Exxon Mobil Report Fuels Panic on Street

Exxon Mobil Report Fuels Panic on Street

There are 88 comments on the Asbury Park Press Online story from Jul 30, 2007, titled Exxon Mobil Report Fuels Panic on Street. In it, Asbury Park Press Online reports that:

“Everyone's concerned about credit and that access to capital will be severely restricted. If that happens, nothing gets done.”

U.S. stocks plunged the most in five months Thursday after ExxonMobil Corp.'s earnings missed analysts' estimates and higher financing costs threatened to spur debt defaults and slow takeovers. via Asbury Park Press Online

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Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#39 Oct 8, 2013
It's no big deal folks. The sick. The weak. The helpless of the world at my door.

We can reprice Europe down. She was fat. He was sick.

We can reprice Africa higher. He was strong. Deserves more.

We can reprice Asia less. She was old. Needs help.

We can reprice India more. He looked healthy. Doing well.

We can reprice Middle East more. My Persian flower. We can only look at each other.

Europe doing well. He was strong. He was healthy.

Asia doing well. She was pretty. Perfect figure. No legal issue.

I am doing for you what the white human man keeps doing the black human man.
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#40 Oct 9, 2013
White race can't handle the stress of the agreements.

Fewer agreements.

Humanity working on the whole thing.
Raj Chanani at Earth

Fontana, CA

#43 Oct 10, 2013
We were told by Indian people in India, that they want stuff that is swadeshi. We were told by American people in America, that they want stuff that is American built. Now live with it. There is a lot of long term debt. I think it will take 80% of humans, 10,000 years to clear the issue. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!


Everything good.
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#44 Oct 10, 2013
World in agreement. Lot of poor people. Lot of rich people.

Your daughter take too many dicks. Your son service many holes.

It's K. Your mother do that some time ago. Your father do that some time ago.

Nature said polygamy good.

Nature said monogamy good.

Most Human Men Earther polygamist (80%).

Some Human Men Earther monogamist (20%).

Most Human Women Earther pologomist (70%).

Some Human Women Earther monogomist (30%).

Human Man at Earth

Fontana, CA

#52 Oct 20, 2013
I knew it Pakistan America Vietnam China Russia Italy Cameroon Nigeria France India Philippines Japan know..........

12 people including women by force injecting me with that medicine.

100 million women have filed charges against 200 million men.

We have a world war to fight when your people are ready.

My team has released virus bacteria cells in the ocean, land, air.

There is a program in their heads. Part of our job is done. When you want your halo to be more, come clean with the town. Then your halo as much as mine. If you live.

Fontana, CA

#55 Nov 16, 2013
Old Rate
1 dollar 70 rupees

1 dollar 35 rubles

1 dollar 1 euro

1 dollar 7 yuan

1 dollar 10 peso

1 dollar 90 taka

1 dollar 100 yen

1 dollar 10000 rupiah

1 dollar 2 rial

1 dollar 40 ringette

New rate

1 dollar 5 rupees

1 dollar 2 rubles

1 dollar 10 euros

1 dollar 10 yuan

1 dollar 2 peso

1 dollar 10 taka

1 dollar 10 yen

1 dollar 5 rupiah

1 dollar 1 rial

1 dollar 5 ringette

Montréal, Canada

#56 Nov 17, 2013
I subscribe to a stock report from this company http://ivancicassociates.com/how-it-works/ and their latest report says that Exxon is a good buy ... right at the beginning of an uptrend. With the shale oil revolution in the States, it does seem like a good company to buy.
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#57 Nov 21, 2013
Attention Bankers Brokers

Due to risk posed by Investors Daytraders Shareholders Depositors.

We ask that you open the following.

Checking Account

Mutual Fund Account

Checking Account

Savings Account

Mutual Fund Account
Human Man at Earth

Fontana, CA

#58 Nov 26, 2013
Hello Human people of the CIA World,

Thank you for the information over the last 20 years. We successfully connected with the CIA website. I felt the information was more accurate. I mainly accessed the CIA World Factbook. I feel that each nation region produces 80% or more of the products to meet the needs. As such, the exchange rate is not that important. The exchange rate is only valuable when the volume of goods bought and sold is sufficiently large.

We felt, the show X files was a fair account of the CIA NSA FBI people. The Human people have made some world maps, economic assesment, racial groupings, species groupings and fundemental ideas. We are told oil, gas, coal will run out in the next 50, 100, 150 years. We believe that Human species extinction is near. We are told there is a food, lumber, cotton shortage. As such, we estimate the Human species population will reduce in five phases.

Phase I - 7150 million people - Present day

Phase II - 72 million people - 50 year from today

Phase III - 5.2 million people - 200 years from today

Phase IV - 1000 to 25000 people - 1000 years from today

Phase V - Zero people - 1 million to 2 million years from today






Nature has told us, in a dream, that the 1000 tribes of Humanity will evolve into 100,000 new species. This is based on the programming in the mind, body, the diet, the interaction with animals, the physical location. There is always more.........

