CitiBank customer service

Albemarle, NC

#47 Jun 22, 2008
CitiBank is the very worst! Time and time again they have cheated people and yet, no one can do anything about it? I took out a bank loan to pay them off when they raised their rates up o 32%. How is that legal? The main problem is that no one cares how the American people are 'screwed' everyday. What did happen to our government?

Cairo, Egypt

#48 Jun 23, 2008
ahmed ghabour wrote:
i called 18 member of your staff to solve problem in hurghada. no one single help. i need to contact some one to solve my problem. please help
forget about ur money
Citibank in the UK


#49 Jun 25, 2008
It's not only the US Citibank that has terrible service. In the UK Citibank offshored their customer service centre to India. In my own experience, staff have a poor command of English, often making mistakes quoting numbers in your balance, not carrying-out basic requests, inability to understand the most basic requests such as changing address or inter-bank transfers. Furthermore, their branch service is awful too - I've had Cashier's attempt to short-change me by £50 when paying into my account, and sometimes even been told (in the same branch where I usually pay cash into my account) that I can't pay money into my account because they're not a high street bank!!

In my experience, the staff member was right - they're not a high street bank, but a useless bank with poor customer service judging from my experience and that of numerous other people I have just mentioned the word "citibank" to...

Lexington, KY

#51 Jul 5, 2008
Citi send us a statement after several years of not using their card stating we had a $20 credit. After receiving this a second month, I used the card to make a $50 purchase and then received a bill for $55 with no mention of the previous two months credits of $20.
I paid it and then received a bill for $71.30, paid that and am now receiving harassing phone calls and bills ranging from $17 to $47?!?!
No reply to letters concerning this matter although I did get a letter telling me I must request a form to cancel this account. I did that, got the form, mailed it in and the bills still continue to come with phone calls.

I found the follwing comment on another board concerning Citi Card:
2008-04-13 02:21 am UTC
As an ex employee of Citibanks credit card division in South Dakota, I can tell you, we routinely sat on card payments for several days just to make them late. They would sit for sometimes 7-10 days in our payment facility just so we could triple your interest rate and charge you an insane late fee. I was terminated shortly after I wrote the South Dakota Attorney General's office reporting this illegal practice.


Los Olivos, CA

#52 Aug 19, 2008
siloviki wrote:
<quoted text>
Happens here too. Had a payroll check which I took DIRECTLY to the bank of origin.
I was informed at the counter that the bank was not a checque cashing service.
Excuse me? What is the big aversion to banks giving you your money in CASH? This "money" they supposedly have is right at that branch. They don't have to go far to verify it. It probably has something to do with the "fractional reserve" banks operate on. If everyone wanted to draw their money in cash (we do have that right don't we?) for checques drawn from that bank, they would default. There is no reason for any bank within the same operation to be able to verify funds at any other branch within seconds. If the original checque has not been post dated and cleared then they have no reason to clear your funds. In CASH please, I don't want a hold on MY money.
What's the problem?
Citibank keeps moving my funds around, without my knowledge,(in large amounts) and when the checks that i write don't clear, charge me overage deductions one, two, and three times over. When i call to have the fees reversed the representative states that it is a bank error, reverses the charges, and says sorry. I ask for this in writing. She says i have to go to my branch to get a letter.
The next DAY it all happens all over again. So i go into a branch explain what happened. Explained the whole situation. The Branch Senior Accounts Manager blamed the Citibank Customer Service Representative for not knowing what she was talking about brought up some fictional charge that wasn't even listed on their records on their internet site for online banking; and then proceeded to cuss me out with a lot of F-words and expletives when i called him on it; shouting how dare you insult my intelligence.
His Name is Mike Burau @ 5186 Hollister Ave #B
Goleta, CA, United States 93111. He couldn't even subtract $5.00 from a figure in his head correctly. WORST BANKING INSTITUTION EVER. Their corporate motto should be ... "what money? No, our policy states ... "


#53 Aug 31, 2008
well what do you expect of India based call centre.
All are idiots and some of them can't even add and spell.
Have trouble dealing with my direct debit payment which tey screw up twice and charging me high interest even though they admitted it was their fault.
Bunch of indian cowboys citibank employed.
no wonder it is the worse banking system in the world.
what do you expect a bank running by jews.

