Shoppers Not Sold on New Macy's Stores

Shoppers Not Sold on New Macy's Stores

There are 178 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jan 4, 2007, titled Shoppers Not Sold on New Macy's Stores . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Federated Department Stores Inc. still hasn't sold shoppers at former May stores on their new Macy's replacement.

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Alan Herman

Somerville, MA

#1 Jan 4, 2007
I am GLAD that Macy's is suffering, and as it SHOULD! Their arrogance and total disregard for the city of Chicago by removing the 158 year old Marshall Fields State Street name and replace Fields quality with Macy's trash is inexplicable. You will NEVER see me in any Macy's or Federated stores...EVER! If they can take away one of Chicago's landmarks and replace with a New York icon, I can take away all purchasing and money from their company. What they had done was senseless. They did not research Chicago's reaction and their brand loyalty. They actually thought that if they kept the Frango mint brand available, that the Chicago consumer would come back. It is nothing about the mints! It was aout the merchandise, the great employees, the 'soothing Fields green' and NOT the 'communist Messy's red'(complete with the red star...where's the sickle?).
I will boycott federated forever. Their arrogance and lack of respect, combined with their very poor research and ignorance of the people they supposedly are to serve, makes this a no brainer.
Boycott Federated!
There ARE many better alternatives anyway.
midwest reader

Columbus, OH

#2 Jan 4, 2007
It's apparent people don't want homogenizing of the merchandising. Each region had its own chain (brand) under the Federated (parent) having its own style of merchandising making it distinctive to that region. Now for Federated to think that shoppers (customers) would be better served by reducing its overall cost having only one (generic) style of merchandise throughout the nation without regards for its customers is foolish. Money speaks louder than you would think. Shoppers are and will take their business elsewhere, as the sales have shown. Looks like mgmt needs to rethink its approach to homogenizing the various chains into "one" look, "one" style and "one" brand for its customers. Personally, I liked each individual store for its own style, merits, etc. and miss that and have walked through the "new" Macy's actually being disappointed in the merchandise. Macy's needs to rethink who its customers are.

Goleta, CA

#3 Jan 5, 2007
That's great!

Charleston, WV

#4 Jan 5, 2007
I love it! Mesy's is GOING DOWN!

We want our stores back! Bring back Kaufmann's, Field's, Hecht's, Strawbridge's, etc!

I read today where Mesy's is closing 2 Columbus, Ohio area stores. Mesy's has lost 50,000 customers in the Columbus area alone. Sad.
When Lazarus was the giant lion in town, it was known for quality merchandise. This crap Mesy's wants all of America to fall in love with is just that ... crap which falls apart or spots after the first wash.

For the first time, I am shopping Banana Republic, Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor and Express instead of Federated. I hope the whole company closes up!

United States

#5 Jan 5, 2007
Pittsburgh's downtown continues to lose shoppers and taking Kaufmann's away only worsened the situation. And, Pittsburgh now has ONLY ONE choice in Department stores! We all dress alike! Synergies may save Macy's some cash in the short run due to centralized buying but it will lose customers and profit in the long term.

Euless, TX

#6 Jan 6, 2007
Good!! I can't stand Macy's. This is certainly not the pre bankruptcy Federated or pre Federated Macy's. The old Federated cared about the regions it served by allowing the independence of the chains (own buyers, traditions, etc). It is deplorable what they have done in the last 10 years. It was bad enough to have all the same banks and restaurants. Now we have the same department stores everywhere. Foley's has been cheapened since the takeover. The post Foley's stores did not get one dime from us this year. I hear the former Foley's stores (which was May's largest division) is losing a lot of money. It is my prediction that half of the Foley's stores, excuse me Macy's, will be closed by this time next year. Dillards is our only other alternative besides Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom. We used to have Joske's, Sakowitz, Walter Pye's, Craig's, Frost Bros, Battelstein's with Foley's being the last. Now there are NO HOMETOWN stores left. We are just like the other cities who have lost their identity in retail. Keep up the boycott!
Mad In Maine

