The Makers of Brownberry Bread Restor...

The Makers of Brownberry Bread Restore a Classic

There are 49 comments on the Snack Food/Wholesale Bakery story from Jun 10, 2007, titled The Makers of Brownberry Bread Restore a Classic. In it, Snack Food/Wholesale Bakery reports that:

“We received so many calls from consumers truly upset that we changed their bread”

The company saw this as an opportunity to offer a new winning recipe, while updating the formula to increase fiber and eliminate high fructose corn syrup. via Snack Food/Wholesale Bakery

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Carol Camp

Mooresville, NC

#21 Aug 13, 2007
I think it's terrible that Brownberry Bread would do away with such a good thing. You can tell the Arnold bread it not the same when you pick it up. It's not as dense. I have not tried it and will not try it. They have lost a valuable customer! This irritates me as I have been eating the bread for 20 or more years!
James Barker

United States

#22 Aug 20, 2007
Amazing that they have this loyal following and yet will not sell the brownberry products in the southeast. The replacement products are aweful. Guess I'm back to oatmeal in the morning.

Panama City, FL

#23 Aug 28, 2007
Bread Head wrote:
<quoted text>
The new product is an improvement, but is clearly NOT the original despite Arnold's claim. Don't buy it until the REAL ORIGINAL recipe is restored.
I concur! This New/Returned "Original" recipe does NOT behave like the REAL original. This one sticks to my teeth. It flops, is sticky, and too wet. Tastes a bit too sweet. Does not have the firm, robust "bite" it used to. One can make "bread balls" just by squeezing it inside the fist (like children sometimes do). This is a DISAPPOINTMENT AND UNAPPETIZING!!

Jennifer Hartley "hartley" seems to give credance or respect to the feedback we're giving. It seems to me that many customers are intimidated to really voice their complaints for fear that she'll throw her hands up in mock exhasperation and go back to the "new/improved" Arnold mushy recipe upon which she seems to have staked her reputation (as a "change agent"). That is how it seems to me, anyway.

Just watch and see how long Arnold's will really keep making this "almost-but-not-really " Brownberry recipe. I fear that it's only a matter of time before even THIS poor substitute is available.

So, I'm still seeking the REAL ORIGINAL make my own when this happens again.

Anybody have that information to share with the rest?
Ohio Dave

Wickliffe, OH

#24 Sep 15, 2007
I had tried the "Original Recipe from Arnold's a couple of months ago and of course realized that it was not the original recipe. Then I was at the store the other day and saw the bread again. It still said "Original Recipe" and I wondered if it was true this time. And I wondered that if it wasn't, would the taste be as bad as I remembered.
Well, it still isn't true.
And the taste...I might not even finish the loaf.
Sven Dracule

Cotton, MN

#25 Sep 16, 2007
My wife bakes the best bread from the recipe in an old cook book we picked up at a garage sale.
Rose Hewitt

Grand Rapids, MI

#26 Sep 18, 2007
I kept wondering why our Publix in Florida didn't have my favorite Brownberry and kept meaning to ask the manager. Now I know. Well, maybe I will boycott the other Arnold products until they get it back on the slelves down here.

Miami, FL

#27 Sep 23, 2007
I just discovered why I am no longer able to find my Brownberry bread. I can't believe that Arnolds would discontinue such a wonderful product. I have found no suitable replacement. Now it turns out that I can't even get the replacement product in Florida. No more Arnolds breads for me. If anyone has access to the original recipe, I wish they would post it. We can make our own bread at home.
Obscure toiler

Hilliard, OH

#28 Sep 23, 2007
Frankly, I don't care about uniting brands. If you cared more about your customers, you wouldn't either. Consumer research can be flawed (remember New Coke?). Brownberry bread used to stand alone in the bread aisle. Now, it's just like all the others.
Bill Mylius

Wilmer, AL

#29 Dec 13, 2007
Jeanne Twining wrote:
Where can I get brownberry bread?
I live in Birmingham, AL Where can I get Brownberry bread?
Mrs Brownberry

Menomonee Falls, WI

#30 Dec 13, 2007
For those of you in NC, you can get Brownberry products at Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Kroger, Target.
Alabama you can get Brownberry at Publix, Target and Wal-Mart. What can't you get at a Wal-Mart.
And in Atlanta, Publix and Kroger are your best bets
The Bread

Oconomowoc, WI

#31 Dec 19, 2007
Just like the other's is often stale, hard and inedible. Did it burn in the freezer before it hit the shelf? Let's make our own bread instead.
Hanz Miller

Greenville, OH

#32 Jan 10, 2008
I'm trying to find an equally good recipe so I can make it at home. Looks to me like Brownberry must have been bought out by another company.

