Aftin Deveney of Oswego,New York IS ...

Aftin Deveney of Oswego,New York IS the ROGUE military link to Boston.

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 5, 2013
YES Aftin Deveney of Oneida St in Oswego,New York IS the military scumbag recruit link to "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" ongoing activity taking place in Oswego County, New York..Aftin had knowledge fo the entire "profile" plan on her own uncle my boyfriend to set him up as a sex offender the the ROGUE FBI, NYS Police and military scumbag plan called the "reverse" BILL FACTOR 8-11 Vickery "gain" plans they all have off it..
YES Aftin Deveney DID talk with her mother about the "profiling" of it all based on ? if there had never been any calims of this nature by her mother Peggy who fronts an image of being "set up" by National Grid on 9-12(my mother's fall date) and being pressured into compliance with the ROGUE plan..It's all part of how Aftin worked her way back to her mother's on 10-25 my mother's birthday under the circumstances she did..That caused her stoic boyfriend's Brandon McCarthy's arrest off it all for assualting his own father. brandon is young and ,miliary active also at FORT DRUM in WATERTOWN, New York..the Oswego County THE THRILL OF THE KILL" ongoing overkill of "associations" to the real life horrors to how issues of BOSTON really came into place inthe ROGUE FBI cover up set up off the scumbag recruits activity..Aftins doings was a direct "association" to the SANDYHOOK shootings and how Adam Lanza was manipulated into what he did on 12-14-12 there at the CHRIS T MAS TIME frame of all of this..Aftin will claim being "pressured" as her cover while she was talking with her mother of the ROGUE plans behind it all for me to hear just as it "profiled" and set up ...Aftin;s planned cover is the scumbags out side her windows that hundreds here are aware of just like "JUDITH DEVENEY" plas too ...a very threatening and harmfiul here scumbag sctivity that has been ALLOWED to go on from the start of the "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" Directed at a plan like SANDYHOOK was for GUN CONTROL manipuation now change sex offender laws off the ROGUE ICON of it all vcalled Bill 8-11 Vickery of syracuse NY who will claim being manipulated and pressured into his role in this..the same way Peggy Deveny's while taking part in it herself..Just as Bill Vickery and the plan to cover that up now by manipulation of the law on it..JUST as ROGUES now for the latest scumbags recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" court manipualtions that even the Oswego DA'S office is aware of BUT for some "reason" like the "integrity" issue of NYS Judge Sharpe who covers now for the probation dept that allowed a feidish child porn suspect to rape a 10 year girl then savagely murder her mother while they were court ordered monitoring Renz him(46 negligence acts off the Probation Deptsi is an angry ROGUE a 4-5 "line up" clue "association" clue.)..who is also an overkill of clue links back to Oswego County..
All the ROGUE "victim's in this will claim the same type of story plan..and those who lives were lost in all of this like Lori Breshnahan's will NOT get that opportunity.
It's all based on "proof" my family made ago of me being a "sexual predaor"..a "child molestor" and their STAR POWER is Bill Vickery of Syracuse, N.Y. whom they by "association" linked to the well covered up muders of TWO little girls other than the Renx victim.
The Bill Vickery plot beagn by claims of his own sister saying he raped her at the age of 13..and that part of the story has become very twisited to where BILL is now the victim even inthe ROGUE version of things..Chris Vickery Bower of Phoenix,new York had a desperate need to protect BILL who claims the issue of the incest and rape is MY fault..and from there the story of my family's invlvement in this and the scumbags they recurited to help it along begins like this..
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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 5, 2013
Sometime back in the early 90'2 my sister Chris Vickery Bower of Phoenix, New York again began to run her mouth about her claims that ber brother BILL who now lives in Syracuse,new york had raped her at the age of 13..

I say now run her mouth because CHRIS never wanted to cause BILl harm off her claims..? She only wanted to know "why" he raped her the day he did..That is as far as Chris claimed she ever wanted to take this ...NO she is NOT a forgiving person. Bill had denied her claims all along..

Sometime around 1993 into 1994 from what I can dertermine from what things Bill Vickery said during all of this in later years is that he himself was one to if not the first "victim" of scumbag recruit taunts and torment..This caused him to go to lawyer somehwere in Syracuse, New York and confess in his "statement" he made then as to "why" he raped his own sister..Bill was NOT being charged or under investigation by police as far as I know from Chris Vickery Bower's claims who said later she NEVER went to police about it..BUT she did tell anyone who would listen ..most fo the time to draw attention to herself with she told me late it was part of the "psychology" of things rape vicitm' being promescious aslo which she continued to be after all her counseling and "therapy."

