A Hunger Games video game????

A Hunger Games video game????

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Liberty, TN

#1 Apr 8, 2012
Apparently this question is on everyone's mind; are they going to make a Hunger Games video game? Well it wouldn't be a bad idea considering all the fast paced action in the movie and book and if they do so happen to make one I really think it should have Multiplayer and in this Multiplayer I think you should be able to make your own tribute and choose your own arena and enviornment setting. Tell me if my idea for a Hunger Games video game is a good idea.

Arlington, VA

#2 Apr 13, 2012
That is an excellent idea. And not only create your own tribute. The multiplayer could a 24 person lobby. You can train or go o an arena and try to get your "skill" Even better have that be the campaign . Have the katniss one and then your own story.

Fort Worth, TX

#3 Apr 13, 2012
Hunter wrote:
Apparently this question is on everyone's mind; are they going to make a Hunger Games video game? Well it wouldn't be a bad idea considering all the fast paced action in the movie and book and if they do so happen to make one I really think it should have Multiplayer and in this Multiplayer I think you should be able to make your own tribute and choose your own arena and enviornment setting. Tell me if my idea for a Hunger Games video game is a good idea.
It is a great idea but they should also have a story line like it starts at the reaping where your best friend or someone is chosen so you volunteer, that way you wouldn't have to have a name already chosen for you, and you name your person only for when they are signing things like when they finger prick you before the reaping your name shows up on the scan thing and at other times your name shows up but it is never actually said like it was in NCAA Football or Madden because they usually don't pronounce it right. But you could choose your advantages and disadvantages and choose if you want to battle thee people from the book/movie on have it randomize every time you start a new game. But it would be really cool if your character got interviewed before thee games like in the book/movie and you chose what you say (like in skyrim, fallout, mass effect)

Parsippany, NJ

#4 Apr 22, 2012
You could either select story mode or free mode

In story mode, you can pick Katniss, or other existing victors like Haymitch, Johanna, Finnick, Mags, Beetee, Wiress ect... and play their games. Then once you beat their games you could play as them in the third quarter quell and help to defeat the capitol

or you could select free mode where you...
create your own character and choose their district. You can completely customize everything about them from their age, to their height and appearance. You can choose skill points to make them really strong or weak, nice or mean, what weapons they are good at (if any), ect. Also, there would be a set number of skill points, so your character cannot be amazing at everything.

it could be multiplayer... for xbox live, you could form alliances with others who are playing, or if you are playing with your friends on wii or something like this, you could form up to a four person alliance with each other and help each other... only one of you could win though.

Then you could start in your district and go to the reaping where you can choose to either volunteer or to be reaped. Then you are on the train ride and you meet the mentors and your district partner.

Then you can create your own costume for the chariot ride or pick an already existing costume.

Then you could go to training and practice some weapons skills, survival skills, and create alliances. You can earn more skill points in training. Then you can have a private session and earn a score.

For the interviews you can try to create an angle for your person and respond to Cesar's questions. Like if he asks a question, there would be three responses (A,B,C) and you would pick which one to answer with.

Then you go into the games and you can either go into the cornucopia bloodbath or run the other way. If you go into the cornucopia, and die, then you get to start over from the beginning of the games. Each time the game starts over from when the tributes are on the metal plates, the arena changes. It could be a swamp land, a fallen city, a forest, a desert, ect.

Once you beat the cornucopia, the game saves automatically, and continues to save after each tribute dies. If you die, the game starts from when it last saved. You can hunt down other tributes, or look for food because you have to keep your character healthy in order to stay alive. You can be sent gifts, only if you need medicine or something like that.

Once you beat all the tributes, you go home until the victory tour.

You can then go into the third quarter quell and help the other victors try and over throw the capitol.(Same rules for this game as your characters first game)

Once you get out and are in District 13, you can help Beetee create weapons, rescue Johanna and Peeta from the capitol and finally fight President Snow and end the games.

However, there would be many obsticles in the way and it would take a while to finish the game.

Please tell me if this is a good idea.

Norristown, PA

#5 Apr 22, 2012
Personally, I don't think there needs to be a story or campaign mode, or for that matter, it doesn't even need to be directly based on the novel or film.

It would make a great multiplayer game based only on the survival concept that is shown in the movie, especially with things such as the cornucopia in the center. The size of the game should be chosen in a menu, ranging from a faster paced game on a smaller map (approximately but not limited to 20 minutes) to a more drawn out game on a larger map (Maybe as long as 2 hours). From the menu, you would be sent into a lobby of the game of your choice.

