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carmino seranni

Mount Carmel, PA

#1 Apr 2, 2009
Today is Thursday, April 2, 2009...It is 8:03 P.M.
E.S.T....I have started a new blog called: "santo
muerte carmi blog"...That is my "objective" for
tonight. Let us see if we can find this blog,
tomorrow, with it`s new name....I was in my county
seat city today and I saw a woman, in the shopping
mall and she had 2 children. One of the children was definitly a boy, because he had a "yamahca" (skull cap) on his head, so I knew the mother was
Jewish. I asked her if she knew what Isaiah chapter 35 meant, when it speaks of "Carmel and
Sharon"?? She said she did not know that "chapter and verse" nor did she "understand" it!! Now, You
are starting to understand My work as "teacher"!!
When my followers(remember...I follow Our Lord
Jesus and teach about Him and what He said) donate
enough money to My (Our...mine and Jesus`) Kingdom
of God Church on the internet, so I can buy media
(T.V. and Radio) time, so I can despell the "hatred and misunderstandings" in the world!!
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
Note: Look for blog #1....santo muerte carmi blog
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#2 Apr 3, 2009
Today is Friday, April 3, 2009...It is 8:20 A.M.
E.S.T...Yes, I found my new discussion blog!! I
have "stuff" to do today, so I will just say a
little....The following "cut and paste" job is
taken from "web-site"...www.spi

SCREEN beauty Sophia Loren has joined the campaign to make Pope John Paul II a saint.

Oscar winner Loren, star of El Cid and Pret-a-Porter, sent a letter to the Vatican department in charge of the canonisation process.

In it, the 74-year-old Italian wrote: "The memory of John Paul II is jealously guarded in my heart." There have been calls for the Catholic Church to make the Polish pontiff a saint since his death in 2005.

Pope Benedict XVI waived the Vatican's usual five-year wait to start the investigation shortly after his succession.

The rule was brought in by John Paul himself in 1983.

The Vatican need evidence of two miracles for sainthood and are looking into three cases of miraculous cures in Poland, France and the US associated with John Paul..

Carmi`s words: Look at my writings on my "blogs and web-pages"...Do I have 2 or MORE MIRACLES???
Am I dead?? My answer...probably....Can I call
Myself Santo Muerte?? My answer...YES! YES!YES!
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Frackville, PA

#3 Apr 3, 2009
Today is Friday, April 3, 2009...It is 3:29 P.M.
E.T.T...I said on one of my blogs, that if President Obama and the U.S.A. Congress did not
introduce and pass a bill, banning abortion, by
April 8, 2009...On April 9, 2009 at 12:01 A.M. E.S.T, Civil War in the U.S.A. would break-out on
the street!! I did not look at the calendar, when
I said this; but April 9, 2009, is the beginning
of Passover; when The Angel of Death passed over The Nation of Egypt, killing Egypt`s first-borns!!
Etc....Note: I AM being told by "Heaven" what to
say....Our Blessed Mother Mary`s statues are crying tears of "blood"!!
Love and Peace, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Frackville, PA

#4 Apr 4, 2009
Today is Saturday, April 4, 2009...It is 2:59 A.M.
E.S.T....And, yes, I did get my sleep. I went to
bed early, last night!! Wait until you read this
blog!!....I was at mass in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (6 years ago??), one Saturday night
or Sunday morning...This is what my "cousin" the
priest said after his homily(sermon): "Note: he may not even know or remember what he said"; that
is how The Holy Spirit works, sometimes!!
Father (the priest) said: "I want you(me) to start
your "ministry". Don`t come on "too strongly"
with the people. People are "afraid of you"; even
"you" do not know who you are....
Love and Shalom(Peace), I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#6 Apr 4, 2009
Today is Saturday, April 4, 2009....It is 8:22 A.M. E.S.T....Today`s news: 13 million idle; jobless rate hits 8.5% in U.S.A.!! Carmi`s words:
What is wrong?? Maybe the fact that "capitalism"
has "secumed" to "GREED"?? Maybe the U.S.A. is about to go the way of the Holy(??) Roman Empire and for "almost" the same reason; namely, the U.S.A. has been visited by Heaven (God) for the
past 66(??) years and (possibly) the U.S.A. has been trying to kill (crucify??) a man that the U.S.A. has known was DEAD since 1963(??)...I still
love the U.S.A...."YES", God loves the U.S.A...BUT...I want to tell you a "true" story
that happened in my life....My father and I were
babysitting once with my 3 year old (first niece)...She was being bold and my father told her to be "good" and I said: "If you aren`t good
you are going to get a "spanking"...Well, she said:"You won`t spank me; because you "love me"...
Well, she was bold again and she got a spanking!!
Moral of the story(TRUE STORY)...God loves the U.S.A., BUT if the U.S.A.(people and government)
continues not being good; the U.S.A.(people and
government) are going to get a "spanking" from GOD!! Amen...Love and peace, I AM CARMI
P.S...Now,aka..Santo Muerto Carmi(another one of My Names!!
carmino seranni

