HP warns Walgreens, OfficeMax on ink ...

HP warns Walgreens, OfficeMax on ink sales

There are 130 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Jun 22, 2006, titled HP warns Walgreens, OfficeMax on ink sales. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

Hewlett-Packard Co., the world's largest printer-maker, has asked Walgreen Co. and OfficeMax Inc.

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Rocky Mount, VA

#87 Mar 24, 2009
Margie wrote:
I just had my cartridges filled in Oct. 07 andthey are empty already. I wont go back for more.
I believe that Office Max cuts their overhead by not properly refilling their remanufactured ink cartridges. I have purchased several that have only produced between 5 to 50 pages with print before the cartridge runs completely out of ink. Given the fact that a new printer cartridge that is completely full of ink is supposed to print at least 300 pages using normal ink load, brings me to the conclusion that Office Max and/or the company it uses to refill the cartridges that it resells to consumers who probably do not realize that they are being riped off by this means. I think they are stealing millions if not billions of dollars from the consumers by using this method and I think their should be a class action filed against both OfficeMax and the company or companies that they contract to carry out this criminal action.

Rantoul, IL

#88 Mar 26, 2009
You're insane to think a company like Office Max purposely trys to cheat the consumer by not properly filling cartridges. A business like ink refills rely on repeat customer business, and word of mouth about quality. Not only that, Im sure they have a quality control just like other companies do, where as if you are not satisfied with it you can return it.

Blaming Office Max for what most likely is a faulty cartridge is silly. You sound just like another person who is sue happy and out for a free ride.

Also make sure you are not bringing in the cartridges that come with the printer as half the time those are trial size and do not hold nearly as much ink as a regular one. Thus not giving you many pages. Printer companies purposely put those trial size ones with the printer to make money down the road. Hence why the printer is so cheap. They make their money on ink instead.

Arvada, CO

#89 Mar 28, 2009
I don't think it's OfficeMax trying to cut corners - it's the manufacturer of the machine that does the filling - ours has trouble often.
Tom Landry

Yorktown Heights, NY

#90 Apr 17, 2009
Al Jay wrote:
HP would have a very difficult time proving that the refilled cartridges have ink that violates HP patents. I examined the machines at Walgreens and they do not remove the original HP ink from the cartridge during the refill process. Bottom line is that the HP ink remains mixed with the new ink and any informed court would doubt HPs claims.
Try getting technical help from HP! They connect you to a call center in India!! Buy American?? Why when they outsource services so other Americans have no job. Then they can not help you or you are not able to understand them! Big joke HP then you go after the American market. I certainly hope you loose market share rapidly!

Chanute, KS

#91 Apr 24, 2009
If you buy from HP direct, it is inexpensive and FREE Next Day Air

Yucaipa, CA

#92 May 29, 2009
I do find the slanderous posts funny.

HP "warning" these places that do refilling is kinda ridiculous. HP should like the competition because it will probably, but not always, show that buying a brand new cartridge each time gives you better quality in your prints. Now are HP and other companies making money by marking up their products? Yes. But if they didn't, chances are the companies wouldn't exist and therefore the technology wouldn't exist or at least would be harder to obtain.

Now if Walgreens or OfficeMax or any other company selling less than quality refills for a fraction of the cost of a new cartridge, then expect it to be less than quality when you purchase a remanufactured cartridge or have them refill an old cartridge.

You do not have to buy their product. You chose to purchase it. You have the right to build your own printer. If you do not like the price of ink cartridges, don't purchase a printer. Their are other alternatives like going to Kinkos or some other printing service company. You can go to the library and printer there for probably about $0.10-$0.25 a page.

Cerritos, CA

#93 Jun 6, 2009
a friend of mine works at office max. one night she explained the ink machine process to me. first they electrical test the cartridge, after a pass result, the cartridge is weighed, if need be, the old ink is exhausted, a needle is then placed into the cartridge and the cartridge is placed into an air tight container, once air-tight, the cartridge is refilled. before the customer gets the product, they print test the cartridge.[i'm not sure if walgreens container is air-tight which does make a difference on the quality of the ink refill process]

personally, i believe its an ingenious idea and is saying people money and saving wasteful empty cartridge from being thrown away.