Peoria, AZ

#54 Aug 31, 2008
Kenneth wrote:
Citibank is crooked. I have a check for $18.89 issued from Citibank (South Dakota). I took the check to a bank called "Citibank" at 2929 Mchenry Ave in Modesto, Ca to cash. This dumb Blond refused to cash the check because it was a different Citibank. The woman should be committed and the manager of that branch should be promoted. Even branches of Citibank know they are not to be trusted. Does anyone at Citibank have at least a GED. I might talk to that person.
This is a most common bank issue for the last 8 years. Banking industry prefer to hire a high school intern & high School graduate.Instead of someone who has a experience & have less than perfect credit. You get a poor service from Banks hire cheap pay employee.

Fort Worth, TX

#55 Sep 30, 2008
Yes, citi bank is worst for customer in sorth branch now. They really don't know how to server customer in conveniently.
I gave a check to my customer and then he want to cash it in Rockwall brach of texas. After the clerk called me to verify the information correctly, she rejected to pay cash to my customer via this check because she said this check is not print by this branch, we should buy check book from her branch, then use her check to cash out. We and our customer is very angry untill we will going to report her region manager she cashed out this check.
What is the citi bank doing now? Each branch of south can have itself rule for customer? Why so simple task with take about ONE hour to finish and make us so upset?
I will strong recommend citi bank to training or close some unqualified branch in south.
pointing it out

Cincinnati, OH

#56 Sep 30, 2008
Citibank Customer Service is an oxymoron.

United States

#57 Oct 30, 2008
I thought I was imagining that I was speaking with a representative from another country, when I just called Citibank. I asked the representative where she was located, because the connection was terrible and her Indian accent was so thick. When she said "India" all I could think of was to say "wow". I had a very simple question about my account and the initial customer service representative was rather rude and quickly transferred me - to India.

Unbelievable. Why not keep jobs here in America?
Larry Martin

United States

#58 Dec 31, 2008
All I want is a phone number to Customer Service in South Dakota - S. Larson, Customer Service Dept.
Larry Martin for Paddy Martin


#59 Jan 12, 2009
Iam also having a problem with my credit card-Citi Bank Egypt, i never made any transaction and they sent me a payroll including a large amount of money with extra fees and interst ,tried to call them million of times lost a lot of money in calling them in international calls but all have gone as nonsense.
made a complain and no way and no cooperation and they r late in judging and still counting on me the fees of it ... i really wants someone to deal seriously with me in this issue iam abroad now and i cant manage this issue from the new country

Chennai, India

#60 Jan 20, 2009
In India, CitiBank in bangalore is totally uneducated employees. The Damn guys don't know the procedure to open an single saving account. My application got rejected for 2 times becz of residence issue. I clearly gave all the documents and even some of the Citibank representative verified my residence in bangalore. But, this fk guys are again rejected my application. I strongly advising peoples to consider any other banks like SBI, HDFC or anything else... If you open in citibank you must maintain atleast Rs 10,000 or 25,000 where there is no proper service. There are not even properly respond for their customers. I m sure, you are going to say SIT or anythings, if you open an account.

Go to Coffee Day or Pizza Hut you will get treated as customer. but If you go to CitiBank in bangalore, you will be treated as non living things.

United States

#61 Mar 7, 2009
Wow! I just had the rudest customer service of my life from Citibank. I have been a customer with them for 20 years. There was a time (oh so long ago) when I lost my credit card and they sent a replacement to my hotel the same day, they had amazing customer service. I can't imagine that happening today!

In any case at the end of January they changed my credit card number (saying it there had been a theft) and sent me a replacement card which I never got. A month later (end of February) they call with an automated message to say they sent a new card and it was never received.

I called them to say I never got it. Got a nice guy in India who said they'd send out a replacement by Friday. Saturday rolled around and I called, I hadn't received the new card.

