101 and El Camino Real sounds like Los Angeles. Quick access to freeway and back to Los Angeles in no time or 3 hours if you will. No one will be looking for them in Los Angeles, right - wrong.
How do they do it? Stalking people everywhere they can. Corporate is excellent source of information about people's wealth, where they live, their scedule and daily routine. They even have softwares on their home computers to "investigate" potential victims and gather all sort of information. When they are "desperate" to rob someone or they "think" that someone has property of value, they will even "move" next door to watch, notice daily routine, when, who and how many people are home. All that they need to know to make this "perfect" burglary. If successful it will pay for the rent, for the car, and make it all worth the traveling and "trouble."

Their normal technique: rob on one side of the country and get the money on the other. On one side of the state to the other and sell it in pawn shop "next door." In the next state there is. Like Nevada. Who will ever question the richness of NV mafia. You can have and sell anything, the money are just flooding the floors. From OJ Simpson to Bulger and others - that's how is done.
Diamonds, gold, money, credit cards. All go in pawn shops ...... or Nevada.
No one has weapon at home any more?