They are trying to cut costs to increase profit margins at the expense of once loyal customers. I agree the original recipe IS NOT the original recipe. Now that I have concurrence from other customers, I'm going to stop buying it. The health nut bread is totally different and terrible.
God help us the world is coming to an end.
Hanz Miller

Greenville, OH

#33 Jan 10, 2008
OKay I just sent this to Brownberry. I hope you enjoy it.
I appreciate your effort in bringing back the "original" Brownberry recipe. However, you haven't fooled us once loyal customers. We know it's not the original and I take offense to that. Do you think the customer is stupid?

The Japanese have a saying, "okyaku-sama wa kami-sama desu." When translated it means "the customer is a god." If you and other American companies such as the auto industry adopted this principle, you would enjoy the same success in business.

I've stopped buying the healnut bread and I'm going to stop buying the "original" whole wheat bread. Even if you did return to the original recipe, I probably still won't buy it because to you the customer is not god. You're more concerned with increasing profit margins to keep the stock holders off your back. Way to Big 3 and Arnold.

How about that layoff of truck drivers?
John Moeller

Saint Louis, MO

#34 Jan 23, 2008
I wish you could increase the amount of Brownberry bread you deliver in the Cedar Rapids, IA. You have to get to the stores on the day it is delivered or you are out of luck!

Since: May 07


#35 Feb 28, 2008
I love to make homemade bread! My family eats it up and asks for more! Especially when I put flax seed in it.
To go order

Menomonee Falls, WI

#36 Feb 29, 2008
I'll take 2 loafs to go
Brownberry Distributor

Grand Rapids, MI

#37 Mar 4, 2008 will tell you where you can find your favorite bread. If you are unhappy with a product, call the number on the loaf, the more people complain, the more likely they will respond to it.
Paul M Atlanta

Snellville, GA

#38 Mar 31, 2008
M Jordan Atlanta GA wrote:
I just received a phone call from Brownberry in response to my email inquiring where I might get Brownberry bread in the Atlanta area. I was informed they have no plans to distribute anywhere in the South. It is distributed only in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Idaho. Only way to find out where is to search by zip code. The caller was not very helpful.
Found Arnold Brownberry Wheat in Atlanta at Briarcliff Village Publix last week for 3.49 but only a few loaves so I bought 2. Close to the original if not exactly the same.
Vicki Barill

White Lake, MI

#39 Apr 1, 2008
What the heck happened to the little loaf of just plain white Brownberry bread? I know whole grain is best, but come on, some things just need a nice white bread(not a buttertop and not sweet)to allow the flavors of a meat, cheese and veggie to come through! I don't think I've been able to find this bread for a year! It was a small loaf too, so I could also buy a rye or multigrain in the same week
Billy Dee

Cascade, WI

#40 May 30, 2008
Greetings, Arnolds Brownberry bread eaters!
I have been trying to find Arnold's website, or their contact to write them, to let them know that I am just elated to see my bread come back! I am 62 years old, and since Pa left the bakery in 1950, we have eaten ONLY Catherine Clarks famous Brownberry bread! Then a few years ago or so, I was mortified to see Brownberry bread no longer available! Being a bakers son, I know good bread, and almost all of the breads you buy in the stores and many bakeries today, is junk. Cheaply made, no taste, horrible! Most of the bread tastes like eating cardboard (for those breads that have any flavor). I sincerely hope that Arnold's will carry on with the ONLY bread that I eat, for many years to come. It is sooo good, yum! Only problem, is Walmart where we shop only shelves 6 loaves at a time, and 50% of the time I shop and look to get Arnold's bread, it's gone! I don't see how anyone can eat all the junk bread that is out there today! That's not bread! Oh, about the Walnut problem, simple, just mark the package with walnuts in it, so those who are alergic to walnuts know, and won't eat the bread. Simple! But everyone knows today, that so many people are sue happy! I thank Arnold bakeries for bringing back the number 1 best facory bread ever made!

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