this donation LINK is for my son shane. he has DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY and is now permantly in a wheelchair and getting worse. there is a promising stem cell treatment for the disease and he was accepted for this treatment and it is avalible to him. it is in the Domenican Republic and the treatmant is $30.000 if your reading this then you know Shane. he is a great kid and does'nt deserve to be disabled. everyday he says "daddy when am i going to get my medicine" and i keep telling him "soon buddy soon" my wife and i dont make much money and certainly cant afford $30.000 but with your help iam hopeing to raise the money. iam willing to sell everything we have in order to raise the money. there is no funding for the treatment and social security turned him down several times and i dont know why.PLEASE HELP MY SON and if your able to please make a donation."EVERY LITTLE BIT WILL HELP. THANK YOU!