The smaller games would have more emphasis on quick, immediate survival skills, such as getting food with few tools or killing opponents quickly, while the longer games would require one to make long term systems of survival, and even develop throughout the game, doing things like building shelter, making more stable, long term weapons, and even innovating with the environment. In addition to the original free for all shown in the film, it would also be neat to have a team option, making it almost like a war.

Because of this, the game would require a phenomenal system of physics for the full effect to be carried out, and a very well planned out system of controls, where players can manipulate the game's physics to create makeshift weapons, traps, and perhaps some neat mechanical devices for the geniuses.

I think that the hunger games, if one takes out the fluff of the storyline better fit for books and movies, would make a great video game.

Haberfield, Australia

#6 Apr 24, 2012
they don't need a story. i think they should make the combat a bit like sky rim except with loc-on. you can chose to be able to be a career, be the tough guy in the games, or be the guy that everyone tries to kill. at the training centre, you can choose any weapon of your choice, and find good allies. you should be able to make an unquie character. and also all the npcs should look different, like sims,.
hockey star

Anchorage, AK

#7 Apr 29, 2012
That is a awesome idea. If they had multiplayer I think that eould be awesome. But my big concern is that somone might hack it that that would ruin multiplayer
idea maker

Tallinn, Estonia

#8 Jun 14, 2012
so, i got some ideas. it should be a game which can be played singleplayer and mulyiplayer. there would be story mode and multiplayer mode, where you can compete with other users. there would be levels in mulyiplayer and maybe skill points, for your type. and every 15 or more levels you'll get older one year, so every time this happens you'll become bigger. skill points would be like strenght and agility and other. and one youll get 18, your leveling stops after getting few levels. and you can make many players for different types.

Pasadena, MD

#10 Jul 25, 2012
it is a great idea, lionsgate please consider these opinions. the idea of having a 24 person lobby is great. Another great idea is having the story mode/ campaign. Include all weapons mentioned in the book ex. Trident,throwing knives,swords,spears,bows etc. also you should be able to switch between 1st and 3rd person views as you please. there should be dlc's of maps from past hunger games described in the book's. games should not have a time limit.Finally you should be able to have character customization. such as (facial features,District # (in story mode),weapon specialization , and be partnered with someone in the multiplayer lobby as a certain district.

Philadelphia, PA

#12 Aug 2, 2012
I think an amazing idea would be the following: a story were you can create a new character and before the reaping you can explore your selected district for a while until you go to the reaping. You can meet people and add drama to the reaping. If a friend, which you can volenteer for. Or can be selected streight up but no one helps you out. You meet you district partner and even start a relationship which can(or could'nt) help you in the games. You can choose weapons to specialize in and then later to be judged by the gamemakers. This will determan how well the sponsers help you i the arena. You can choose to take place in the in the bloodbath or run away. Aliences, bla bla bla. Hunger and thirst take a huge role in the games. Game makers can add mutts and traps to the feild to make it challenging for the player. If a friend is killed you character remembers them and is sad. A multiplayer mode can be great. Create a character, with 23 other blood thirsty players. Id you go into the blood bath and get the first kill you get a sponser bonus. And if your killed it is given to your slayer. If your the first dead you can become the game maker. Or leave lobby.
If you like my ideas please send a pic of my ideas to liongate. I just want a game!!!
Tommy Carr

Mount Joy, PA

#14 Aug 16, 2012
I agree with all the multiplayer stuff but I had an idea where the story mode should be off of the third book mocking jay. In story mode you would fight in the war against the capitol. I thought that would be cool.

Since: Jul 12


#16 Aug 16, 2012
I haven't watch the hunger games, but I know that it's cool. Many who watched it had a good view and right ups about it.

Since: Jul 12


#17 Aug 16, 2012
I'm now fascinated and eager to watch it.

Douglassville, PA

#19 Nov 24, 2012
Also they should have it for Wii, playstation move, and kinect so you feel as in you are in the game, i have read the first 2 books and loved them I'm on the 3rd one now. But I personally love the idea of a multiplayer where you can play the story or free play, also it should be like mlb the show where you choose like strength vs speed or fighting vs surviving in the wild. But I would buy it for sure!
Hayden Allred

Pocatello, ID

#21 Mar 13, 2013
I create video games and am actually currently in the process of making Hunger Games! It is called Survival Games and will be 24 players online! You can find more info here: http://survivalgames.gazidogaming.com/forums I am so excited to finally be able to reveal information about the game!

Olney, MD

#22 Apr 7, 2013
this is a excellent idea did you send this to the makers because this would be awsome

York, ME

#24 Sep 27, 2013
I think this is a great idea! To be able to do this though, you should really check out this video forum to give you better unique ideas as well!:) http://www.hungergamescatchingfire.com

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