Typical example of deceptive Democratic politics. They are claiming that it is unfair the larger TV broadcasters are manipulating the system. Yet the group that will be hurt the most are the smaller local TV broadcasters, to the benefit of the LARGE Cable companies. The truth is the larger TV broadcaster are forcing the large cable companies pay a fair price for the hard quality work the local TV stations do.
The argument that the larger TV broadcasters, earning more than 15% of the revenue, are owners of the smaller TV stations. WHAT A JOKE!! NO 15% just helps all the small and large TV broadcaster (who are still small compared to even the small cable companies) have economy of scales and the cable companies must listen. The larger broadcast companies are only taking 15% of the revenue and giving the smaller companies the larger percentage of the higher cable fees. The large companies are in a position to negotiate larger fees since they can package more stations into the package rate. Otherwise, as we have now, the cable companies take advantage of the small guy for their big profits.

Also how ridiculous is the argument that if the company that receives more than 15% of the sales revenue is an owner of the company.

Democrats stop hiding behind the true story; the CABLE companies contribute more to your campaigns than the small local business person. SO SCREW THE LITTLE GUY AGAIN AND KILL JOBS!!!!!