Corporate greed continues

Corporate greed continues

There are 34 comments on the Lake County Record-Bee story from Jun 28, 2010, titled Corporate greed continues. In it, Lake County Record-Bee reports that:

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read in the newspaper that Whirlpool Corporation is closing its plant in Evansville, Ind., eliminating 1,100 jobs.

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Bee Vandenberg

Seattle, WA

#1 Jun 28, 2010
How old are you?
Joe Smith

Benton Harbor, MI

#2 Jun 29, 2010

What appliance are you going to buy next? Whirlpool Corporation still employs more American workers than any other manufacturer. If you buy an LG or Samsung, the product will have been made in Korea by Korean engineers and factory workers and then shipped to US ports to sell. If you buy a GE, it will most likely be a product sourced from Samsung. Kenmore appliances are now made by LG and Samsung because Sears can purchase them at a lower price than they can a Whirlpool product.

If you follow through on your threat to not buy Whirlpool products, you will be the primary cause for more Whirlpool jobs to be moved out of the US, not corporate greed. If you want to be patriotic and support your fellow American, you should be writing about not buy an LG, Samsung, GE, Kenmore, Bosch, Electrolux or Frigidaire. Buying Whirlpool products will help them keep jobs in the US!

Its clear to me that you do not understand macroeconomics. Whirlpool Corporation cannot stay in business if they are paying $18 an hour for a forklift driver in a unionized American plant while its primary competitors are producing product in Southeast Asia.

The global dynamic in appliances is similar to the automotive industry. Honda and Toyota moved into the US market in the 1970's and it only took them 30 years to bankrupt US auto companies. If you choose to stop purchasing product from Whirlpool Corporation, your only option in 10 years will be to purchase Korean made product. Is that what you are hoping to accomplish?

Springfield, MO

#3 Jun 29, 2010
a whole $18 an hour ???
darn those uppity forklift drivers

meanwhile the CEO rakes in close to 11 million?

Plug that number into your macroeconomic blender and tell me how it saves American jobs or supports American workers.

Tom's right - greed
Ryan Smith

Marietta, GA

#4 Jun 29, 2010
This is obviously a tough move to make and I'm sure every American company would prefer to manufacture all their products here in America. However, what Tom Coddington's above post failed to mention was that Whirlpool Corp. still employ's more American's than any other appliance manufacturer in the world and over 20,000 are manufacturing positions. He also didn't mention that Whirlpool Corp. still has manufacturing plants in Ohio (4 to be exact), Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Iowa as well as many other various facilities throughout the country. I'm all for American manufacturing but let's not forgot to see the whole picture...
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#5 Jun 29, 2010
Carly Fiorina laid off over 30,000 Americans, 2/3 of them Californians when she ran HP into the ground. She saved the company $120 million by sending these jobs to India and China. Then she got a 291% raised and paid HERSELF $90 million!

The only way to compete with slave labor is to become one.
Joe H

Shawnee, KS

#10 Jun 29, 2010
Wish I would have known this yesterday.
I would not have purchased a Maytag washer. Though I'm not sure what else is available. Screw Mexico !
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#16 Jun 29, 2010
Adrian, you prove 100x a day that a wasted mind is terrible waste as the old saying goes.

The TOPIC here is the international corporations that now own and operate what had been OUR government draining our jobs by the millions in favor of slave labor and their advertising $$$ being used to mislead the people into thinking that while it's ok to protect our children, our homes, our possessions, it's somehow NOT ok to protect our jobs and standard of living. Pathetic.

United States

#18 Jun 29, 2010
Lowell Grant wrote:
Yes, it's a good thing none of our jobs were sent out of country under W! Phew! Too bad it's all Obama's fault, the ****!
Now back to reality...for instance, ALL of the jobs that Carly Fiorina destroyed in America took place during the bush administration, and millions of other jobs too.
But hey, for those few who actually think Adrian has a point and it's all Obama's fault, good for YOU!
Lowell, while Obama is someday going to be ridiculed for stupidity. The stupidity of NAFTA is all owned by Clinton.........And Carly may have sent jobs overseas....and Bush did nothing to repeal NAFTA..........the machinery was set up and the opportunity invented by Clinton. Please keep your facts straight dear!
T Kroemer

Jacksonville, FL

#19 Jun 30, 2010
The U.S. still manufactures more product than any other country. The job of a corporate executive is to do what is best for his company. If the best is to move production to another country with less regulation, that is what he must do to fulfill his duty to the shareholders.

The duty of the government is to make a good environment for business (uphold the law) and to defend the country; it is not to take over companies and tell bond holders to go pound sand. Much of what the Obama administration has done would not have held up in court had someone challenged it. You have administration officials saying BP should be nationalized, apparently not realizing it is a British wonder more and more companies are moving production elsewhere.

More jobs were created in each of the first 6 years of the Bush administration than the first year and half of the Obama administration. What happened the last 2 years of the Bush administration? Congress, who controls spending, was taken over by the Democrats. Have 3 years of Democrat control been good for the country?