Your Acquaintance,

Raj Chanani (Human Animal Nature)(Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Torrancer Californian American Worker Smoker Taurus Earther)(40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall, partially balding, normal looking, basketball, swimming, single, no kids, uncle to thousands, brother to thousands, son to hundreds, acquaintance to thousands, World)
Corporation Worker

Fontana, CA

#60 Nov 30, 2013
President at Corporation, Worker at Earth 1 1

Minister at Corpoartion, Worker at Earth 10 100

Director at Corporation, Worker at Earth 100 1,000

Manager at Corporation, Worker at Earth 1,000 10,000

Worker at Corpoartion, Worker at Earth 10,000 100,000
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#62 Dec 10, 2013
South America has taken over South Asia. South America strong. South Asia weak. South America used up.
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#63 Dec 16, 2013
20% of Humans worldwide are rich.

80% of Humans worldwide are poor.

"many of them hungry or homeless"

Is it just Syria? I think Bangladesh, Vietnam, Phillipines, Korea, Japan, China, Russia,

Iran, India, Mexico, America, Britian, France, Germany, Rawanda, Chad, Ethopia, Dejorbooti,

Haiti, Brazil and others. These nations have come clean about the poverty. Work needs to be done. Please see video.

America first in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Syria second in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Bangladesh third in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Vietnam fourth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Philippines fifth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Korea sixth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Japan seventh in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... China eighth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Russia nineth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Iran tenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... India eleventh in povrty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Mexico twelveth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Britian thiteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... France forteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Germany fifteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Rawanda sixteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Chad seventeenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Ethiopia eighteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Dijbouti nineteenth in poverty sickness

https://www.youtube.com/watch... Haiti twentyith in poverty sickness

http://www.youtube.com/watch... Brazli twentith in poverty sickness


Thank You,

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Torrancer Californian American Marwari Hindi English Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)(40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall)

Please Note : Watch some, most, all of the videos for a resolved program about the human world. Think about stuff before you say it. We are working with Nature Animals Humans to fix the link. That way everybody gets 100% share down to the atom.
Christal Hurst

Victoria, Canada

#65 Dec 31, 2013
Have some oil stocks that have taken a hit as well.
If you need to check your credit score check out this site

Fontana, CA

#69 Jan 17, 2014
America has problems. They buy oil from the Middle East. Paid with printed dollars. The Arab people at North America not able to spend the printed dollars. Can't buy oil folks. Wage war.

The passport office has problems. Why that Tamil woman got to know that much about me? Why that South American woman got to know that much about me? The talking law.

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Marwari Hindi English Torrancer Californian American Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)(40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall)

Fontana, CA

#71 Jan 20, 2014
We thank the White race. For us right now, the dollar, euro, yuan, afro, dinar, ruble, peso, rupee of no value. printed money on paper.

What do we buy with it?

Why will we fix the computer for nothing or paper?

Why get up at 2 in the morning to reboot the computer?

Raj Chanani (Human Man Brown Desi Atatarian Humanist Torrancer Californian American Marwari Hindi English Smoker Worker Taurus Earther)(40 years old, 150 pounds, 5'9" tall)

Fontana, CA

#74 Jan 22, 2014
Europe wants to wash touching looking talking law about the Oriental holy child.

Don't touch that child Europe or World War 3.

Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#78 Feb 10, 2014
Dude, it's true. The reputations are in..........

Nigeria, Mexico, India, Russia, Brazil, America are rapist.

Spain, Germany, Pakistan, America, Vietnam are the raped.

I ask that Africa take the lead in this to talk to the women about it. Are the mothers good with their sons doing that? Do they know? Know what? About the Christian Muslim Hindu Taoist issues?

That's why that date went badly..........

It's a power trip, we need to fight the big war. Lots of dead people on both sides of the war. We are ready to give take blood..........

Nature Animal Human Earth Air Fire Water
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#79 Feb 10, 2014
Many people do not get married.

Many people do not reproduce.

Many Turtles do not reproduce.



Human Man Brown American Smoker Worker Earther
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#80 Feb 11, 2014
The people of San Jose say it is dangerous at San Jose. It is more dangerous than IRAQ.

So be careful..........

America is a dangerous place after the blowout at Middle East then much later at North America.

Human Man Woman Girl Boy Earth Air Fire Water
Human at Earth

Fontana, CA

#81 Feb 22, 2014
Hello Calpine Exxon coropartion,

We in the middle of a war. Violation of soverign terroritory by your people. People in Jail Nut house in agreement. Hostage situation.

We in the middle of a war. We in the middle of a war. We in the middle of a war.

Thank You,

Raj Chanani (Human Animal Nature)

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