need one way ktt/swift mt103

Since: Jan 12

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#50 Jan 3, 2012
I would like to send you an MT 103, please give your bank details, money will be arriving shortly.
Peter give me your direct email and I shall email you of what we want.Thanks.Only MT103 acceptable.

Since: Jan 12

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#51 Jan 3, 2012
CHIN wrote:
We need one way best twoway ktt.
facilities after receiving this we have.
2way ktt ready.give me your email for offboard direct communication.
we will provide with ktt

Casablanca, Morocco

#52 Jan 9, 2012
Here is the draft CONTRACT for the KTT MT103 deal.
Also pdf file with the draft of the KTT verbiage.
Price: 20% plus 10%= 32.5% TOTAL
20% to provider/sender
5% provider rep.
2.5% me and Gee
2.5% my group
2.5 to you ----
32.5% total
You will see the payment allocations in the MFPA in the Contract, please include your name and banking details for your 2.5% commission allocation.
Fill in all the required details for your Vietnamese Buyer as shown in the Contract, have him sign, stamp seal, include color copy of his valid passport, and send the package back to me , to submit to the provider ASAP. We can still do this tomorrow (Tuesday) if return fast the completed signed Contract.
Sending bank for this will be Nordea Bank. You will note Contract will go until 2Billion. First Tranche you can do 500 B Euros.
email" [email protected]
Please Be carefully

Istanbul, Turkey

#54 Jan 13, 2012
Dear Collegues
Some Internet scammers and fraudsters using our company names-changed documents & personal names with our company partners.
Please don’t trust this peoples.Interpol and Police detected this persons
They are sending fake Ktt and Swift,than requesting money from anywhere,and sending phone messages.
Please be carefull about this fraudsters and scammers.We sent to all dcoument to Interpol about
this and keep phone messages.If you want to see,we can send you
We don’t interesting any internet scammer files or dream ınternet business.
Please be carefull about this.If you need any help about our mainly business,Please contact with us directly.
IOf you are seem in İnternet or any web sites our names.Please dont believe
Our real contact details are in the below
Sincerely Yours
Get real

Jakarta, Indonesia

#56 Jan 14, 2012
This topic here horrifies me to the bone. Does anyone here actually know what a KTT transfer, or more importantly, what a MT103 is?

An MT103 is a transfer, not ifs, no buts. Its a payment. Speak to your own banker before taking most of these deals here please. There is a window to revoke an mt103, which mean it doesnt get credited - after that, you need to either rely on the goodwill of the receiver to reverse the transaction, or take it up with the bank fraud dept and police.

MT103/23 ----- Stay well clear from this term. There is only a few restrictions on it, most restrictive terms are to call the receiver when the transfer arrive before crediting, or he must show ID on the receiving end. Nothing else. If you want a conditional transfer, get a l/c issued with contract clauses (That is why its there).

How do i know this? I send SWIFTs for actual business on a weekly business for over 5 years now.

Flame if you want, this message is not for the jokers out there - its for legitmate people who consider this lunacy to speak to their banker before doing this.
KTT provider broker

Secaucus, NJ

#59 Jan 22, 2012
I can provide you with the KTT one way and two way contact me for more details.
@ [email protected]

Since: Dec 11

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#60 Jan 22, 2012
You may try entering in contact with "Banco Walmart" and see if they can help you.

Chennai, India

#62 Jan 23, 2012
I am ready to receive MT103. Any one willing to Send me ?
noor hidaya

Colombo, Sri Lanka

#64 Jan 25, 2012
I would like to send you an MT 103, please give your bank details, money will be arriving shortly.

Saudi Arabia

#65 Jan 25, 2012
noor hidaya wrote:
I would like to send you an MT 103, please give your bank details, money will be arriving shortly.
what is your email ?

Nairobi, Kenya

#67 Jan 29, 2012
Please make your offer for the following :

Dear Sirs
We are looking for MT 103 TWO way via MT 799
Amount required is US $ 10M,$ 30M and $ 100M respectively.
Please make your offer giving full details.
We would prefer offer without deposit of funds in Escrow.
Borrower would arrange to provide ICBPO ( conditional) confirming that saide
ICBPO would be automatically activated and funds would be immediately released
upon receiving requisite verifiable and authenticated swift message ( MT 103 )
You are requested to provide the verbiage of MT 103.

