I completely disagree with the Guardian review which was I thought was supposed to be reviewed by children not an adult group. I LOVED the Andersons and the fact it isn't like Enid Blyton is BRILLIANT! My mum used to read those to me and I though they were so boring. The Andersons is fun and exciting and they do spend time at school with friends but the whole point is that they have to keep their powers a secret and solve the mystery quickly. If i had powers and met some ghosts and had an awesome mystery to solve i wouldn't be hanging out with my mates either!!

the puzzles were great and the story is amazing and i couldn't put it down and I'm not a big reader. the powers were fun and kept it exciting and made it funny and the science involved was interesting.

I thought this book was great and my friends at school agree and it not often i say this about a book but its one I will be reading again - i wish they would make a film of it - that would be AMAZING!! there is nothing like it around at the moment - I hope there are more books and they turn them into a series like the harry potter films - me and my mates would be queuing up for that!!