It was June 6, 2011 when the Chief Judge David B. Sentelle of District of Columbia to open the door of a highly controversial interpretation on A Charge of Judicial Misconduct or Disability...

Instead going to details, he single-handedly provided Legal Precedence and Shield for all US Circuit Judges to cite his Order of June 6, 2011 and to deflect, derail and detract the Judicial Misconducts in court!!!

In essence, Chief Judge Sentelle cunningly and shrewdly argued the finer points of Judicial Misconducts or Disability...However, it is my knowledge that most Circuit Court Judges misunderstood and mis-interpreted his Order!

If Federal Judge Richard J. Arcara is permitted to go free from any Judicial Misconduct Charges in Court as cited in my December 2, 2013 Petition for Review at US court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, NY and the erroneous Order and Ruling by Chief Judge Robert A. Katzman let standing, then A Judicial Tragedy is in the making!!

Just imagine: From now on, no Complainant with the Lawyer representation or not, can not file any civil Action Case in Judge Richard J. Arcara's Court in Buffalo, NY...In fact, in any Federal Court of Appeals in America! For my December 2, 2013 Petition for Review is becoming another legal precedence for all Federal Courts to abide and to adhere to!

No one should dismiss my Petition for Review of Judge Richard J. Arcara's Rough and Tumble behavior in Court as a simple case of Personal Abuse and Bad Behavior against a Pro Se Litigant...

In fact, my Lawyer friend at large promised to file personal damage suit against Judge RJA for Abuse on my behalf later when the Petition is finally resolved!

For It is not just me but the entire population in America that need the judicial protection from the unlawful and illegal rendering by some old and feudal justices in Court!!

I will wait for the Court response in coming months..God bless America!