Its not that i am anti labor but i would think that the current number of employees at Whirlpool could handle the increase in production without bringing back 150 previously laid off employees. One thousand refigerators that need produced would only simply put 150 workers back to work for the short term and not the long which is a waste of money and time from the point of Whirlpool and mislead these personal into thinking they have their jobs back for the long term which is not what is going to happen with a 78% decrease in profits for the company.
Im not a supporter of short term employeement for the benifit of big corporations unless they are hired on as temp. workers.
Over all the cuts at Whirlpool wouldnt be as deep as they were if the employees would reach wage concessions as well as benifit concessions. However as long as the American worker wants to compete with the lower waged countries of the world they are going to have to give in or simply find other jobs. Very few jobs at Whirlpool require a Masters degree or any degree so you have to ask youself what wage are you worth? Fast food workers have the same amount of education as Whirlpool employees but they figure since the company makes all this money they are due their fair share of the profits without any investment at all in either education or stock ownership.
If it wasnt for the 401K and profit sharing etc forced upon various companies you would be no different than the person asking you at lunch, "Would you like to have fries with that order?"