Cerritos, CA

#94 Jun 6, 2009
saving people**

“Science, not faith.”

Since: Sep 07

Location hidden

#95 Jun 7, 2009
officemax dumbass wrote:
At office max the ink refill machine exhausts the ink from the cartridge that is going to be refilled down to a specified weight then refills it but not always with the same amount usually less most of the time you cant get the print head fully unclogged but the managers are under orders from there district managers to sell so many a day or else so the poor customer goes home with a cartridge that is not fully filled at wont in some cases print with out leaving lines the whole machine is the biggest waste of time for employees and customer OH YA office max uses the same ink for all HP and LEXMARK and DELL cartridges black or color it has made more angry customers and employees then anything
Your point might be a bit more persuasive if it wasn't one very long run-on sentence.
remy lost

Decatur, GA

#96 Jun 26, 2009
As someone who works in the ink cartridge remanufacturing industry I have a lot of first hand knowledge. First off let me say that going to Walgreens is a HUGE waste of time and money. We did "mystery shops" at 3 different location and none of the employees were helpful or knowledgable of the product or procedure. While the people at Office max/depot were usually better informed, the end product usually doesn't have the right amount of ink nor the right kind of ink. And as for clogged print heads, faulty jets and just bad electronics, well there was plenty of that as well.
There is only ONE place you can go for a quality product. Cartridge World. We use the proper inks (including HP brand inks). We start with flushing and cleaning the cart before filling and testing even begins. Our prices are very affordable and best of all we have a 100% guarantee on them, if it doesn't work, or quits working while still full, we take of it.

Ruckersville, VA

#97 Jun 26, 2009
Briar_rose wrote:
I don't think it's OfficeMax trying to cut corners - it's the manufacturer of the machine that does the filling - ours has trouble often.
I do not think that OM purposely does this, but I do think they might be unaware that one oif the companies that sells remanufactured cartridges to OM does not refill the cartridges completely like they are supposed to and are ripping consumers off. As noted, I have purchased several cartridges and none of them come anywhere near printing the rated printouts that they should. I do not believe that OM does do continuous quality control on these companies and have let this company supply less than suitable refills since not very many consumers are aware of how many prints they should be getting from a printer cartridge. It isn't the first time that a large corporation has ripped off numerous consumers without a care in the world since they believe they are protected by their corporate veil.

Ruckersville, VA

#98 Jun 26, 2009
the cartridges that I complained about are not the ones that the employees refill, but are the ones that OM sells as replacement printer cartridges. They should be filled at the factory to like new status and should be producing 300 pages of print before they are exausted, not 5 or if you are lucky, maybe 50.
OfficeMax Ink Refiller

Naperville, IL

#99 Jul 5, 2009
At our store we properly do ink refills. Most of the problems people have is the cartridges people bring in are old and the print heads are clogged / bad. If a cartridge gives us any problems at all we do not give it to our customers. Our ink refill system is based on cartridge weight. We exhaust all the ink out, weigh it to make sure it is empty, refill the cartridge and then weigh it to make sure it is full, print test, and electical test it to make sure it is going to work when you get it home. We have universal black ink we use in HP / Lex /Dell carts. HP has its own color ink, and lexmark/dell uses a different type of color ink.

United States

#100 Aug 3, 2009
We remanufacture cartridges for 200 retail stores, college campuses and business. All cartridges are tested electronically before filling. The filling process is different for different type of cartridges, some fill through the print head, some are injected in the sponge, some through vents. All carts are weighed for max fill. All print heads are cleaned with chemistry and ultrasonics. All moderate yield carts (those with internal walls that reduce volume) can be modified to increase capacity. As an example, the HP 92 mod is good for about 300% of a stock 92. All carts are print tested. Inks are very good made by giants like OCP of Germany, Mitsubishi.. the finished product typically has more ink that a stock unit, print quality is very high and the price is usually 20-50% of new OEM. All carts come with a 6 month no questions warranty. If the cart comes back with any ink left in it we fix it, replace it or give them thier money back. HP and Lexmark build the most "moderate Yield" (internal partitions) integrated (built in print head) cartridges. Epson and Canon make non-integrated systems (print head is part of the printer). Canon's current line includes integrated carts as well. If you "deserve" the highest quality you can get it from refillers and from OEMs. You will pay less with a quality refiller. The OEMs produce the majority if not all ink carts outside of the US. Refilling is done locally by local workers. All OEMs have hair trigger legal departments to protect thier revenue turf. Refilling is more of a hassle, at some point your cartridge will fail (after 2 to 8 cycles in most cases) but you will save much money and prevent another bucket of crude from being wasted on plastic and processing while you are at it.
Mr Science