Scarborough, ME

#7 Jan 12, 2007
Macy's, by far the worst retailer to come to Maine since Walmart. I worked for Macy's as a seasonal employee this christmas and let me tell you, after working for Macy's they make Walmart look like saints as far as how they treat their help. First off, in order to work for Macy's you must wear a suit. A suit that which the cost will far exceed what a weeks pay check will ever net you. They want you to dress professionally but will only pay you slightly above a welfare wage. Secondly, they are the biggest slave laborers this state has ever seen. Their management is ridiculous when it comes to knowing the true term of people skills. They talk down to you and think that they are better than any one. We had a visit from corporate office and do you think any of them stopped to talk to the sales associates, nope they stuck their nose in the air as if they were celebrities. Now lets talk about these wonderfull sales they are always advertising. Think your getting a good deal.. haha, think again. As I watched the sales progress through the season the prices did not fluctuate much at all. What they are actually discounting from your merchandise is not actual savings, it is merely a break from their over inflated prices on sweat shop clothing! So as they sit there and force their employees to solicite shopper comments on how great their shopping experiance was by the old circle and smile crap on their reciepts I say hey, get a real grade on customer satisfaction by hiring a third party secret shopper firm and truely realize your short commings on customer service! How about calling in to a Macy's where you ask to be connected to a certain department and you either get hung up on or the call does not go through at all. Nothing like calling in three to four times with no success to frustrate a customer enough to take their business somewhere else. Macy's.. your future in the real world spells bankruptcy protection and to manys satisfaction hopefully before to long we will not have to hear about how you all think your americas department store. What a laugh!

Redmond, WA

#8 Jan 15, 2007
Visit for Boycott

Since: Jan 07

Miami, FL

#9 Jan 16, 2007
Macys sucks in Miami too. They took over Burdine Stores and ever since the change was made, we lost more than customer service. Burdines was known for their sales,friendly customer services, open longer hours and with Macys the stores don't look the same. I will never go to Macys again.
Peter W

Oakland, CA

#10 Jan 17, 2007
I would rather chew on glass than shop at Macy's.

Schaumburg, IL

#11 Jan 17, 2007
What has irked me most is not the condition of the State Street store itself. Since the conversion from MF to Macy's, that store actually looks fine IMO and the employees there are as nice as pie. That's likely because: 1) Macy's has not really had an opportunity yet to screw up the store (give them time); and 2) they know that State Street is a magnet for the wrath of Chicagoans should Macy's really screw up (and they will).

Rather, I am most saddened by the fact that Chicago has lost some of its unique character in as a result of the name change. After all, why would a tourist in Chicago or a suburbanite visit Macy's on State street when they already have one in their town? No one visits Chicago for its McDonalds or Targets and no one will visit Chicago for its Macy's. Conversely, people (yours truly included) did visit Chicago in part for Marshall Field's.

Second, I am irked by the condition of practically every other Macy's store that was converted from Marshall Field's. Without the special features of State Street, and under the new Macy's "look", the suburban locations (in particular, the Oakbrook and Vernon Hills locations) really do come off as glorified Targets, but without the lower prices and convenient grocery section found at Target.

In short, the MF-Macy's changeover is a lose/lose situation. As mentioned, Chicago loses some of its unique identity and Federated will surely lose much of what could have been its customer base in Chicago and beyond.

Newton, IA

#12 Jan 17, 2007

Elmhurst, NY

#13 Jan 20, 2007
Can't wait until all the Macy's close around the country and new interesting stores open in their place.

Boycott Macy's!

Boonton, NJ

#14 Feb 8, 2007
I was one of Macy's & Federated's biggest supporters as a customer. I have seen nothing but cheap quality junk and poor customer service (we used to be guests at Marshall Field's) and I am born and raised in the New York suburbs. Believe me...Macy's was once a grand place to more !

Just look at what the powers that be have done to hurt Herald Square...home of McDonald's at Macy's ! Yuck !

