We can supply you logs on FOB Douala seaport. Many species of wood are becoming much expensive and scarce to find, not withstanding this fact we are able to supply you and your company logs of any species from 500CBM up to about 1000 CBM per month on a regular basis depending on your purchasing ability and payment method.
We supply best quality logs, lumber and sawn logs are available. We run our own saw mills where the wood are process at least 60% before export.We have species such as Bubing, Sapelli, Padouk, Accajou, Sipo, Moabi, Pachyloba, Zingana, Doussie, kossipo, Poga, Bibolo, Frake, Bete, Okan, Dabema, Azobe, Ovingui, Angongui, Bosse, Bilinga, Ilomba, Faro, Aiele, Ekop rouge,Ekop gris, Framire, Amouk, Tola, Tiama, Wengue, Teak, Tali, Iroko, Mahogany, and Ebony Our prices are very moderate and competitive and we give discount to our clients. Email:basamgroupinternational@ yahoo.com