We would also get you letter from their (Borrowers ) Bank
showing cash Balance in their account and further confirming that
the amount to be paid towards fees + commission is blocked for
.......... period would be mentioned ) and to
activate the said ICBPO as stated above.
Please provide the verbiage of ICBPO .

In the event you find any difficulty in said terms, please
do not hesitate to provide your terms/procedures.
Meanwhile advise rate.
Advise commission
Give Commission split up details.
Give name of the Bank issuing said swift ( MT 103 -
As advised Borrowers are not interested in depositing funds
( fees + commission ) in Escrow Account.
They prefer to make payment through ICBPO.

Please send VERBIAGE OF SWIFT MT 103 + ICBPO and
( with terms/procedures duly incorporated therein ).

Thanks and Regards
Email:[email protected]
mo mourad

Casablanca, Morocco

#74 Feb 10, 2012
if you are a receiver then we can send ktt one way from GENEVA FINANCIAL within 48 hours
The proceedure is simple
the contract will be signed only after that the receiver sends a telex or email from your bank to our provider bank

your bank will need to send and as writingand bellow the ktt will be sent within a max of 48hours
(contract will be signed after that you send the telex bellow to our
here is how the telex should go:
message “ Dear
Geneva financial group Limited , we are ready to receive, as per
enclosed verbiage ,your KTT MT 103 for value of 500Million Euros(
Five Hundred Millions Euros),,and subjected to successful
confirmation,we will monetize the same immediately and pay the
party A & facilitators, 30%(Thirty percent) of instrument facial
value, structured as per contract terms , within 48 hours Regards
If this is fine for your receiver then i will send you the telex number

email : [email protected]

Thank you
mo casawi

Casablanca, Morocco

#78 Feb 18, 2012

The following is needed asap





We work with serious and solid clients and our clients will pay fast however thyt will never pay upfronf fees or put the funds in an escrow account

If you can provide to send detailed deals along with the price and the procedure

Best Regards


#79 Feb 19, 2012
@ mo mourad.

Do you know what a MT103 is ???

Ya just another moron fool!

Surabaya, Indonesia

#81 Feb 21, 2012
Hi ,
Our procedure is very easy. no risk and comfortable.
1) sign contract between both side.
2) provider issue MT199 (no cost) they also confirm with our bank for our finance status before they issue It.
3) we will issue ICBPO to provider
4) provider swift MT760
5) Our bank will pay follow the pay order through wire transfer.

Currently we also do on this procedure.We hope we can cooperation in soonest.

cun_m2003 at yahoo dot com
Stefan Karlsson


#83 Feb 25, 2012
We are interested to receive MT103, by SWIFT or KTT

[email protected]
I would like to send you an MT 103, please give your bank details, money will be arriving shortly.
Need KTT 2ways

Móstoles, Spain

#85 Mar 2, 2012
I would like to send you an MT 103, please give your bank details, money will be arriving shortly.
I have a receiver for KTT MT103 500M he will pay after his bank verified the transmission slip
[email protected]
Eho Kelly
swift mt103 one way

Casablanca, Morocco

#86 Mar 3, 2012

I'm looking for the mandate or anybody who have a direct contact with the PRINCE KAHLID NASSER ABDUL AZZIZ regarding a swift m103 one way that im getting ready to send (i do not want to do any business with a person called hussian from Pakistan)
email:[email protected]


#89 Mar 7, 2012
I recieved your message and I am contacting you regarding the KTT issue and I want to know what you can recieved and your draw down.

I also want you to send me all information which you need as we have 2 way KTT transfer.

Let me know immediately

Anonymous Proxy

#90 Mar 7, 2012
swift mt103 one way,

Why you need a prince?

Believes everyone here welcomes your MT103 without second thought.

Who wouldn't want free money??? Looks like X'Mas comes earlier this time round-

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