Not only should you expect more companies moving some plants outside the country, you need to expect more companies to move their entire operations to other countries. Obama has been treating business like he is a dictator and owns it. While they still have an option to move, expect more companies to exercise it.

I have no hope that Obama will do what is best for the country unless he is forced to by the Democrats or by a change in Congress in November.

Obama has stated he does not much care about how the stock market does. That means he does not care about pensions of millions of government workers, since most of those are invested in the market.(Don't worry, your Social Security is not invested, it has already been spent, so it will not be affected by a stock market crash; it simply just won't be there when you want it.)

So if you do not have a government that is working to make a good environment for business, you must expect it to go elsewhere. There are plenty of countries that would love to have our biggest companies relocate; many will be doing so if the U.S. keeps on its current path.
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#20 Jun 30, 2010
NAFTA was a bill that the republican congress, led by gingrinch put on Clinton's desk for signature. Clinton, being the despicable pandering compromiser lacking all principles that he is, signed it but it was a REPUBLICAN bill.

Once again, it is fun to see the rightwing keeping constant, the buck NEVER stops with them! Deficits during bush term? Hey the Dems controlled congress for 2 years so it's all THEIR fault! Meanwhile, when the repubs control congress, nothing they did is EVER THEIR fault! PERFECT! 100%!!
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#21 Jun 30, 2010
To the white haired corporate tool...

Yes, read my post...What I wrote was that exports only account for 7.5% of our gross national product and that we now have a trade DEFICIT of over $600 BILLION!!!

For those like the tool who are too stupid to understand, that means that while our exports are now reduced to a tiny fraction of our economy, the amount of imported goods is so great that we are DRAINING over $600 billion NET each year from this country. When all the money, all of our jobs and all of our credit is gone, we will be a hollow shell, the foreign goods will stop arriving on our shores as we won't be able to pay for them since we will all be living in squalor, a 3rd world country that USED to be important.

We need to choose now, as it's nearly too late, do we insist on FAIR trade or continue to allow FREE trade where they are free to dump goods made by slave labor in filthy unsafe factories here or do we say "NO MORE!"?

No need to attack me instead of dealing with the issue old fool!
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#23 Jun 30, 2010
Way to deal with the issue and the facts! Thank you for making my case!
T Kroemer

Jacksonville, FL

#25 Jun 30, 2010
Annual deficits in themselves are not necessarily bad; it is the cumulative debt that can bankrupt a country or an individual. Many individuals opperate with a deficit in their spending. Look at a car loan or home loan; you spent more than you had and took a loan to pay it back.

Yes, there were deficits under Bush. But if you thought they were bad, what do you think of those under Obama? He is making Bush look like the definition of fiscal responsibility. The cumulative debt under Obama may well bankrupt the country if he keeps control for the next 2.5 years. All it will take is for interest rates to spike. On the plus side, we will have an opportunity to see how small countries handle extreme debt. Watch Greece and Spain over the next couple of years.

Balance of trade is not as important either. You don't sell to the grocer the same amount that you buy from it, do you? However, there are tremendous amounts of money going out of the country to buy oil that could be kept in this country with more reasonable drilling rules. But it is a much more effective wealth distribution tool to allow the money to go to other much for more jobs here...
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#26 Jun 30, 2010
blah blah blah, you are an idiot or are you pretending to be one?
T Kroemer

Jacksonville, FL

#29 Jul 1, 2010
People use comments like "Blah blah blah you are an idiot or are you pretending to be one?" when they can't think of a better response. Generally in a debate it means the other side won.

By the way, grammatically that should be "are you an idiot or are you pretending to be one?" or else "you are an idiot or you are pretending to be one."

Since: Nov 08

Watsonville, CA

#30 Jul 1, 2010
Quite correct.
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#31 Jul 1, 2010
Sometimes it just means that after presenting the facts honestly for 100x only to have that rebutted with lies, distortions and fantasy that you give up.
Lowell Grant

Richmond, CA

#32 Jul 1, 2010
From the source, Dept of Commerce....

"Main articles: Foreign trade of the United States and Trade policy of the United States

The United States is the world's largest trading nation. Since it is the world's leading importer, there are many U.S. dollars in circulation all around the planet. The dollar is also used as the standard unit of currency in international markets for commodities such as gold and petroleum (the latter sometimes called petrocurrency is the source of the term petrodollar). Large foreign economies such as China, Japan, Arab states of the Persian Gulf, and the EU own huge dollar reserves (especially as the US is more in debt) so there is a fear that they will move away from the dollar.[73] China's reserves are more than $2 trillion, the world's largest.[74] China owns an estimated $1.6 trillion of U.S. securities.[75]

In 2008, the total U.S. trade deficit was $695.9 billion,[76] which is $1.8 trillion in exports minus $2.5 trillion in imports."

United States

#33 Jul 1, 2010
It takes a village. And most corporations aren't in it.
Our government is the smokescreen for corporate greed, they own both parties. So on way too many issues about Obahma I have to sadly agree with Gypsy Ann Vance.
Check out this link to see all the good things corps have done for us.

United States

#35 Jul 1, 2010
And most of them don't pay taxes.

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