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Golden Angels New Subscription Cycler like TGP Launch Aug 20th

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#1 Aug 14, 2012

I just got wind of a new Daily Sub Cycler that has great potential!

It looks like an exact TGP clone which is good ( seeing that TGP has
been a huge money earner for many many people).[/B]

The ones who have had some issues with TGP are the ones who either got in
way too late ( more than 1 1/2 months after launch ) and the ones who initially
over extended themselves.

Now members have the chance to change both of these things in a program that has been tried and proven.

There are no getting away from these programs are they are the future of making money online and I have said that I will join all the ones that are worth joining.

Since TGP and UWW, there have been at least 6-7 that I have let go by without even
mentioning as they were no good.

We now have BUKUADS which will be a super program ( not to be missed at all) and
this new TGP clone is Modeled pretty much exactly after TGP and is I am already
seeing the interest in it online so I think it's one we have to consider.

Here are the important points to note:

1) The program is basically a clone of TGP ( 4 LEVELS OF 2x2's with a nice amount of
angel positions to keep things moving. These angels are important and this plan
has a nice structure in this regard.

2)Those that missed to launch of TGP and got in late don't have to worry here as there
is a set launch date and you can get in as early as you can as the launch will be a fair one.
You can get in right from the start with this one and enjoy maximum benefit.

3) Because there is a pre-launch phase and the site looks like a well put together one, I
have already started to see the interest in the program which means that we will get the sort of
volume that we need to keep this moving along nicely to begin with.

4)the admin is name is Jennifer Platt from Canada and so far I am really impressed with her dedication to the program
and the support that she has offered so far.

She has 12 years of experience in the field and seems receptive to listening to the needs and advice of members during this pre-launch time.....This is really good news.

I have already seen that she has effected the change of removing the 5th level in the program and she is in
the process of re-structuring the comp plan/website to reflect this change and any others that she has deemed

5) Those who over extended themselves can simply slow down this time and take less subs. Those who
know how to play these programs by now can go for it again and set up another huge source of income
( once all goes well..and I will be able to tell you before launch anyway if it's a complete go )

6) This is an important time to register, get your referral link and send it out to as many people as you
can. Most of these people will be joining this so best you get to them before someone else does. ;]

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#2 Aug 16, 2012
WOW.....we have just hit the 2000 membership mark a minute ago in just 72hr into prelaunch. That's truly amazing progress for a brand new project like the Golden Angels project !!

It is no use saying,'We are doing our best at Golden Angels.' We have got to succeed in doing what is necessary to make Golden Angels one of the best income opportunity that hit the home-based business opportunity in recent times.

Carol, We cannot stress enough how very important it is for you to fund your ewallet during this prelaunch.

Here are the 7 most important reasons:

1) Carol, without funding your Ewallet, during the official launch date, your position in the matrix may be long way down.


3) Carol, Golden Angels is A program that requires Zero experience on your behalf but yet rewards you greatly for just being a loyal member.

4) Carol, Golden Angels Level 1 pays out double your sub value and levels 1-3 specifically engineered to have members self sustaining very quickly.

5) Carol, Golden Angels pays Bigger payout to members than any similar program.

6)Carol, Golden Angels is designed for longevity.

7) Carol, Golden Angels is managed by a trusted admin! and our Site is hosted on A Ddos Protected Server - giving you more security!.

So please don't hesitate if you have not funded yet. What is a measly minimum funding of $20 to gain the above priceless privileges ?

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#4 Aug 20, 2012
GA is now over 3000 members strong and this will probably double by the time launch comes
around on MONDAY 27TH AUGUST, 2012.

The launch date has been pushed back by one week as again the admin has been receptive to the concerns of
being fully prepared for a launch of this magnitude.

The extra time will be taken to obtain and have ready the necessary strength servers as well as suitable Ddos
protection and testing to make sure that once this launches, there is no looking back.

Why the fuss and interest in this program?

It's by no means a copy of any other program in it's present form and is a force to recon with in it's own right>

It's the first strategically planned 4 level daily sub cycler ( meaning some thought went into the payplan based
on mistakes made by previous programs)

The biggest features to take note of are:

-- Each sub costs $2 but the payout on L1 alone is $4, which is DOUBLE the cost of your sub. Because L1 is the
level that most members will cycle very regularly, it means that you can quicker sustain your sub purchases
when you compare to other plans which don not have this feature at all.

Also the other levels have all been designed with longevity as well as quicker self sustainability in mind...Like I
said, some thought went into this rather than it being an outright copy of any other program.

-- The "angel" positions generated are programmed to AUTOMATICALLY go back into the program which in itself
will create significant and consistent cycling, the way it was meant to be....There will; be no tampering or
manipulation of the angels in this program.

-- With it being a L4, again it takes less positions to cycle that all of the rest which are now seeing the benefit of a
L4 instead of a L5 or L6 cycler.

-- There is no favoritism or pre-loading of the matrix here sot hat everyone has a fair chance of getting in first at
launch...Nice and fair so everyone should be happy.

-- The program is now well supported and most are looking at this as a major program to be in for the future...This
means that we will get the pure volume that we need to make sure that cycling is taking place at optimum speeds.