Woonsocket, RI

#101 Aug 19, 2009

HP makes 70 or 80 percent of corporate profits from ink cartridge sales, which only comprise 20 or 30 percent of the sales pie.

BIG PROFIT when you sell ink for $10,000 per gallon !! That's is why ink is liquid gold. Many HP cartridges have 3 to 5 TEASPOONS of ink but sell for a hefty price, which should motivate everyone to refill their own units, especially the black ink cartridges.

My favorite HP printer, a 2002 model, uses BIG cartridges (HP17,HP15) which are essentially a goof-proof refill since the color unit has tanks which are isolated.....and very large. They hold much more ink than newer cartridges. If you shop wisely for ink refill kits you can refill a color unit for a buck or two.

Walgreens has FREE ink refill coupons every so often and $5 specials. I had a few HP cartridges which suffered from nozzle migration contamination so I needed a professional refiller. Unfortunately Walgreens system proved incapable of doing the job, so they obviously don't completely flush the tanks. Ink nozzle contamination results from improper storage, allowing the ink to drip from the print head and get absorbed into another color, which can happen if you make the mistake of wrapping a unit in a plastic bag or otherwise allow the transfer of one color to contaminate another color.

I can usually refill a color unit 3 or 4 times and 5 or 6 times for a black ink cartridge.

When I returned to the Walgreens Store for a $5 refund the clueless manager was under the impression he should get to keep MY ink cartridge cause the colors were not true !! He got educated real fast.

Hollywood, FL

#102 Sep 3, 2009
I refilled my HP photosmart cartridge about two moths ago at Walgreens and I will never do so again! First of all, a week after I had done it, it was showing as "low ink levels", and now my printer says "incompatible ink cartridge"...school just started and I am very frustrated with this. Just saying, NEVER AGAIN!!

Dallas, TX

#103 Sep 20, 2009
Bret wrote:
What does 3rd party mean?
I used Walgreens and it was awsome! so advice is to leave your print cartriges in the printer until it is time to get them refilled.
wrapped them in a pare towel and put them in a plastic baggie. Walgreens gives them back to you in a customer protective cover. save this cover so next time you go back to walgreens you can put it on your inks. If you are doing photos and demand high quality you may just want to have the back refilled and purchased a new color Hp. I used to fill them myself, not fun at all! Walgreens had a %50 off refill last week! 12$ for 2 ink catridges refilled!!

Dallas, TX

#104 Sep 20, 2009
Barby wrote:
I refilled my HP photosmart cartridge about two moths ago at Walgreens and I will never do so again! First of all, a week after I had done it, it was showing as "low ink levels", and now my printer says "incompatible ink cartridge"...school just started and I am very frustrated with this. Just saying, NEVER AGAIN!!
HP SOFTWARE purposely will never say full once it has detected a catridge was once empty. each catridge has a uniqe number and HP software will reconize that the catride once was empty then will never say full again. but put that same catridge in a differet computer its not full! lol that is a scam by HP to make you buy thier ink. Basically if your printer works who cares if it says ink low. the ink is low when your paper starts to streek! Even when you have real HP catridges if you cahnge them when it says in low your throwing out lile 10%

Newport News, VA

#105 Nov 11, 2009
Ink cartridges are like CDs, it only cost pennies to make and we get the shaft having to pay high prices for them. After all only one good song its what you get for $20. New or refurbished cartridges are made in overseas for pennies and again we get the shaft paying over $20 for them. Its just a rip off as always.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#106 Dec 15, 2009
I've been using Office Max HP refilled inkjet cartridges for a long time and the quality of the printing is the same as a new cartridge. I never refill a cartridge more than twice and never, ever accept a used cartridge in place of the one I bring to the store.

So far, everything works out just fine.

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