A Posting of a few days ago entitled "Judge RJA is facing more than one Judicial Misconduct Complaint..." - The Judicial Council, please don't blindside me, the Complainant and turn the American Justice upside down we/o Recourse: No More having an administrative person to issue An Order to deny the facts and to erase the Court Records!!!

My Sept. 25, 2013 posting is copied as follows:

So far, I presented and posted in the last two weeks only the first Judicial Misconduct Complaint against Judge RJA relating to his Orders and Rulings on Civil Action Case against Citibank + Defendants...

The Judicial Council Review of Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs' July 31, 2013 Order and Disposition in its entirely began on August 5, 2013..And its investigation of Judge RJA's Judicial Misconducts in Court really has one focus on the Civil Action Case of the Fraud committed by Citibank + Defendants!!

A much more serious Judicial Misconduct Complaint filed against Judge RJA in relation to his Order + Rulings on the filed suit against e-Bay is forthcoming and I am waiting for the Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs' review and recommendation at this time!

The above "all-dated" filings are on the Court Docket...No one including me shall anticipate and try to hurry up the Precise and Detailed Written Replies from the US Court of Appeals!

In conclusion: There are TWO separate and well defined Judicial Misconduct Complaints against Judge RJA filed so far, and each of them deserves a close and exhaustive review w/ investigation by the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, New York, NY, of Judge RJA's Judicial Misconducts in court!

And David Cheever is one important witness to the both Judicial Council's Reviews!!