All in all this is just one that you need to be in. Some may ask if we have BukuAds why do we need to join another and
another and I will keep saying it as I have based my entire online career on this principle...BECAUSE YOU MUST ALWAYS
BE WELL DIVERSIFIED as no one knows how long a program will last or what the future holds.

By now most of you should know about Zeek Rewards, which was a GIANT of a program and considered by many
( including myself ) as one of the most stable programs online.

It has now been shut down from all appearances and this just goes to show how important it really is not to put all of your
eggs in one basket.

United States

#5 Aug 22, 2012
As predicted, GA is turning out into a force to be reckoned with ever since
the comp plan change from the 5 level TGP copy to a unique and very
powerful 4 level structure.

This one also ticks many desirable boxes and is the reason why I
recommended it even before most knew it existed and also why I still
endorse it even more now.

Points to note:

-- 4 level which is definitely better than the 5 and 6 level plans
-- This is the first one that will pay out DOUBLE YOUR SUB COST on
L1...That\'s significant

-- If you look good at all of the levels you will see that it is really a
nice blend of member payout, referral commissions and angels...It\'s just a
good plan overall

-- The admin seems very receptive and in numerous talks back and forth with
her, I get the impression that she will run a fair and honest program and
is willing to consider anything that will benefit the program and the
membership. Their support is also very good which are all good signs.

United States

#6 Aug 22, 2012
this update is to tell you about some exciting news that I found out
about Golden Angels today ( by accident actually ).

I have been spending some time with admin, making sure I find out all of the details so that
I could advise all of you guys properly and I found out something that to me, has completely
changed the whole outlook of this program.


Those of you who know about these cyclers know how HUGE that bit of information is.

It means that every position generated belong to a member in the program and is guaranteed
to go back automatically into the program ( as it is built into the script ) and earn much more
money for all members.

Re-entries means more positions for each member, more money for each member, more sponsor
bonus, faster cycling times and this makes this program on top of all the others in my view because
of this news.

It was already fine as it was in my view with the 4 level comp plan but now with this news, it's gone
to my favorite program.

The members can do nothing but benefit in a comp plan like this so I am so pleased to pass this information
on to you.

The program already has over 4100 members ( probably will get over 6000 members by launch ) and with this
bit of information I think even more people will gravitate to this program.

Other bits of news:

-- There will be NO PRE-LOADING of members before launch ( many people ( who don't know what the heck they
are talking about) will try to have you think otherwise but there will be no pre-loading.

-- Members will be allowed to only buy 5 positions at a time ( but you can then repeat this process over and over )
to get yourself up to a maximum of 100 subs at launch....I'm definitely getting 100 now!!

-- After a week or so, the subs limit will be lifted to 200.

-- Members must withdraw to the same processor that they used to fund their wallets ( so make sure you pick the
processor that you want )

-- The admin has this wonderfully planned...She has the right servers, she has Ddos protection and is working to have
this launch run as smoothly as possible.

-- Future plans are already in place....GA already has planned a very nice feeder program that will not only open up a new
stream of income for members but also keep GA cycling speeds at a reasonable time.

I am very excited about GA from all that I have heard and seen and I don't really get that excited about these programs

I really mean it more than ever that all of you should consider this program very carefully and make sure that you join this

You don't need to listen to others who might be buying big ( like myself ) but simply get in with whatever you can afford as
long as it's enough to cover your subs based on the formula that we have been using for a long time now.

My advice with this one is to decide on all you want to get and get it right from the start.

I will pass on all additional information that would be needed as/when I get it.

Admin has indicated that she would send out an update explaining all of this and making it clear that the community positions
are in fact RE-ENTRIES so please look out for that update soon.

For those of you who have not funded your wallets as yet, I suggest that you do it sooner than later as right now it's nice
and calm so you can do it easily, closer to launch, things will heat up and you really don't want to be waiting until last

For those of you who have not joined this program as yet.....all I could say is GET IN !!!

United States

#7 Aug 24, 2012

Simple, it contains all of the characteristics from above that we are looking for.

I have communicated with with admin enough to think ( you never really know) that she is really looking to run
an honest program and that's good enough for me.

The program is not pre-loaded.

The program does not contain anyone shady/undesirable.

The program is not pre-loaded so it will allow for everyone to have equal chance of getting
very good positions.

The program contains 100% re-entries ( not angels) so that every position that cycles goes
back automatically to create even more money for members...This helps sustain a member
quicker and also speeds cycling.

The program has the biggest payout on L1 and well structured from L's 1-3 with member
sustainability in mind.

And finally, the program is very well supported with thousands waiting to get in.


This program is going to make a lot of people a lot of money. Draw on your experience from the past program
and decide what's your best strategy and act on it.

I really hope and anticipate that this one will redeem the bad experience some of you had with UWW and make
up for all monies lost there.

I see this one as a big one and one to pick up even if TGP never recovers from whatever it is going through.

United States

#8 Aug 26, 2012
Yet again, we have reached another milestone at GoldenAngels.

Now over 5,030 + active GoldenAngels members and growing in our first 13 days into prelaunch..!!

