement?
Wowed over your stupidity

Cincinnati, OH

#391 Feb 23, 2008
THE MAN wrote:
OKAY dipstick, How much cholesterol are you taking in? I know a lot of meat heads like yourself and they eat a lot of red meat and other forms of protein. The fact of the matter is, your diet is not as great as you claim it is and your 6-7 small meals is probably enough to feed a village. Burning calories is easier than expelling cholesterol and just because you burn a billion calories a day doesnt mean your processing more cholesterol. The fact of the matter is this:
If you do not take in any cholesterol then your body will not have any cholesterol problems. Obviously you are taking in cholesterol.
If you do not like the drug then stop taking it and die. What do we care. But do not blame it on the drug company because to be honest only about 1% of the people taking it actually have the problems that you are stateing.
Not everyone with high cholesterol is obese. Ever heard of METABOLIC AND GENETIC issues? You know what they say about people LIKE YOU, who ASSUMES things. YOU MADE AN ASS OF YOURSELF WITH YOUR IDIOTIC COMMENTS. And yes, we do blame the drug companies AND the federal government for accepting illegal kickbacks, and allowing the American people to be used as guinea pigs. Since it is illegal to test on animals, what's left to do any testing on? Of course, US. No other time in American history have so many people died from LEGAL drugs, and it's partly due to the pharmaceutical companies and MONEY. And the reason why it's hard for people like you to even begin to understand the process is because people like you REALLY DON'T CARE about anyone else but themselves. Try to help the problem, one person at a time, starting with yourself. Because whether you want to believe this or not, your time will come when this will happen to you.

Tuckerton, NJ

#392 Feb 28, 2008
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Michael McDowell wrote:
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United States

#393 Feb 29, 2008
Has anyone had specific localized pain while in Lipitor? I've been on it for three months and I have been having horrible pain in my left hamstring. The doctors keep telling me it is a pulled muscle but I don't think so since it started shortly after starting the Lipitor, started out as a low level pain and is getting worse by the day. It is almost crippling now. I expressed my concern that it could be from the Lipitor but he said that the muscle pain side effects it can cause are more of an all-over body pain, not localized like mine is. Just to be safe, I would like to stop taking it but has anyone here had any bad experiences with stopping it abruptly?
scared by big pharma

Brookfield, MA

#394 Mar 6, 2008

Just saw last week on the CBS a.m. show that Lipitor can cause tendon problems. 96 people in a study ALL had tendon issues ...all were 50 and under and led active lifestyles, exercised, etc.
ALL had issues with tendons...from tendonitis, to ruptured tendons to tendon tears..

check out and you'll be flushing those useless poision pills....
the risks don't outweight the so-called benefit.

studies in women over 70 show increased risk of stroke and other issues..hmmm, isn't that what it is supposed to be preventing.

More glossy spin brougth to you by the reps from BIG PHARMA and sponsored by our useless FDA...

scared by big pharma

Brookfield, MA

#395 Mar 6, 2008




United States

#396 Mar 6, 2008
Thanks for the info, Scared. Since my last post, I have now found out that my issues are actually nerve damage. Stupid doctors kept saying pulled hamstring and it took a physical therapist to realize that my hamstring is fine but the nerve that runs along the hamstring is the problem. Guess what his first question was to me, "Are you taking Lipitor?" Now I'm reading about many, many people who also experienced nerve damage from Lipitor. Needless to say, I stopped it cold turkey. Unfortunately, it may already be too late. The pain is getting dramatically worse every single day and now both arms and legs have numbness and tingling. I am trying to correct it with a combo of physical therapy and vitamins but who knows if it will work and how long it will take. In the meantime, I can barely walk or sleep.

To those of you who sing the praises of Lipitor, you need to realize that many, many people have had their lives ruined by this drug. And we are all just looking for answers since the doctors refuse to educate themselves about the side effects of drugs before they prescribe them. I am not claiming to be blameless in this situation. I should have done more research before I took this drug. However, I am someone who has never had any type of health problems and never had to take any prescribed meds other than the occasional antibiotic. So, silly me, I was foolish enough to believe that if my doctor was prescribing something, it must be safe. "First do no harm" Ha! And your comments that people should just stop taking the drug if they are having bad side effects is just silly. When you have doctors all around you trying to convince you that Lipitor is not causing your problems, you start to believe it. So, you continue your meds like a good little patient, making the problem worse. It is only through message boards like this (and the all-too-rare open-minded medical professional) that the sufferers can finally get confirmation of what they already know. And even when we do stop the drug, the side effects do not just disappear. I've ready many, many accounts from people who continued to suffer for months and months after stopping the drug and, unfortunately, some were permanently damaged. So, if you were lucky enough to be spared any ill effects, consider yourself just that and stop judging those of us who are having their lives ruined by this drug.

Somerville, NJ

#397 Mar 6, 2008
you must visit this site:
phil gibbs

United States

#398 Mar 6, 2008
As a long-time runner I have just begun taking Lipitor (10mg/day). I am running about 25 miles/week, used to run 60 or 70, but those days and the marathons are in my past. Now I am experiencing extreme fatigue in both legs which I have never had before. Could this be due to the Lipitor?

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