anyone have whirlpool email address?

Cannon Falls, MN

#42 Feb 2, 2009
how did you get in touch with whirlpool's executive office--snail mail, email (if this could you give me the address?)please let me know

service on appliances is one issue,design problems is quite another matter. my dual-fuel range (oven to date works fine), but lowest settings on top burners is higher than high settings on all other gas ranges i've had. serviceman told me "that's the way it's built!" aren't there accepted and acceptable standards for these essentials? i belong to a gourmet cook group and my colleagues can't believe this is "standard"! there ought to be a recall on the product
i also "love" the way these execs isolate and insulate themselves from customers. they're much more interested in how wall street responds to all their hyped reports and ads (see how "near perfection" they are by going to their website!

Knoxville, TN

#43 Feb 9, 2009
bgohio wrote:
Everyone could try [email protected]
I sent something recently and didn't receive a notice that it isn't a good email address so I imagine it is correct.
it actually [email protected] com
Matthew Foster

Salina, KS

#44 Mar 24, 2009
Whirlpool Corporation is ripping consumers off.
This is a call for a class action lawsuit against Whirlpool. After Whirlpool acquires companies they discontinue repair parts for the brands they acquired. This happened to my Maytag Neptune drying center rendering the $1,000 machine useless after only three years of service. If this situation has happened to you in regards to Whirlpool’s acquisition of any of its many brands, then please contact [email protected] .
julie templeton

Sheffield, UK

#45 May 6, 2009
i have had numerous faults with my american fridge freezer and it is not even 12 months old. they are eventually replacing it but i am still waiting 2 weeks later and when i ring they do not know nothing about it apart from that it has not been logged!!!! i have eventually found an email address [email protected], i will try this and will also try the other one that someone left on here and will let you all know how i get onx

Asheville, NC

#46 May 12, 2009
I too was victimized by Whirlpool. Many calls went to their 800 number only to be given the run around. You need to contact Jeff Fettig the CEO of Whirlpool. His E mail address is [email protected] and direct line 269 9 82 056 9. Good luck.
Mikey D

North Myrtle Beach, SC

#47 Jun 1, 2009
I was screwed by Whirlpool on my $500 microwave. It worked for 2 seconds then gave an error code of F7. I called, it took a week for them to send a repair man out. I took 4 hours off of work for the repair man to turn the microwave on let it run for th 2 seconds, he wrote down the error code and started to leave. I asked if he was getting the parts and he said he would have to order them. Four days pass I don't hear from them so I call whirlpool, get the run around ask to speak to someone else. I get another person, "we don't replace, only repair". I argue the point, she doesn't care. I call again two days later, they claim they contacted the service agent and they are waiting for the service agent to respond. I call two days later, there is no record of my complaint in the system so the lady takes down all the info again and contacts the service agent but no answer so I again ask to speak to a higher up, Rena gets on the phone and when I ask if she really wants me to go to the media about whirlpool screwing over a returning war veteran who just bought his first house she said "that's fine" and I said no it's not, let me talk to your boss. She got off the phone for awhile and came back on and started offering me money ($100), I told her I don't want the money, only a working microwave. She called back that day and said the parts were overnighted to the service agent. Friday, Saturday and most of Monday go by and I have heard nothing so I called them again.... "sorry sir, our system is down". I don't buy it and tell them I want to speak with the highest person availabe in the food chain. I get some guy named Chris and he actually argues with me when I tell him that I'm spending more money on food because of the lack of a microwave.... I asked if he really wanted to argue the point and he said "yes" so I said "I'm not going to eat canned ravioli every night chris, now get me a working microwave I don't care if you have to red-eye a repair tech from Michigan to South Carolina, this is a $500 microwave and it needs to be working." He continued on in a most arrogant manner and said he wouldn't do anything.