I would learn around 2002 that was a very chaotic time in my life also... from Chris Vickery Bowers mouth about the claims in Bill Vickery's statement as she used the issue she had known about for years ..since he made now get "in the middle" of legal issues I was linked to..Issues I now know where set up for just that "reason" called marla Miller and Formr Oswego mayors John Sullivan's plan to scam Oswego N.Y. by a false lawsuit for money of it all for Marla's "gain" ..Marla is one of "'Angie(Vickery)baby's " first links in all of this and why "Angie(Vickery)baby's 1206 THRILL cell phone is link to NYS Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 12-6 birthday...BUT that is another planned direction of the ROGUE version of it all..So I will get back to Chris and Bill. Now keep in mind the ROGUES version fo all of this this claims here is "proof" on me being a "child molestor" "sexual predator" or whatelse they claim to their scumbags to movtivate them..along with the cell phone technology being used in it all to feed their scumbags..

The conflict is family was in motion from the start with this..BUT issues took place to hinder the ROGUE Plans..and the difficulty they faced "proving" Chris was raped regardless of the "statement." Bill came home after being "pressured" to "confess" this lawyer and told Chris Bower "why" he raped the story..and he blamed for me for "doing it to him" as Chris Bower claimed..Bill gave her his(paid) lawyers psychology behind it all and Chris claims that Bill's "statement" matches her version of he which she claims she "almost died" during..BUT later diclosed she never required any medical care or was seeking any..and all she ever wanted to know off this brutal rape she suffered was "why" Bill did it. yet everytime she wanted attention for hersels she carried on about it to anyone who would listen..calling it "my rape" like it was a 100 bill in her pocket..

I had always told he ot go to the police..that's is where the story gets interwesting..

From Bill's claims CHRIS Vickery Bower set out with ROGUES to "prove" Bills claims for him..years later in 2002 or so off a very bizarre time frame in my life..I know now her plan was to set MY family up..winner take all type thing..BUT something went wrong and its linked ot the name GEORGE LUNDY former Oswego, New York Police Chief who was fired in 2006..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 5, 2013
WASORGE LUNDY involved inthe ROGUE doings? My clues and witness to "scenes" strongly suggets YES..Including the TS Casino turned VEGAS roulette ploy plot..called scumbag recruits Bill McCarty and Dorothy Mills..that YES 'associate" like my mother and father..BUT the ROGUE set clues linked in my fathers direction are much a mind game ..My father runs his mouth at the wrong times somtetimes..BUT I have NO issues linked his like McCarty..My father had stuck to guns on his "I'm NOT getting involved in this Dorothy" claims. Clues are ROGUES have/had a DONNA WILLIAMS plans to "incriminate" him also if need..She still has her NYS job also..AND so unlike Stevens does her daughter.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 5, 2013
WAS GORGE LUNDY involved in the ROGUE doings? My clues and witness to "scenes" strongly suggets YES..Including the TS Casino turned VEGAS roulette ploy plot..called scumbag recruits Bill McCarty and Dorothy Mills..that YES 'associate" like my mother and father..BUT the ROGUE set clues linked in my fathers direction are much a mind game ..My father runs his mouth at the wrong times somtetimes..BUT I have NO issues linked his like McCarty..My father had stuck to guns on his "I'm NOT getting involved in this Dorothy" claims. Clues are ROGUES have/had a DONNA WILLIAMS plans to "incriminate" him also if need..She still has her NYS job also..AND so unlike Stevens does her daughter.

Now again to "clarify" the ROGUE FBI HERKIMER shootings even more..the date 3-13-13..CHRIS Bower AGe clue ...AGE clues with began with Charles Runges "accident" set up on me on 4-8-04.

HERKIMER was the ? to law enforcement is the threat of nuclear disater -"MASSIVE POWER" ROGUE plans inthis worth ME over KIm Raponi Stevens who ahs already incriminated her self by confirming MY version of the Sheriff Bill Cromie issue links to me and her herself..The whole things as a MOVIE plan ROGUE FBI style..

WHY did they have to set up of a 10 year old? To show how much control they have? The vindictve clues are LIBRARIAN, school, Oswego and Ver PLANK RD location known as Charles Runge name clue plans ROGUES had on MY father now with him..

