The talk among most USAWAYS mechanics is they are ready to take to the streets for as long as it takes till they wake Parker and his number crunching sidekicks that they have given up more than just money. It is obvious to Parker that he really doesn't understand the impact that his decisions has made on the lives of his maintenance and it's personel. They have given up alot since Sept 11 to keep the airline alfloat and to make it profitable. What does he do... he sends his "GOONS" to the negotiating table with his message... "Nothing" but yet he is swooning the AMR group with smiling get togethers, rubbing the backs of the pilots and the flight attendants. For along time Parker and his "number crunchers" have sidestepped the importance of the mechanics and related, well despite the weakness of their union, it seems the workers are ready to fight back now. My hat off to those who will stand up to management to remind them that dividing the workers is not the best way to grow an new airline!