This weeks "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" r...

This weeks "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" recap

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 7, 2013
Ok as I go over last weeks recap activity of Oswego County "THE THRILL OF HE KILL" activity..

Her first are some directional clues ot what scumbags off the ROGUE cops behind it all are planning..

A name has popped I have not heard since about 2008..Dr Bette in Fulton apparently has a very talkative staff..OR its limited to a sister who I know of's sister who broke confidentiality issues wayyy back..Which to me now makes sense..Is the Hannibal Hoffman sisters Pat anf Tammy whom I know Tammy works for WALMART...DID Pat while she worked for Dr Bette give Tammy her sister medical info in my records..scumbags say she did and then Tammy used the "talk" from her "sister Pat" and then Tammy told her husband then also..I seem to recall talk of this nature also wayy back when I was trapped at 151....Issues some of which Dr Bette DID NOT discuss with me BUT some she did..There are parts taunt about that even I did not know..I would LIKE to know if such matters are in her medical about me...YES I would. Did "Dr. Bette" tell her staff NOT to let me back in her office cuz I was "dirty"? I was NOT made aware of this.."Like the wine" Now makes sense..Would Dr Bette ask her staff to break medical laws regarding pt care? I dont know BUT it's interesting now..and scumbag claims it's all part of "HE" plan on me also..could be..well it's all worth noting esp now I say as part of this. Then Tammy Hoffman Sullivan was the one back then supposed to put info out..? IS that wway back in Fulton before 2009 talk was they got on her ex husband Brian Sullivan who YES last I knew drove for "shut him up" "about what Tammy told him" all has made its way to Newtown here in Oswego County and well hell thats an issue I completely forgot about..BUT NOW I need to know the answers.

YES these sisters are also from Hannibal..

There is talk again about a new plan for "Angie Bay" to make certian "girls" start liking's got something with a female on my facebook page and how "he" "has a plan" to get her to "like" Angie" and she will my about "HE" priorities..Thats about as manipulating of the "Indian Heirlooms" photo "he" set up to have taken of Angie at her daughters(whom she lost court custody of also) SCHOOL in Fulton..Dom't get me wrong I LOVED that was hysterical...My mother gave Angie "Indian heirlooms" to show off at the school..with her daughters as the front for it..LOLOLOL.

The last "heirloom" Angie bought was I believe at Hergerty's hot spot in Oswego a blanket with Indians on it..that her husband Marty the one who advertises on Facebook that married on 2-24..when to was 4-24..a Trooper Brinkerhoff memorial "line date" shooting NOT my sons 2-25 birthday ...Marty asked for a disocunt to get her the blanket and did..Geez I never got an "heirloom" from my paretns and I don't think amyone else did either.

Angie got "fired" at the Salvation Army for "sticking up for her mother" to her customers..I know she was told stop ALL talk..That part is "trick"y also...Angie was hired there as a mind game directed at me..There is no doubt about's was NOT becuse she was a "nice girl" and had a clean work record..or even one at all..Angie had spent time in jail..The Salvation Army hired her in full of "trick"s 2012 summer while I was homeless..after all the times I had applied there also ..YES they made sure I saw her getting the disoucnts also..It was all part of the mind game...everyon knows I have applied there bfore and LOVE seconds shops..I;m a "picker" have been for what better way for "HE" to piss me off..BUT I was happy they finally made Angie get a job..when she should have been made to all along..SEE anything is possible.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 7, 2013
JOBS my search while on NYS UI went like this for example..i was interviewed at SALLYS in Oswego yea up near Lowe's and before I even left the store the clerk onthe register then was giving the manager who interviewed me ..the store manager there still a hard time becuase she gave me an interview..I would have rather preferred NOT to have been called for these phony interviews then..It was money and time consuming for me ..You had the app that's all that mattered..The "interviews" scumbag plan were set up on certian managers as front to "help" me out make the DOL think I was looking for a job..well I was..The interviews were pushed on certian managers to cuase me hardship and spend money off my then very limited income..I knew I was never going to gt hired BUT I went to all of them anyway..What some were lead to believe was a good thing was o0nly to cause me difficulty ..In Oswego I had to bus in and out on the bus's schedule..($90.00 a week I had cash..I was homeless..and part of the plan was to raise even more disappointment in my life then off it all..Scums would laugh "She thinks she might get a job" Then Angie got hired at the GOD shop..By DEC 2012 while I was homeless..I was then going to be set up by Aftin Deveney just the way Dottie Mills and her military "partner" had done it to me on 3-19-12..from there scumbags also set out to destroy my boyfriends life also ...TIMED all so "perfect" from the 9-4 (1994 year clue) his barn the 9-6 (1996 year clue I encountered now dead Oswego BILL Cromie-Kim Raponi's Stevens "ace in my pocket"...well I still say Cromie's nothing now but her "ace in the hole"..OK? Do you get my "saracasm" now?

BAD scumbags DO NOT DO good's front for something they are planning to "help" ROGUES off it with..

