America is increasingly polarized and divided by the True Meaning of The Land of Immigrants!

True: This land was and still is populated by the immigrants....But the need to define "Immigrants" is becoming extremely urgent and critical at this juncture!

There are billions of hungry souls around the globe...Can we take them in, feed them and settle them down in this land that is already crowded w/ tens of millions poor and un- productive ones??

Equally important, can we afford to forever make the welfares of those who are here but not really considered as the proud Americans A Priority in place of the goal to prolong and maintain the Prosperity in this land??

To those who desire to receive hand-outs, I say: Let them live and die..
They have ample opportunities to better themselves if only they try!

We have more important things to do in life...We need to educate our youngs and We ought to help those who will succeed in life to build a better place for ALL..

In one word, USE the money wisely and prudently w/ sense and purpose... There is no way for us to waste on those who do not deserve!!!