Chicago, IL

#15 Feb 9, 2007
I wish all these Macy haters would just wake and realize that the May Company was going down, they were not going to revitalize their aging stores. Their merchandise was bland and similiar in all divisions except for Field;s and Lord & Taylor. They practically killed the furniture and bridal sales at the Field;s stores with their antiquated computer system that lost over 50% of the orders.

True Macy's and FDS has made changes, but the pricing system at the former Field's stores is much better, then ever before. The associates I have spoken to all in favor iof the transition and customer service for the most part is better than it was under May and Target. Alot of the problems with the conversion is that the old regime is still running the converted stores especially the Macy's North and Midwest division. If there is any department store that should be boycotted it is Dillards. They have the worst record for discrimination, their pricing is higher than most competitors, their sales reflect it too, they consisntently loose market share every month.

Conroe, TX

#16 Feb 9, 2007

I disagree with your analysis of Dillards. Since Macy's took over Foley's they have the best selection and quality of merchandise in the mid to upper range tier. Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman's remain in the upper tier. While Foley's merchandising and image may have suffered some under the May ownership it would have been wise to keep the name and restore Foley's to its former grandeur along with the other regional brands. We continue to become one homogenous society in respect to banking, restaurants, department stores, telecommunications etc without any benefit to the consumer.

Boonton, NJ

#17 Feb 11, 2007
Nobody loved Macy's more than I did ! Every store has their strong points and their not so strong points. I do believe that Federated is NOT interested in their customers the way they used to be. Come around the New York area and I can show you some Macy's stores that are in terrible shape. The Macy-fication of America is just terrible.

Even Federated agrees that it went poorly and acted on that finding by firing the ad agency that was hired to kick off nationwide advertising.

Oh... how I miss the quality department stores of yesteryear ! Please come back Marshall Field's. Come back Strawbridge & Clothier. Come back John Wanamaker. Come back Bamberger's. Come back Gimbel's. Oh and please COME BACK **B.ALTMAN & COMPANY !**


Boonton, NJ

#18 Feb 11, 2007
Yes Sea,

Burdines was a wonderful store. I especially enjoyed the beautiful upgrades during the early 90's that they gave to the former Maas Brothers store. The fabulous Royal Palm Restaurants were truly a wonderful part of the store with full-service dining and a fabulous Sunday brunch. Oh,by the way the beautiful palm trees and floridian decor was classy.

Macy's has torn apart the unique look of Burdines, "the Florida store,"and replaced it with their anywhere America suburban cheap store look complete with mattress department housed in the now closed Royal Palm Restaurant dining rooms. VERY VERY SAD !

One point I failed to mention, the store formerly known as "Burdines,The Florida Store," now has the latest el-cheapo house brands like INC and Alfani !The mis-aligned seams,and breakable button, wash once and throw-away duds are the latest imported sweatshop fashions from China ! Wonderful isn't it ?
seabee1 wrote:
Macys sucks in Miami too. They took over Burdine Stores and ever since the change was made, we lost more than customer service. Burdines was known for their sales,friendly customer services, open longer hours and with Macys the stores don't look the same. I will never go to Macys again.

Austin, TX

#19 Feb 11, 2007
I couldn't agree with you more. I also miss the classy regional department stores. When I used to travel to California alot I shopped I Magnin, Bullock's, Bullock's Wilshire and Robinson's. Even the mid tier stores were nice - Harris', The Broadway and May Co. California. Now Californian's only option is Macy's... I too remember the "old" Macy's. They came to Houston in 1984 and were very nice. Foley's, then owned by "old" Federated was their primary competition. Foley's had great in store restaurants as well. Just like Sakowitz and Joske's. Boy have times changed....

Charleston, WV

#20 Feb 12, 2007
Dillards expensive????
I was on a trip last September to Indianapolis IN. On my way back home, I stopped at Dillard's in Richmond IN. Glad I did especially when Ralph Lauren spring/summer polos were on sale at $15.99 each! There own Daniel Cremieux polos were on sale as well ringing up at $13.99. I have noticed Dillard's always has CURRENT season designer merchandise marked down 25-50% way before Messy's does. So the arguement you use DAVEB is baseless and a pure joke! Check your facts bud!

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