See KIM RAPOMI STEVENS was 'sticking up for her" (me) and then the ROGUES set KERKIMER up and its clear its a HER(me) or KIMER she what goes back to them now or was there all along fronting another image though it all..It's like BILL VICKERY and how ROGUES built the JOSHUA TREE off Utica<new York "where the streets have no name" and one of them is Brinkerhoff now named after a slain by "friendly fire" NYS Trooper..That's a lot of dedication to name Maegan BUCK was told was a child molester..Now somehwere it the talk Maegan had with what I know was my sister CHRIS from Meagsn repeat fo the wrods..was the input about Brinkerhoff being a "molestor" and even Meagan BUCK was offended by the the other end of the conversation went becuase Maegan knew how Brinkerhoff's name already linked.. The ? is WHO was Maegan BUCK feeding her new input too..

This Troopers death cover up went as smooth as Deputy "RED COP" Wyman's shooting..any ? about that ask ROGUE Mike Blazinski #29 of the City Of Fulton PD who laughed ay claims and Oneida cop was target of something just days before they shot him on a "profiled" CHRIS tian scumbag of course....One year later my mothept who was "stroke" date....It's all now going as smooth of the the cover up for the Probation Dept who was "monitoring" feindish< YES as "profiled" iam using the word also to describe child porn suspect now rapist and murder suspect David Renz..Makes you wonder what he FEDS who have custody of him nwo are programming in his mind..BUT I'm sure it'll be interesting..

The idea is I should have been hired somewhere..even BAD employees get hired eventually ..BUT that was all part of the "HE" joke..and the scumbags he used to work it..AKA assholes who just run with gossip "reverse" of me ..i was always the tyoe to look into WHY was this talk going on so much and nothing being done about i..Whats underneath it..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 7, 2013
I completely understand the MO the scumbag ICON "HE" and MY family is using to establish an image of me now off it all..It's completely opposite of my personality..
"Trouble maker" YES some when I worked at TOPS used that label I was NOT a kiss ass..I could do my job with out that need for security..NO my UNION was not my "protection"..Its why I lost my postion .."senorioty" by union contract..If Mike Weegar had issue with me he should have "sue" like he claimed he would..He never did and I never shut up about UNION had grounds for MY side of that story..that is why MIKE never "sued" me..If scumbags are going to again rehash old talk rehash it RIGHT..I don't care who Mike hired I don't care at all..its over it done..I don't care what Diane vickery said either..back then..he was dating her sister of course she hated me..and listened ot him ..YES thats why she made comment to CINDY about m Mike and my Union back then sarcasticly..You;re talking a group here who is all related and moved in jobs of that...and on and on it went..TOPS was NO expection..I did MY job and kissassing was NOT my style I'm sick of hearing about all thses BIG stories..I lost my job there becuase Steven crandall was loading up carts for Gail Norton and under the stress of him soing her work at layoff time ..I had to keep up in aNIGHT CREW postion I had to take becuase of the UNION and layoffs..I hurt myself inthe rush..I had worked worked almost 13 years ..and felt my life was nto worth it anymore..STEVE was carrying Gail Norton Holmes work for her..and that PUT major pressiure on me..That's why i walked out and that same day he ohne rang I got hired in syracuse just hours later..I walked out with nothing and kid a to support afte rover 12 years..

NO I was NOT laid off and infact the store manager whom I did NOT get along with tip toed around me and laid another off of line with time there by union contract..she fought back(Union) and I got bumped to night crew...from there STEVE helped Gail and put extrme pressure on me off it...I did not get along with Steve for other reasons..called Sharon.

Now that is what really went on..I did not hang with managers or kiss their asses..and NO I was not just laid off..I could DO the night job easy once I was trained..BUT when some one is doing someones work for them to make hem look good..shit becomes and issue for the underdog..ME..When I saw Steve doing it I wanted to punch him right in the mouth BUT I knew now i had to work harder anf faster and I hurt myself..So if STEVE is a THRILL hero well then is like Dottie Mills and "JUDITH"...A cjild has been clevery raped now in all of this right in front of all of you by "integrity"...I had an opinion of Steve and well..He knew exactly what he was doing to me..I don't care if his wife don't like it or not's the goes on ..and Steve burned me too..and that is the story there..LOTS of people got burned at TOPS.. So tell me scumbags what do you know? Shit dont just happen..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 May 7, 2013
YES even off all of this YES it is true that when I was having th theft isues wiht cashiers way back..I would much have preferred Mike was manager then ,,and we did not like each other at all..BUT when it came to issues like that he was on top of his game..regardless of personal issues.."if Mike had been here it would never have gone this far" YES I did say it back then..There was the job and then those who brought personal issues to work..its over its done..whats the BIG deal..other then someone LIED to everyone about it all for some "reason"..and NO my relatives did NOT help me get any jobs or positions..I did my work..
Diana Vickerys therapist

Alblasserdam, Netherlands

#6 May 7, 2013
Diana, hun, please do not take Zyprexa with alcohol. Come down to my office tomorrow.

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