I am planning on selling my whirlpool crap off and buying SAMSUNG or LG products. Maytag is made by Whirlpool so they are out of the question.
majella slattery


#48 Jun 3, 2009
Hi i too bought a whirlpool dishwasher its 13months old,its crap,its not working ive had 2 enginers out, and their customer service is the worst ever please do not buy whirlpool products.
Kimberly Snellings

Lenoir, NC

#50 Jun 24, 2009
The number to the complaint department is 1-866-640-7146. One reps extension is 6718 her name is Dawn.
What the Hell

Scarborough, Canada

#51 Jun 25, 2009
I have had a whirlpool front load washer for 4 months; it has been repaired three times. It flooded my newly refurbished basement causing damage to the walls and ceiling. I have had to go to the laundramat 4 times and pay $45.00 each time. What kind of company does not stand behind their product? My last washing machine lasted for 10 years. Whirlpool for 1 month before it needed repair. Does anyone have any information on a CLASS Action suit. I would like to be a part of it. They probably feel that it is cheaper to sell faulty products than improve their product line.The website states that they have "uncompromising strength in every component". What a pile of _____!
Gaurav Mishra

Asia/Pacific Region

#52 Jun 26, 2009
I own S70 wash machine. I needed service to repair its lids. Since last almost 20 days service people are making false promises, never calling back and failing commitments. Net result is zero. I vow not to buy any Whirlpool product never in my life and would advise all my friends, relatives to do the same. These totally indifferent service & customer support people will ruin Whirlpool's image. I will have to live with the loss and buy new machine from a better company definitely not Whirlpool.

Richmond Hill, Canada

#53 Jul 8, 2009
I have had a terrible experience dealing with service in regards to a front load maytag neptune washer. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH IT WITH A 10 FOOT POLE. NOT TO MENTION HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO GET SOMEONE TO LOOK AT IT.
Richard Kirker

Casablanca, Morocco

#54 Jul 30, 2009
Does any one have the email address for Whirlpool?

It was the first question asked in this thread and so far as I can see the anseer must be no as I cannot trace it anywhere? Or am I mistaken?
Brian Swank

Corning, NY

#55 Aug 21, 2009
I agree they have a really big problem with the way they handle us . Myself I have a Amana front load washer that has been a nightmare . It has been leaking for 3 months and its brand new they have sent out service people 5 times and guess what ??? its still leaking !!!
When I call they give me the run around so this is what I have done . Sent a letter out after spending hours of research !!!
To: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Cc: [email protected] m ; [email protected] com ; [email protected] ; [email protected]
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 10:06 PM
Subject: I would like to have this email sent to an executive of whirlpool
Hi , I would like to start out by saying that I'm just exhausted dealing with trying to get my washer fixed proper . You have sent a repair company out to my house 4 times to find a water leak on my washer and every time the say its this or that and the have been wrong . Now they want to replace the tub ?? They said it was the hose , the soap we are using , the door seal and everything was changed and to know avail it still is leaking !!!
Now they say the tub is leaking ( what's next ) Please just make this right so we can move on !!!! I have been buying whirlpool appliances for 25 years!!!
This is getting really ridiculous my bathroom floor is soaked I had to all ready take the carpet up , now my wall is getting black mold on it and the wood on my floor is swollen and every time I call I get a different answer . So I have talked with Troy , Christian , John and Alicia not saying who my wife has talked to .
My washer is leaking and you seem not to care , John said he was turning it over to some other part of your company to see if they will replace it . But it has to be authorized first and I should here something within 48 hrs well that was 4 days ago and I have heard nothing . Well I am not going to have my kids get sick so this is what I'm going to do I will put the washer outside , then I'm calling and having are local news station come over , which is WGZR TV out of Buffalo N.Y. and yes I'm very good friends with a reporter from this station and have them do a story about how a major company like whirlpool puts the little customers and there families to the side because we are nobody .
You seem not to care about the damage done to my house because every time I bring it up on the phone to your service people they change the subject so then I will get my Attorney his name is Gerald Williams from Batavia , N.Y.. Why should I have to pay a 500 deductable out of my pocket to fix damage that your service techs say is fixed on 4 separate occasions . We have 7 children in this house and this is a very important appliance in our house . Well you may not care but we do and I will be no means keep putting my children's health at risk why your service people find things that aren't wrong with my washer and just keep replacing stuff that isn't the problem to begin with or at least they can't find the problem .
This is it you need to replace the washer or my calls will be made Monday morning .