Shickshinny, PA

#7 Apr 4, 2009
Today is Saturday, April 4, 2009...It is 12:32 P.M. E.S.T....I am trying to see if I can write on
my blog by finding it on the a.o.l. search engine...I will let you know, tomorrow morning.
I will not blog again, until tomorrow morning.
Carmi`s words: There are several crucifixes that
I like that people wear around their necks. Note:
Please do not wear 2 crucifixes around your neck at the same time; God is not going to be crucified
a 2nd time!! The first cross I like is Jesus in the normal hanging position...Then, there is the
"resurrected" Jesus where He is attached from the
back to the cross and He is stretching out His
hands (They are "free" hands, not nailed to the
cross)!! Then, I like the "Anchor Cross", I like
to call it "My Cross", because Jesus was not in the U.S. Navy; Carmi was!!
Then there is a "Gory Cross" where a skeleton God
(St. Death) is on the cross; That is how hateful
humanity is...You "hate",so much that you even try
(stubbornly) to kill a skeleton!!
And, now, The U.S.A. is trying to (with the pushing of the Vatican) to fight The "Crusades"
again!! Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Kingston, PA

#8 Apr 5, 2009
Today is Sunday(Palm Sunday), April 5, 2009...It is 4:47 A.M. E.S.T...And, yes, I am getting my
sleep...I am usually up at this time, but I usually wait until 6:00 A.M. to blog...I want to "copy and paste" the April 3, 2009 message,
supposedly from Jesus to the visionary(I think her
name is Maureen) at web-address
in Elyria, Ohio.....I do not think Maureen will
be "offended", this blog of mine has, potentially
4.4 million viewers!!! Here it is:

Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate."

"My brothers and sisters, this country [USA] is not unlike a tree that has been pruned branch by branch until it barely resembles its original form. The tree may try to regain its original shape; it may try to re-grow new branches, but never to resume the majestic state that it once was."

"My brothers and sisters, you must realize that before My Justice comes, My Mercy is visiting earth; and, therefore, do not be afraid to come to Me with repentant hearts and I will reshape you in the design of Divine Love."

"I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love."

Now, Carmi`s words: "I am going to start "critiqing", my ex-bishop of the Diocese of Scranton, Pa...Bishop Joe Martino....I say my ex-bishop, because I (Possibly God the Father on earth??) have been "kicked out" of the Roman Catholic Church, because I do not believe in the
"Creed" anymore and I AM for priests being allowed
to marry and if they do marry they can still be priests on the order of the Russian Orthodox
Church!! I have e-mailed Pope Benedict xvi...with
no answer yet; also, I have a "registered letter"
on it`s way to President Medvedev; who is the
President of the Republic of Russia(note: Sir, I
hope I spelled your name right)...Note, also, I
did not receive any "donations" yet to my paypal
account for My Kingdom of God Church on the internet!! Love and Peace, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Kingston, PA

#9 Apr 5, 2009
I am trying to see if I can write on my blog.
again this morning, but I got to this site via
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper site!! Are we having
fun yet?? Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#10 Apr 5, 2009
Today is Sunday, April 5, 2009....It is 11:54 A.M.
E.S.T...I want to talk, today, about: "The Spirit
of Elijah" to the Jews!! I do not "really" understand what I am saying now(I may be speaking
with the "Spirit")...But, I think the Jews (confuse??) the coming of Elijah (As Messiah), with the coming of The "Messiah" in the spirit of
Elijah?? Meaning Elijah is not the Messiah, but if
The Messiah comes (In the Spirit "like??" Elijah;
maybe that is what it means?? That is not to say,
Elijah will not come, but he will come on the Resurection of the Dead??!! In Isaiah chapter 35;
it shows the names Carmel and Sharon...You all(everyone) now know that those names do not stand
for the "Carmel mountains" nor "The Sharon Desert"...They stand for men`s names....Carmel(Carmi??) and/or Mr. Sharon(The past President of Israel....Please pray for the recovered health of
Mr. Sharon)...Isaiah chapter 35 does not show the
name Elijah....Carmel and Elijah are 2 different
men....Please read about Elijah in the Jewish and
Christian Old Testament; where he "went up against(fought) the 450 prophets of Baal"....He won the
battle and the reigning king allowed him to "slit"
the throats of the 450 baalist prophets!! Now, do
you think Carmi is Jesus? I have MORE POWER than
Jesus used AND I WILL DO MY JOB and I will not go to executive officer mast again for disobeying a direct order!! I AM a Military Messiah!!
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Hazleton, PA