Therefore, I wish to welcome all our new members of GoldenAngels and thank all our great leaders for their promotional efforts!

Without the good people of GoldenAngels, this achievement wont have been possible Carol!

Well, if you havent funded your account at GoldenAngels yet, We just cannot stress enough how very important it is for you to fund your ewallet before our Firecracker Launch on MOnday the 27th of August.

United States

#9 Aug 27, 2012
GoldenAngels is launching in exactly 5 hours from now.

We welcome all members who will be part of this great launch of what we have tagged as the next BIG ONLINE OPPORTUNITY!!

At launch, our members can purchase 5 subs at a time. They can purchase up to a total 200 subs.

Nothing like this has been launched before. Make sure you are there at the right time.

5hrs hours from now, GoldenAngels with already over 6,100+ Active members will get launched.

United States

#10 Aug 28, 2012
I have cycled to level 3 and now I am in profit! great program also has free re-enteries as you cycle

United States

#11 Aug 29, 2012
[B]New ADMIN Update![/B]

Ooh Gosh! Wow, what a launch !!!

They said we couldnt make it! They said our servers will crash out!! They said we were rookies!! Well, we did make it! Our servers didn't crash at launch! Although we are rookies but our quest for success will keep us riing on and soaring high!! Carol, Membership now stands at 7400 + active members and growing and more than [B]40,000 subs[/B] have been created in the last 24 hours.

This was a reasonably big launch and our focus primarily was to make sure the launch was a success.

We are pleased with the launch and while not everyone can be first or cycle in the first day, I am confident that all of you would see lots of cycling in the days, weeks and months to come.

Now that Launch is out of the way, we can now focus on some of the teething issues that usually arise.

The admin and staff of Golden Angels will continue to listen to and address the concerns of our members and will work as effectively and efficiently as we can in our duties to make Golden Angels the best that it can be for our members.

We are and will be constantly working in the background to effect as many changes/alterations as needs be.

Just to note some changes/clarification on certain matters:

[B]1)[/B] The Deposit and withdrawal fees have now been changed and set at 5%

[B]2)[/B] The 25% re-purchase of One Time Positions have been removed. All existing positions entered will stand and all positions not yet placed, together with any monies left in your One Time Purchase Ewallet will be returned to your Available balance ( please allow us some time to complete this exercise)

[B]3)[/B]I would like to confirm that “Community Positions” refer to Angel/ Company Push Positions that will go back automatically into the system for the benefit of helping with cycling of members positions and sustainability.

[B] 4)[/B] The referral commissions that members are used to are actually called Matching Bonuses in the Golden Angels and while some members are receiving their Matching Bonuses ( referral commissions), there are reports that some members are not. Let me re-assure you that our programmers are already looking into this matter to determine where this glitch might have occurred and will resolve it as soon as possible (please again bear with us as we are aware of the problem and working on the fix ).

[B]Golden Angels[/B] is here to stay and we welcome you to join and grow with us as we move from strength to strength.

From time to time there will always be challenges but the administration is up to the task and will meet these challenges head on .

We value our members and will stay true and honest to you.

Support system is in place and to ensure we are able to respond in a timely manner, we will be disregarding all support tickets that have already been addressed in this update in order to free up this service.

My Finest Regards,
Jennifer Platt,
Proud Admin of GoldenAngels

United States

#12 Sep 3, 2012
Dear Carol Rivet,

Congratulations you had completed the Level 4 and earned $21.00 .


Stanley, NY

#13 Sep 7, 2012
GoldenAngels continue to grow with now over 8,600 + active members in our first 10 days of launch. In last 10 days since launch, we have never missed a payout. All withdrawal request are fulfilled within 2 hrs , in most cases within the hour. Please make sure you add your correct withdrawal details to avoid delays in withdrawals.

We must say we are over excited about our growth. Our testimonial page is loaded with so many positive testimonies about GoldenAngels in spite of our recent challenges

Last week, I promised our members that we shall be adding new programs to support the entire GoldenAngels Concept. I have been working hard in the background, thinking of ways to help to generate more funds for members in GA. and AS ( ) is the first of many programs to help generate more income for our members.

BE THE FIRST TO JOIN [url= z/?ref=crsuccess][b]ANGELSHARE S[/b][/url]!!

[url= z/?ref=crsuccess]AngelShares[/ url] is a profit sharing program that shares weekly profits generated from advertising sales with members who own active shares in the ad network.

It does not require daily subs and it pays a substainable 7%- 15% weekly until you receive 200% rebate

With [url= z/?ref=crsuccess]Angelshares[/ url], you can double your advertising dollars while building your own home based business!

Every dollar you spend is paid back 200% through our Profit sharing program.!

[url= z/?ref=crsuccess][b]Sign Up Now[/b][/url] and GET FREE 200 AD CREDITS!

At GoldenAngels , we will continue to do whatever is required to create a positive impact on our members lives.

Once again, I thank you all for your good support.

My Finest Regards,
Jennifer Platt,

[b][color=#000099]Dear Carol Rivet,

Congratulations your referrals have completed the matrix and you earned $2.00 as matching bonus.


Stanley, NY

#14 Sep 7, 2012

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