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#24 Feb 1, 2013
We bank wired money to roman novak and it has disapeared. dont join profitable sunrise it is a scam


#25 Feb 5, 2013
run and run from this scam, how on earth do you expect someone to compound your money this is a ponzi.

Oak Ridge, TN

#26 Feb 5, 2013
carol wrote:
Profitable Sunrise Review
Here’s a program called Profitable Sunrise that’s a great example of a real “Bricks and Mortar” Business. It’s a company based in London that provide short-term business loans, mainly to US businesses. The loan lengths can be up to 6 months, but on average the loan periods are 5 – 20 days. The company gets collateral from the borrowers to secure the loans which dramatically lowers the default rate.
The money they loan out is a mix of members (our) money, insured in case the business is unable to pay the loan back. Yes, some borrowers do default, but the loan is insured and the company spreads our money over several different loans and businesses to minimize the risk and they have collateral AND insurance on each loan so the risk really is minimal.
If they are paying us up to 2% per day how do they actually make a profit I hear you ask? Simple, they loan out the funds at a higher rate of interest than they pay the investors (us), and the difference between what the borrowers pay and what we are paid is Profitable Sunrise’s profit.
On top of that they contribute to several charitable causes, so from my point of view it’s completely win-win-win! We investors win because we make a profit, the company wins by making a profit, and the community win’s because some of the most vulnerable people in society are helped by the company donating to worthy causes.
All their loan operations are insured and each one has a security which is equal to the amount of loan plus the interest on the loan. They use the funds invested by their members. So all your investments are insured by default.
They offer 4 investment plans:
Starter Plan. The minimum investment is $10.00. Interest rate is 1.6% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
Regular Plan. The minimum investment is $500.00. Interest rate is 1.8% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
Advanced Plan. The minimum investment is $2,500.00. Interest rate is 2% per business day. Investment term is 180 business days. Compounding is available. Principal amount is returned upon maturity.
Private Plan. This plan is available to my downline only. If you sign up directly with me you will get the 2.1% for 170 days with a Min investment of $10.
How can you invest and start earning money?
First of all you need to open an account on their website. After that, you need to choose the payment method. They accept payments via Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and Bank Wire Transfer.
Next, you need to make a deposit into your Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money or SolidTrust Pay account and transfer into your Profitable Sunrise account.
You can find Profitable Sunrise’s Website .
Hi, Carol!
I'm interested, but would like some more information. Please could you send your contact information to me...either e-mail, phone or both so we could discuss this? My e-mail address is: Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!


#27 Feb 6, 2013
Hum wrote:
<quoted text>
Even if payouts are made for a while...just like any ponzi there are factors to remember....
All ponzi schemes payout early and have a shelf life. Ask Bernie sitting in jail....he paid out early on...this created the investors to invest even MORE! I bet you've already decided to invest MORE. We have a friend started out with investing $800 and now putting $10,000 this week. The psychology of greed and loss of logic hoping for a real way out into "the sunrise of profitability" happens. Many well respected investors gave millions to Bernie. How can we ignore:
Proof of company's existence.(office building, business registration here and UK, phone numbers to talk to live people that have desks, phones and copy machines, proof they actually pay taxes, etc....)
The math doesn't work out! If they pay out that BIG....why would a business pay out more than they make and then try to offer ways to "hide" your money? Just having an insurance plan isn't comforting. I am SURE the fine print will state if they are doing illegal activity they will not be covered. Does a husband get paid from insurance if he is the murderer. That is fraud from the get go if their plans were to cash out and not have any burdens of responsibility as they float on their ship in a hidden island with laundered and hidden money that belongs to you. Do you really believe the insurance policy will just pay you out when it started as a fraudulent intent to crime?
Old fashion and I still think momma was right by teaching us...."if it looks too good to be is!"
Why are you not asking the underlying questions not answered above? You will get your seed money back. But you will go deeper as well into this's part of the psychology of playing on the emotions of greed and hoping to get rich quick.
FYI....most of the positive comments and links are from PSunrise. They master the art of posting good looking comments and links. I haven't seen comments from big payouts yet? Have you? If do I know they weren't posts by PSunrise?
Don't get impressed by positive reviews online about can pay to get on these review websites to feature your new website and business.
I just need more information....and you should be asking the same questions...
God Bless!
Right you are, anyone remember Wincapita, 100.000.000 eur scam and people lost huge piles of money. They too paid money out..

San Francisco, CA

#29 Feb 14, 2013
How about tax? Where does this sit?

Brooklyn, NY

#30 Feb 15, 2013
john wrote:
We bank wired money to roman novak and it has disapeared. dont join profitable sunrise it is a scam
Today is 2/15/13 .... Has your money landed yet?

Kampala, Uganda

#31 Feb 18, 2013
Do I need a US or UK bank account to join the program. Or If I signup with Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Ego Pay etc..., my interest can be deposited on there?



#32 Feb 18, 2013
how will know that profitable sunrise is a good company

Gaborone, Botswana

#33 Feb 20, 2013
guys. i dont know. this looks a bit shady to me. do they mean that when i invest with them,i only have access to my principal account after 180 days. and what bout my profit, if i have off coumpounded,will they deposit my so called profits into my LR account?

please explain in more detail because i am not about to compond my profits.
autopilotnow dot com

Sherman Oaks, CA

#38 Feb 26, 2013
If you could turn 10, 000 into millions in 200 days would you really need anyone elses money? That is the basic question that I have not seen anyone answer. Now is that chance.

Mission Viejo, CA

#39 Mar 3, 2013
If it seem

s to good to be true,then simply don't invest. I have yet to hear that anyone hasn't been paid.

Mission Viejo, CA

#40 Mar 3, 2013
You can take your interest payments out daily.

Warangal, India

#41 Mar 3, 2013
Turning $10 to $370 in 170 days. Is it true. If we invest $10 and keep compounding on. Really after our term period 170 days what will be the earning. How much you will get .

Brooklyn, NY

#42 Mar 4, 2013
Okay guys i have been in PS for a month now and invested 300 in private and 300 in long haul. Maybe in the beginning it may be scary but once you get your seed money back it should all be good. I'm getting 2k in two weeks and everyday I take out 50+ dollars into my Solid trust. I don't think it's bad to invest some of your money. Especially when you can get it back in only a few weeks and take out interest everyday.

Since: Feb 13

Henderson, NV

#43 Mar 8, 2013
[]join now[/URL] to get good profit

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

#44 Mar 15, 2013
how about PS now ? why can not join with and log in ?
what is the solution ?
some can tell me about this ?

Floréal, Mauritius

#45 Mar 15, 2013
hi here is a registered company paying good interest compounding daily at 3.5% up to 6.50 % for 90 days only ! Instant withdrawals - Join in :

Orlando, FL

#46 Mar 16, 2013
Turn $100 into $600 in 3 days
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Thomasville, NC

#47 Mar 18, 2013
goodway wrote:
<quoted text>
Nobody is interested in Profitable Sunrise in UK???
web page is shut down!!! what do you think?


#48 Mar 25, 2013
oi... onde esta o meu dinheiro

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