The woman was rude from the get go. She first implied it was somehow my fault that the card was not received "we've sent two cards and you haven't received either?" A really unpleasant series of exchanged followed in which the woman was either batty or about to lose her job. It was evident she couldn't care less about how she treated me. In the end she did say they would be sending the card via UPS on Monday. Great, I work, how will I get it? THese people suck.
Do not trust Citibank

United States

#62 Jun 3, 2009
Citibank has absolutely no regard for their customers’ well-being. I know this isn’t news to most of you but today’s experience with them reminded me again. Although the customer service agent and his supervisor were polite they were unwilling (“unable” in Citi-speak) to provide the most simple of requests.
The situation today was a credit card charge that showed as having been processed but the merchant showed it as having been declined. Citibank told me to just reissue the charge and if I was double-billed I could/should then just protest it. He said he found a way to cancel the pending charge but then still told me I’d have to repeat my purchase and to “trust him” that it’d been taken care of. After explaining to Citibank’s person MULTIPLE TIMES that the last time this happened it took me 4-5 months, many, many phone calls and 4 different sets of DETAILED mail and fax correspondence with them to get a bogus $50 charge reversed, he simply offered me his ID number as proof. How is this proof of anything other than me knowing his ID number????
Escalating to his supervisor did little more than provide a black hole for my time. When he basically told me again to “trust them” I asked him to simply write out a brief paragraph stating the same and fax it to me so I’d have proof of their promise.“Sorry we have no way to do that.” He admitted they had fax machines. He said they had paper and then he said that anything written on Citibank letterhead had to be issued by legal!
How insane is it that Citibank “customer service” personnel cannot put in writing what they expect their customers to blindly accept verbally???
The last poster was too kind in saying that these people suck. They'd have to get a lot more responsive to only suck!

Jacksonville, FL

#63 Jun 3, 2009
Beth wrote:
CitiBank is the very worst! Time and time again they have cheated people and yet, no one can do anything about it? I took out a bank loan to pay them off when they raised their rates up o 32%. How is that legal? The main problem is that no one cares how the American people are 'screwed' everyday. What did happen to our government?
They do not care one iota what happens to us little people, as long as our tax dollars line their pockets we can just sit back and like it or leave it.

It is pretty sad when countries much smaller than ours such as Brazil have a better economic outlook than the USA.

Belize City, Belize

#64 Jul 1, 2009
I'll tell you why Citibank has such poor customer service, because when you call their 800#, you are talking to someone in the Phillipines who barely speaks English and definitely does not understand English....what has happened to the US, the ONLY COUNTRY where we are forced to "press one" for English.....and WHY does CITIBANK NOT HIRE AMERICANS when so many are out of work?!?!?!? Over 7 million to date...I suggest all Citibank card members contact Customer Service,(or lack of), and ask the same question. I recently received a response from Citibank filled w/erroneous information and actual lies. I would NEVER have a CITIBANK CREDIT CARD AND SUGGEST THAT ANYONE WHO HAS ONE, BURN IT AND APPLY TO WAMU, THE BEST US CREDIT CARD-NO CHANGE IN RATES, NO FUNNY BUSINESS, JUST STRAIGHT UP BUSINESS, AS IT SHOULD BE!
reena Friedman

Evansville, IN

#65 Jul 9, 2009
NotAmused wrote:
<quoted text>
They promoted an incompetent customer service rep and that propomoted individual hires more incompetent reps.
i agree
i spent 93 min on the phone today trying to transfer funds from one citibank account to another

Yorba Linda, CA

#66 Oct 2, 2009
Citibank has you wait FOREVER to OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT! How stupid is that in terms of customer service?

Next: Citibank has a phone tree that PREVENTS A PROSPECTIVE PATRON FROM SPEAKING TO A HUMAN BEING. How stupid is that?

The banks that subject their customers to phone trees, poorly trained employees, time-wasting inconvenience, should lose business. We are going over to Rabobank... They are courteous, fairly intelligent, and don't burden patrons.
Totally Amazed

Cosby, TN

#67 Oct 15, 2009
Customer No-Service. Talk about pouring $45 billion in TARP money down a rat whole. Better this failed business model be allowed to fail and be replaced with smaller, more agile banks that genuinely care about their customers. They've only been on the government I.V. for about a year but their customer service department reminds me of doing business with the federal government. My recommendation: Dump Citi and put it out of its misery. Take your money down the street to the local bank or credit union.

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