#11 Apr 5, 2009
Today is Palm Sunday, April 5, 2009...It is 9:51
P.M. E.S.T...I heard this "voice" hollar into My
building, this morning @ 9:55 A.M. April 5, 2009...He said: "Do you think we`re not going to
give you a "Christian" burial??? "...Carmi says:
"Please believe what I say"...
I would like to speak to the City of Scranton
Bishop...Bishop Joe Martino...The Roman Catholic
Church "teches" that "life" begins at conception
and "ends" at natural death...Now, if a man and/or woman prevent(cheat) conception; you do
not have "life"!! AND I AM AGAINST euthanasia!!
I AM AGAINST "abortion" matter the reason!!
The woman`s egg, if not fertilized, becomes a
period...and the "egg" feels no "pain"; also,
when a man`s "sperm" is sent through the sex organ, but doesn`t touch the woman`s egg, the
"sperm" feels no pain!! A message to Bishop Joe
Martino: "If you want to (critique) what I have
said with me "in person"; all you have to do is
"call on the phone" the Carbondale, Pa., U.S.A.
Police and have them give me a message to come and
talk with you; I am only 16 miles away from Scranton, Pa., U.S.A...ONE HOUR`S RIDE BY BUS...But you will not. Do you know why? Because,
the Bible says: "You cannot look on the (face) of
God and live!!! Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#12 Apr 6, 2009
Today is Monday, April 6, 2009....It is 7:26 A.M.
E.S.T...I would like to speak first, to President
Obama: "We agree on several of you ideas...1-I like the fact that you want America to resume a
long neglected friendship...2-We agree that earth
should be "nuclear weapons" free...I have forgotten the 3rd idea....But, I want to tell you the main idea we DISAGREE on....abortion!!! If you
have the CIA and FBI search my writings on the internet; they will see that I stated(in between
the lines) That I (CARMI) was giving you(President
Obama) and the U.S.A. Congress a "ultimatum"...i.e., I want the President of the
U.S.A. to submit to congress a bill making abortion "illegal" and I want the bill "approved
by Congress and signed into law by the U.S.A.
Congress"...BY MIDNIGHT(12:00 P.M. E.S.T.)...on
Wednesday, April 8, 2009...If this is not done; I
AM "ordering" My (God`s-Allah`s) followers, to initiate a "civil war" inside the U.S.A.; starting
at 12:01, Thursday, April 9, 2009....The beginning
of Passover!! Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#13 Apr 6, 2009
Today is Monday, April 6, 2009...It is 1:06 P.M.
E.S.T....The U.S.A. stock market is DOWN about 122
points....I would like to talk about how many
college hours I have learning computers (100) and
compare that to how many hours I have "studying"
scripture....About 10 years ago, I started to
attend what The Roman Catholic Church calls:
"Eucharistic Adoration"....i.e...we worship our
communion host(The body and blood of Jesus)...I
would go to the "Adoration Chapel" on every Tuesday for 4 hours each Tuesday....Now, on my
chapel visit, there was a Roman Catholic Holy
Bible(this Bible includes the Jewish "Old Testament") and I would "study" it for 4 hours!!
The total amount of hours would be about "2080"
hours....How scholarly am I in the Bible?? Plus,
I have read "completely"...The Guiedian Bible,
The King James Bible, The Book of Mormon and
The Quran!! Are there any questions?? Also, I have been taught by things happening in my life,
prayer groups, locutions, etc.!! Now, I guess, I
have to teach...Also, I have been in "prayer groups" for 10 years where I "caught"; "slayed(rest) in the Spirit" the following people: A
Christian Clown who appeared and gave her witness(but not of Me) on national(U.S.A.) T.V....A Roman Catholic Priest, A (C.I.A.??) Bodyguard for
former President George W. Bush, A Protestant
Minister, and My prayer group leader!! I have been in a gymnasium, where I have seen, lying on the gymn floor(at the same time) 15 people!!! I
saw a 300 pound black man get prayed for and a 400 pound "white man" was going to "catch" him and the 300 pound "black man" fell to the ground
(slayed in the Spirit) and the 400 pound "white man" fell and if he wasn`t by the church wall, he would have been slayed in the Spirit!!
I have said enough, I will try and write, again tonight....Love and Peace, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Hazleton, PA