Fairburn, GA

#56 Sep 8, 2009
I have a Kitchen-Aid (owned by Whirlpool)stainless french door fridge that has not worked correctly since purchase only 2 months ago. Icemaker doesn't work correctly, parts of fridge freeze (ie crisper and shelf adjacent to ice-maker, freezer unit frosted up complertely with 1/4 inch ice and frost. Have had 5 repair calls, still doesn't work. Wrote a letter to Jeff F 8/27. No answer so far. Following up my e-mail today. My advise to inaction is compile complete documentation of everthing that goes wrong and everyone you communicate with. If no response, I recommend small claims court. With great documentation, I'm sure things will go in your favor.
frustrated customer

Hudson, MA

#57 Sep 21, 2009
Lucy wrote:
Does anyone know the whirlpool email address format? I would like to email a complaint.
it is [email protected]

I am writing because our Amana refrigerator light burned thru the plastic casing and burned an item inside! Thank God it didn't end up catching completely on fire! never seen anything like this!

Mount Vernon, NY

#58 Nov 9, 2009
Regarding Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine - Needs contant rebooting. Sometimes takes 45 min before I can get it to restart.

I had a repair man in and he wanted over $850.00 to repair! I paid slight over $1,000 for the machine just 2 years ago

Lan Phan

Decatur, GA

#59 Nov 27, 2009
I bought an expensive Whirpool Refrigerator in July 2009 , by November 2009 we have to call for repair 4 times . Their customer service is absolutely unacceptable, he kept arguing with me the problem is they called A & E services company and THAT COMPANY didn't do a good job of repairing the FREAKY FRIDGE that they MADE . Yes, it is A & E corporation 's fault, not Whirpool's fault ! Of Course, it got to be someone's fault and none of them is theirs .

Everytime the Service people come to fix it, I have to spend the whole day seating around the house waiting for them , for that fridge, I missed work 4 times in 4 months !!!!
Never Whirlpool Again

Tallahassee, FL

#60 Dec 30, 2009
I bought a Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer in Jan 2008. In June of 2008, the washer broke down. We were without our washer for 3 weeks while Whirlpool kept replacing control boards. Finally, they replaced the whole washer. It's now December 2009 and the replacement washer has again broken down. We've been down a week and a half and Whirlpool is telling me the parts are on backorder for 2-3 weeks. The also told me they'd cover the cost of the parts, but I better buy an extended warranty. I bought that machine because it was billed as their best. I guess I thought it would last at least 5 years. I've had two now and the first one barely made 6 months and now this one only lasted 18 months. Please, if you don't want to deal with problem after problem, AVOID THE WHIRLPOOL CABRIO TOP LOAD WASHER. Or, avoid Whirlpool altogether!!!

Houston, TX

#61 Dec 30, 2009
waiting for 3 day return of email and it is 39 days later. what a joke. still calling and same ole crappy customer service. never again with a whirlpool

Seattle, WA

#62 Jan 6, 2010
Well I have a Maytag Neptune MAH6700AWW front loader paid over $800.00 couple years ago because I wanted to go with the best....Well WHAT A JOKE......My washer has been having problems for months now not working properly there is no error code that comes up the washer just turns off completely....You usually can turn it back on within a few hrs but good luck trying to get it to finish a load...Just had a service man out out paid 130.00 for him to tell me i have to either switch a door switch or the mother board.... He doesnt know which one is not working properly... By the time I am done door switch repair it will cost me over $300.00. If thats not it then my motherboard repair will cost $250 in addition to that.... Better to buy a new washer?!.Does anyone else have the same problem.. I thought Maytag is supposed to be the best!!!! I guess not never again!!!!
[email protected]

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