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Chattanooga, TN

#1 Mar 16, 2007
I have a 95 Saturn SL2. For as long as I can remember I have had a problem with random surging and bucking while driving it under certain conditions. Getting on the interstate, not being able to accelerate or slow down because of traffic. City driving starting and stoping, and so on. Recently, I have changed the following things: Oxygen Sensor, MAP sensor, Cleaned the EGR valve and ensured that no blockage existed inside the mount. Changed the fuel filter and PVC valve, Spark Plugs, and coil as well. Man the thing runs like a new car except for this random occurance. What else could I look at?

Le Sueur, MN

#2 Apr 4, 2007
Does the check engine light come on? If so, troubleshoot via DTC codes. Also, have you replaced the spark plug wires? Does it seem like your missing is when it's humid or damp? The wires being old could cause intermittent missing like you described.
DR 38D5

Tacoma, WA

#3 Apr 20, 2007
I had the same issue and i found it to be the ground on the back of the engine.

Medina, OH

#4 Aug 3, 2007
I have just bought a 1995 saturn w/142k miles for next to nothing. previous owner dumped it after 7 years because it bucks wildly in the mid-throttle range. Full throttle and barely touching the pedal produce a smooth engine. However at full throttle the engine will not upshift and power fades as the RPM climb above 4000, and at low throttle there is not enough power to pull the car up the slightest incline. thoutout the transmission shifiting is erratic but solid.
SO: I've changed the plugs, wires and TPS... Syptoms are all still there...
No codes coming from the ECM...
Any help would be appreciated.

Since: Aug 07

Medina, OH

#5 Aug 4, 2007
FYI: based on another post I saw I disconnected the EGR valve and like magic the car runs beautiful... shifts at all the right spots and seems to have reasonable power throughout the range.
Natually the SES light is on...
I plan to change it out with another used one before I spend $150. for a new one...

Since: Aug 07

Medina, OH

#6 Aug 6, 2007
I'd like to amend that last:
With the EGR diconnected there is no bucking but still a real lack of power.

I've tried a total of 4 EGR valves and all have similar results. As soon as I connect them the bucking returns.

I've temporarily blocked the orifices for the EGR and reconnected the original EGR which allows the car to drive as described above (lack of acceleration power)
I've also replaced the ECTS since then... No change.
I'm really stumped on this one...

Fort Dodge, IA

#7 Aug 30, 2007
I'm having the same problem with mine. Did you ever figure anything more out?

Indianapolis, IN

#8 Nov 18, 2007
My Saturn did the same thing. A guy I work with who used to be an airplane mechanic sprayed the crap out of wires, caps, etc. with Silicon (e?) spray. Another friend of mine talked to his garage thinking my airplane mechanic friend was all wet and the garage told him the airplane mechanic was a "smart guy". I haven't had a single problem with my Saturn since and have told another friend of mine who has a Saturn how to solve the problem and hers has been fine ever since. I think it's been over 2 years since the Si spray was used on my car. I'm sorry about not being more specific regarding what to spray but I had my friend do it at work and I didn't pay that much attention.... took him about 5 minutes total.

Sarasota, FL

#9 Dec 1, 2007
Hi I have a 95 Saturn sc2 coupe. When i first got it, like 2 weeks ago, it seemed to be running fine but now when i accelerate it seems to be having a lot of trouble and it's hard to get the RPM up with out it freaking out on me and shaking. I think this is the same problem the people above me have had but I'm only 17 and need help!! So if any one knows what i can do it would be great!!!
AJ Russo

Kohler, WI

#10 Dec 6, 2007
I have a 1995 saturn and has been running fine until we got snow and was spinning my tires a little bit that the service engine soon light came on, and just last night i stopped at a stop sign and it died!?!?! out of no where, so i started it back up then put it bake it drive, and it died again??? what could it be?

Downey, CA

#11 Feb 9, 2008
I have owned a 1997 saturn sw2 wagon since it was new. The car is 11 yrs old now and has 120K on it.

The first time I experienced bucking was around 2002? I forgot to change the fuel filter. It is supposed to be changed every ~ 34K I changed it at 90K. That helped alot. Then I changed the wires, better, then plugs and the problem basically vanished. A few years later it returned. It works like this: you are idling or coasting and you gradually smoothly apply the gas pedal and the car bucks once asthough there is no gas. Then it is fine. This almost always happens around 1500 to 1700 or 2500 rpm.