The RED Jeep in the Oswego library photos IS mine..SCOOL is SANDYHOOK..and the LIBRARIAN is SANDY in Fulton a double sided scumbag..all here in Oswego county linked..What was I supposed to do side with Stevens after all she had pressured me to and caused? She was pressuring ME to commit fraud..while Cromie was protecting her..?? Stevens GOT carried away with erself I though when she began to make her mafia like threats talk .. That WAS the BIGGEST RED FLAG all the ploy mind game clues she was playing.

My mother and family was already active and the Raponi's being who they are were "perfect" associates...My sister CHRIS had followed in my mother foosteps by hitting my parked JEEP and who blamed the DOG for it..That DOG clue is now a littel girls 'encrypted" ROGUE rape set up on her and the murder of her mother ..

So if the HER OR KIMER ROGUE FBI Plan is interupted or challenged in any way?..will a MASSIVE POWER plan result..My clues and indications stronly suggest they will do it anyway ..Why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can and it feels good to the sick mind of "HE" behind it all.

That is why a nuclear plant ARNOLD-IOWA the "Feild Of Dream(ers" "association" and possibly a random less obvious nuclear plant is under threat now. ANC News staff already had fun with the issue "association" called a CIPRO PILL..and they don't even know "WHY."

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 May 5, 2013
From that all the "wait" till you see claims will continue.."Wait" till see the next ROGUE planned horrors is really what my mother is saying to her scumbags whom it excites so much..

Clues work like this..

To have say for instance so many "perfect' "COINCIDENCE" Badge numbers linke dot dead cops in this work ..They had to have been placed with the knowledge behind them of the plans off was his name NOT a sex offender KURT and badge number cirection called WHY man and the Bill Vickery ROGUE planed outcome..HERKIMER..and the ROGUE FBI POWER (dpn;t forget that "encrypted" clue version of how they rape little girls. Just litsten to my MOTHERS ongoing scumbags and just 'revwerse" the claims and you can pick out the horrific crime 'associatoons" from that...MOTHER MOTHER who Bill Vickery imncrminated also in his "statement" while feeding off her through all off it like he didn;t know anything..She according to him "has lived her life" "I'm not doing this to Joshua for her" of yes he is...the ROGUE FBI way..

As for CHRIS VICKERY Bower well she wanted to protect her rapist bad..after she worked the "look on her face" scene on me....after being confronted with howher "rape" story version was not going to work even though according to Todd Bower in 2004 (Bill Vickery's) "that statement" is out there somewhere and the FBI will find it" becuase she had so many of them..It all had somethign to do with why a little girl was raped on VER PLANCK RD as the ROGUE FBI to took their military links to BOSTON for the next "line up" date and other overkill of "associatoon" crime of horrors..

MASSIVE POWER is next..either way..Why does a dog lick his balls? Because "HE" and the sick minds behind all can and it feels good..massive power..

The ROGUE FBI does NOT want to giove up the HER OR KIMER movie plans they made off all of this that began with "Angie baby" how NYS GOV Cuomo links to her also her 1206 cell phone(Charles RUNGE NYS ROGUE POLICE LINK on 4-8-04 of hwo he used his oncoming lane to cause the VER PLANCK RD forwarding clue Charles Runge link) to NYS GIV Cuomos 12-6 birthday link ..

1206 to 12-6..and how the ROGUES worked him into the HERKIMER "scene"..the DOG shooting finale.."JUDITH DEVENEY" with assistance form ROGUE Officer L Jesse was the origina of "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" to how it all links JOHN NY(ROGUE Military scumga recruit plan called a NYS GIV Cuomo BILL FACTOR "reverse" G/f movie plan called Sandy is lying claim they will make called Fulton Library....Fulton's SANDY is not lying she's playing it all BOTH ways..just like my mother and others..Liek the TOPS Pizza clerk etc.

"if it works out this way I'll say this(LIE) "if it works out that way I;ll say that" choice these scumbags give themselves(The PIZZA clerk at TOPS was saying it too and I knew she had sabotaged something(extra salt).at the deadly expense to "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" who like Dorothy Mills and my mother and family like Bill have been assured they are untouchables in all of this.

Now ROGUE Oswego County and NYS have sat back and throughly enjoyed most if not all of this..and I do not imagine this will change..unless there is NO "gain" in it for them..right now that "gain" is their sick pleasures off it all..and how do you stop that?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 May 5, 2013
NOTE Peggy Deveney was like SANDY (THE HOOK) she was playing BOTH sides of it...Now SANDY as far as I know has No sexual abuse issues in this either..

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