By Jon Terbush 12 hours ago The Week - After spending two months on the defensive over ObamaCare, Democrats are back on the attack. And with another budget deadline looming early in the new year, they're signaling that they're not about to let up even it it means pushing Republicans toward another government shutdown.

Senate and House negotiators are working toward a reportedly small budget deal that would undo some of the sequester, across-the-board spending cuts that have taken a bite out of the economic recovery. But believing the odds are tilted in their favor, Democratic leaders have suggested they may insist that an extension of emergency unemployment benefits also be part of a final deal.

The point: Why tamper the 2012 Sequester Law?? No one should bother to unilaterally alter and ignore the Law and get blamed for!!!

Don't forget the principle of Smart Politics: To leave the other party make waves and get all the blames...The 2014 election is just around the corner!