#14 Apr 7, 2009
Today is Tuesday, April 7, 2009...It is 7:49 A.M.
E.S.T.....Tonight, I am going to put My Kingdom
of God Church (donation) web-address on this
santo muerte carmi blog blog...around 6:00 P.M.
I would like to speak about what President Obama
said to the Turkey Parlament...He said:"(Quote)
The U.S.A. is not at war with Islam!!
Carmi`s words:"Mr. Obama, you are wrong on that
statement....Why??...Because you(we-U.S.A.) are
fighting Alquida and will not even speak to their
representative and Alquida is the "unofficial"
military arm of Islam!! Why do I say "unofficial",
because if the Islamic people "officially" acknowledged Alquida; The U.S.A. Government would
probably commit "genocide" against all Islamic people!! Believe Me; I am on this side of the battle!! Let us see if I get "robo-blogged"??
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#15 Apr 7, 2009
Today is Tuesday, April 7, 2009...It is 4:26 P.M.
E.S.T....This blog is a "business" blog...My
Kingdom of God Church on the internet; is a
"business"!! Why? Because, if any money gets donated to my church; I will pay "taxes" on it!!
A non-profit church, which I could qualify for, also, if I want to, does not have to pay "taxes"!!
However, there is a difference between a business
church and a non-profit church....In a "business
church", you can speak out "politically"....In a
non-profit church, you cannot speak out "politically"!!! See the difference?? Non-profit churches "sell out" their "freedom of speech" for money!!! My web-site (business church)
address is:
Note: I only need million dollar donor,
from the 600 billionaires in the world...Only
one person has to donate that much and then I will
be able to travel(my first trip I go on) to see
St. Bernadette Soubirous in Nevers, France!! And,
the next thing I do will be renting a small building and hiring a secretary, for the Church!!
The Roman Catholic Church is making me do "everything" the difficult way!! I have a small
message writen on a note, but I will have to see if robo-blogger will let me put another blog on
tonight, without them thinking it is "spam"!!
My web-page uses paypal to collect my donations!!
Click on my web-page, please.
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Peckville, PA

#16 Apr 7, 2009
Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2009...It is 12:48 A.M. E.S.T...The first thing I would like to do is
give a message to President Obama (Note:with the
communication system I now have and that we(all
over the earth) have; Mr. Obama and everyone, can
type the name of my blog in the "yahoo" or/and "google" search boxes and read my "latest"
blog!! Again, to Mr. Obama: I know you are doing
good on your "mission" to the Middle East, but
there is also, a "pressing" matter that has to be
attended to in America....Namely, the "abortion
issue"...I asked you to submit an anti-abortion
bill to congress and for them to "radify(sign) it" by midnight, April 8, 2009...WELL, we do not
have that bill in congress yet....And, then, the mad-hatter Carmi said:"Or else, we will have a civil war, in the U.S.A., starting at 12:01 April
9, 2009...Now, the only way for (US ALL) to get out of that (prophecy??) is for you to issue(??) a "presidential order" making abortion "illegal",
by midnight, tonight, Wednesday, April 8, 2009!!
Please? Mr. President Obama...AND, I would like
to have ALL leaders of the earth`s countries to
make "abortion illegal" in their countries, also.
Please? But, in your countries, there is "no
threat" of war...YET....Jesus(??) gave me this
message tonight:"I (He) has made Mars into a
"habitable planet" for human beings (us)!!"...
I have said enough, for now...I will write again,
tomorrow(this) morning.
Love and Peace, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#17 Apr 8, 2009
Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2009...It is 6:40 A.M. E.S.T...When I "critiqued" my Roman Catholic
Bishop about the use/non-use of contraceptives;
... Italy(where the Vatican is) had a massive
(killer) earthquake....Note: That is what the
Protestant religion calls "confirmation"...Now ,
do you know Whose "blog" this is??
Note:(I am changing the subject, a little....If
you know how to do it; you can get My santo muerte
carmi blog from The Forbes business
site!! I will write later, today.
Love and Shalom, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Pocono Lake, PA