I changed the spark plug wires a second time and that helped a little. Currently, I searching I plan to test the fuel pressure (pump could be worn), clean / inspect egr, test /replace the TPS or the other common part.

TIP: check you have to search throught the articles because there is a lot of content.

I have done most of the repairs on the car - most recently I replaced the passenger side upper motor mount which eliminated the vibration in the steering wheel.

Medina, OH

#12 May 30, 2008
Warren wrote:
I'm having the same problem with mine. Did you ever figure anything more out?
yes in the end it was a blocked catalytic converter.

Lincoln, IL

#13 Jul 20, 2008
i bought a 2000 saturn ls. the previous owner said that it needed a new oxygen sensor but that it ran fine, which it did. then it started "bucking" as if it was having a hard time shifting gears and the service light came on. i took it to the shop and they replaced the Oxygen sensor and it was fine for a week or two but is back doing the same thing. its not every time just occasionally. my neighbor said he had the same prob with his 2002 ls with approx 80,000 miles which mine has 88,000. he ended up getting rid of his because all the attempts at repair were useless.

Findlay, OH

#14 Aug 19, 2008
I bought a 1994 Saturn Sc2 i first had bucking when trying to keep a speeed of around 25 to 40 mph any slower of faster and there was no bucking. I have replaced all filters (fuel air oil) have put a new egr valve and spark plugs (bousch platinum 4+) with new wires and weleded a broken exhaust pipe. After these tune ups the car ran great no problems at all. Now when i (its the 5spd manual) let up on the clutch and give it a higher amount of gas the car stats to shake very badly... so much as i have to put the clutch back in and upshift. However if i take it slow with very little accerlation the bucking does not occur. It has happend once a week so far and now it happens
almost evry time i go into first gear and then it happens again in second gear. When i took the car to saturn they metioned something about my Ignition Module (also my egr was stuck open but replaced that) Could the ignition module be the problem of bucking on accerlation? I m only 16 and this car has been nothing but money so far But at highway speeds i love the 38 mpg. If anybody can help plz post or e-mail at [email protected] Ty


#15 Aug 25, 2008
does anybody know who has the best price I have to get a valve job done on my 99 saturn sw2 I live in the chattanooga area I only have about 400 dollars to spend on it. If so email me @ crg0592AOL.COM

Delmar, NY

#16 Sep 3, 2008
Have a 2000 Saturn SL2 and love it expect this one problem. Sometimes it wants to keep going when you want to stop. Then when you put her in park the idel will rise to 1800 to 2000.
Shut the car off and restart and everything is fine for a while. ECU has been replaced and reprogrammed with no help.
suggestions would be helpfull.
Saturn Girl

Bethel Park, PA

#17 Dec 13, 2008
My Saturn 2000 LS1 has 134k miles and shakes when sitting in park or sitting at a red light. Once I get going it is fine nad good on the highway. What could it be. I had a full tune up platinum plugs, new wires, fuel filter, air filter, gas treatment, throttle body cleaned and still the same problem. Then I changed the spark plug coil, same problem continues. Car sat 2 days and now wont start. Gives a humming sound but never turns over. Battery and alt fine, but SES light stays on. What could it be???

Holyrood, Canada

#18 Jan 25, 2009
I have a 2000 Saturn and heat only comes out of the defrost vents what is my problem?

Minneapolis, MN

#19 Feb 3, 2009
My Saturn just started doing this same thing this week. Were you able to find the cause? The Saturn dealership was unable to fix it.
John wrote:
Have a 2000 Saturn SL2 and love it expect this one problem. Sometimes it wants to keep going when you want to stop. Then when you put her in park the idel will rise to 1800 to 2000.
Shut the car off and restart and everything is fine for a while. ECU has been replaced and reprogrammed with no help.
suggestions would be helpfull.

Orleans, Canada

#20 Feb 14, 2009
I have a 1995 saturn. It all of a sudden,started giving me problems. When it is cold it will start fine. But after it warms up ,it will not start. It will just click. Does anyone know what the problem could be.

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