Citibank might have committed frauds against the government... Few people realized one of the charges listed in my Civil Action Case against Citibank: By refusing to redeem the US Gold Bonds it sold in 1930s China and to my family, Citibank might have committed the frauds against the United States...

More specifically, Has Citibank given the money back to the United States??

We are talking about 62+ tons of Gold deposited in Citibank's vault and since vanished...Citibank did not and has never denied the fact that the Gold Deposit took place but chose to ignore the complaint!! In fact, its chief counsel made a confirmation in writing of a part of my claims: There are two Claims w/ one being the Federal Reserve Gold Note!!!

I hope that US government will investigate and take the proper action! The question is Legality: Can a bank take in huge amount of gold and
accept it as its own by issuing US Gold Bonds to my family w/o government's knowledge??? For now, my complaint is still alleged and the Civil Action Case has not resolved from my perspective...US government will have to wait for its Turn!!