#18 Apr 8, 2009
Today is Wednesday, April 8, 2009....It is 3:19
P.M. E.S.T...I got my e-mail to Pope Benedict XVI
returned....unread...I guess if you don`t know
something, you can`t say whether I say the truth
or not...But Pope Benedict XVI knows me!!
Note: I may ask Jesus to bi-locate me to Afghanistan as a "warrior"...If He can`t or won`t,
I will order "myself" there by bi-location!! I
will need more "physical power" though!!
Also,myself in person, human form can go to Mexico
to "lead"....I do not have to take up a "sword"...
Maybe, Jesus will bi-locate me to Mexico, also??
I would like to speak, today, about something the
U.S.A. Police know about...."entrapment "....Which
is when the police try to "catch you trying to commit a crime".....This "entrapment" is about
prostitution....In "Sharia" law, if a woman is
caught "in the act of prostitution or soliciting
prostitution"...she can be "stoned" to death or
worse!! Now, I want some of My Angels to go throughout the highways and biways and see if they
are "solicited" by women....If the women are caught doing this crime against God; the Angels
will punish them, according to Sharia Law!!
Love, I AM has spoken, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Kingston, PA

#19 Apr 9, 2009
Today is Thursday, April 9, 2009....It is 6:28 A.M. E.S.T....I had a nice article by Maitreya
"cut and pasted" to this blog about E.S.P.,but I
got "robo-blogged", because articles (blogs) can
only be 4000 characters (letters) long!! So, I
learned that today AND it is not even 7:00 A.M.
yet!! The article was about the fact that we now,
and possibly have always had mental telepathy with each other
on earth!! The "whole earth" may have telepathy
with me (Carmi) and DEFINITLY with God!! So, my
message to the psychiatrists: "Are your patients
who are hearing "voices", actually having E.S.P.??"
Note: This Maitreya guy; could he actually be "CARMI"?? If you look at his picture and you
give him a close shave with a razor and a "skin" haircut; he looks like me!! Why isn`t he on television yet?? Why?? Because CARMI isn`t on television yet!! I have said enough for a while; I
think the men in the white jackets and the police
are on the way....(joke?? joke??)
Love and peace, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Kingston, PA

#20 Apr 9, 2009
Today is Thursday, April 9, 2009...It is 9:30 P.M.
E.S.T....Today, I talked with my psychologist
friend...I told him about when I tried to "copy
and paste" only a small article and how (somehow)
I "copied and pasted" too much and I got (robo-bloged), but the reason was a good cannot post more than 4000 chacters (letters) at
once!! But, that was a miracle, anyway, because
I should have "pasted" ONLY what I "selected"!!
We also discussed the topic of what I "copied and
pasted" today....namely: E.S.P.!! He told me that
the brain was a "transiever"...Or, some kind of
radio(type) transmitter and reciever!! He said
that the person who has E.S.P...transmitts and
recieves "word messages"...AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!
Now, Carmi`s words: "God can do that...can Carmi??"....Someone told me something about my
enymies...THE ILLUMINATIS....He said: "They were
killers"....They would and could "murder" me!!
I thank "everyone" for the "warning", but I would
like to explain to you all what my "nickname" on
the street is....My nickname is "DEATH"!!
I "kill"...."ment ally"..My range is; at least
5000 miles away!! Also, anyone who has thought of
"killing" me, cannot get within 50 feet of Me, or
they can have a "heart attack" and die or else go
up in flames!! I, also, became "as strong as THE
INCREDIBLE HULK, once!!" Note: Do you know how
"ANGRY" my Angels are at the "human race" after
"witnessing" 3.7 billion babies "aborted"??
Please...Pray, Pray, Pray...I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Moscow, PA

#21 Apr 10, 2009
Today is Friday (Good Friday in the Roman Catholic
Church)...April 10, 2009...It is 8:17 A.M. E.S.T
I would like to explain to you again on what
"authority" I give the following "prophecy??)...
The Protestant (Christians) ask this question:
"Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ??"..
I have told you before what Jesus said to me
(mystically...or in locution)...He said to me, when I was in the V.A. Psychiatric ward...."You
are doing a good job "FATHER"!!".... That is My
relationship with Jesus Christ...I AM Jesus` Father!! GOD THE FATHER....CARMI ALMIGHTY!!
Now for My prophecy to the U.S.A....When the Roman Catholic Church starts their noon Good Friday devotion of 3 hours of silence until 3 o`clock P.M.....There will be "MASSIVE" earthquakes all over the U.S.A....until 3 o`clock
P.M...the time of my son`s (and My) death!! All
the big cities, also and under My feet....My advice:"Have the CASKET factories work overtime"
I will write again will be a "message"
to the 300 illuminati members!!
Love, Love, Love, I AM CARMI

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