The brand name "Universe Game" comes from the previous professional experience and technology, as well as the financial strength of BP Arona Point Srl and its Partners that provide a level of customer service meets the highest standards of quality, technology, service and reliability sector.

Game Universe has entrepreneurial skills, sfinanziarie, technological and industry expertise such as to ensure a complete autonomy in production and management at all stages of the activity through the use of software "sofbet" exclusive property, which controls the systems of internet point, payment services, e-commerce sales and point of sale recharges via scretch cards and payment cards to be going so well in fact a real and innovative project franchise for amusement arcades definitely unique on the market.

Moreover, today, thanks to laws enacted in relation to licenses arcades BP Point Arona Ltd. has created with the brand name "Universe Game", a brand of multi-service arcades offering the placement of new slots and VLTs, through the best network licensees Italian, payment services, offered by the company of our group M2P srl., which allows the payment of post bulletins, phone cards, refills digital terrestrial, wire transfer, money transfer, visa electron card recharges branded "Madetoplay" scratch card "Mediaproviding" and many other services including the charging point (PVR).

Your game room "Game Universe" will be born from the exhaustive study that our technical department, with the help of our agents located throughout the territory, will you choose for the room to creating an electrifying atmosphere and relaxed in order to accommodate the your customer in the best possible way. For more information visit:

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