Jefferson City, MO

#43 Oct 2, 2013
Wanda, you have to send PayQuicker your social security number, because they have to verify your identity. The US Department of Treasury requires that they do that, because they are FDIC-insured. It is not something that they have a choice on. Any bank would do the same if you applied for an account. If, for some reason, they are unable to verify your identity without a copy of your photo ID (and there are other forms of ID they can use instead, if you talk to them), then yes, they won't touch your funds until they have that.

MaryACE, Accounting
ACE Mystery Shopping

Pittsburgh, PA

#44 Oct 3, 2013
I don't care what my problem is, which is a trivial amount of money. I don't want me or anybody else to be the victim of identity fraud. There is a resson social security numbers no longer appear on drivers licenses. And convicted felons work for all kinds of business, legitimate or not. Now do you get it?
Debbie Parker

Detroit, MI

#45 Oct 6, 2013
I have been doing shops for Ace Mystery shopping for about 4 or 5 months now. I have never had a problem getting paid, but I do use the Payquicker system. When my payment posts to PayQuicker, i have it transferred to my bank account, and it's there the next day. I can't say enough good stuff about Ace. i have done shops for 2 other mystery shopping companies, and have found Ace to be really quick to respond to any e-mail I send about anything. If I am having problems with scheduling something, or have a question about a shop I am supposed to be doing, I send an email and usually have an answer within a few minutes. I think this company is the best and I am really happy that I found them!


Pittsburgh, PA

#47 Oct 7, 2013
Not a complaint about Ace per se. You will find many complaints about Payquicker being a pain the butt, etc.

Stamford, CT

#48 Oct 10, 2013
I opened a Payquicker account a month ago because Ace Mystery Shopping told me that Payquicker was just an alternative to Paypal for receiving payments for mystery shops. Today I received the first payment from Ace into my Payquicker account, however, Payquicker refuses to transfer the funds to my bank account. I gave Payquicker all the information they requested when I opened my account a month ago, and they told me then that I had a valid account. However, now that I want to move money, they suddenly tell me they must have a copy of my driver's license because they can not validate my information. When I asked them what information could not be validated they sent me this reply "Please re-send you verification. We a not in receipt of this document." - these people cannot even write proper English! I called Payquicker and dealt with a very, very rude man named Steve who appeared to be too lazy to find out what was going on and he referred me back to Ace. I contacted Ace and have been told by Mary that either I send a copy of my driver's license to Payquicker or she will charge me $2.50 to send my pay as a check. I am now very angry. I do not like being suckered into doing a job and then, after the work is done, being told that I must now jump trough more hoops to get my pay. I got a copy of the Payquicker user agreement (eleven pages of very small print!)and found out that what I opened with them is a bank account. I didn't want a bank account - Ace told me this was just a way to send my pay. In reading the eleven page small print agreement, I find out that, by opening an account, I have given access to my credit reporting to Payquicker - they can affect my credit rating!!!! I trusted Ace because they are a member of MSPA, however, this was obviously a very big mistake. Do you know how much damage can be caused if someone has access to your credit report? And, what does all of this have to do with mystery shopping? Mary goes on about how great it is that they offer FDIC insurance. Mary, FDIC insurance pertains to balances - not transfers! Just pay me - don't sucker me into an account at your friend's bank! Yes, both Ace and Sunrise Banks NA, where the Payquicker money is held, are in MO. Something is very, very wrong here!

Stamford, CT

#49 Oct 10, 2013
I must correct a mistake I made in my earlier post of today. Sunrise Banks are headquartered in Minnesota, not Missouri where Ace is located. Unfortunately due to the government shut down, I cannot access the FDIC database to find out more about them at this point. To be continued.

Encinitas, CA

#50 Nov 5, 2013
DontApplyHere wrote:
Beware of this company, Ace Mystery Shopping Co. if you cannot find a regular job & are considering doing mystery shops!
They will not pay you for the shops you finish even if they are accepted by their editor.
Beware of Mystery Shopping Forum too!
Lots of liars & bullies on that site!
I have NEVER had a problem with Ace. Did you apply for a Pay Quicker account and card? I have always received prompt email responses should I have questions. It has and continues to be a great way for me to earn extra play money!!!

United States

#51 Nov 6, 2013
I am happy to say Im a bit excited to start my first mystery shop and I am concerned, How will I be paid, will you be mailing out a check for each shop to home address?? Paypal?? or direct deposit??


Stone Mountain, GA

#53 Nov 11, 2013
Looks like script results to me .Ace looks like a big bully company.No legit company argues with former workers or employee's about pay.They must pay people write good reviews.Cut it out Ace.Lets see what the BBB say.

Jefferson City, MO

#54 Nov 11, 2013

Jefferson City, MO

#55 Nov 11, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA

#56 Nov 11, 2013
Just say Payquicker is a bank and don't mislead people into thinking it's just like Paypal. It isn't.
Adrienne S

Elmhurst, NY

#58 Feb 10, 2014
I have been with this company for about a year, and let me tell you I have never, NEVER had any problem with the great staff! Someone is always there to call be on the first or second phone ring. I get any shop that is available, and they are professional at all times. I have always gotten my money in a timely fashion. Maybe you should find another type of work if you are not happy as a shopper. This is not for every one. Pick what you want to do in life that makes you happy. But don't state false hoods about this company.
I got their backs.
You go Tiffany, I enjoy working for you.
Adrienne from the Bronx

Sparta, NJ

#59 May 6, 2014
Being unemployed, and likely to not get benefits at this point, I'm expanding my horizons regarding different ways to earn money. Having been "shopped" a number of times, I felt this would be a fun and interesting way to pick up a few extra bucks. When I saw ACE on one of the sites, I decided to check it out.

Reading this thread, I'm ambivalent regarding what I've seen. On the one hand, I'm sure there are, and always will be, SNAFUs with any large company utilizing outside contractors and payment services. It seems there is but a handful of people on this site that are disillusioned and frustrated, and I completely understand. I take no crap from any big company, especially when I know they're trying to "handle" me. But, it does look like ACE is attempting to rectify what they can.
On the other hand, the fact that the ACE people feel the need to monitor and vigorously defend their company and PayQuicker makes me wary. I'm not judging at this point, but if it was me in a position where I could make the right decision to ensure the viability of my company's reputation, I would have contacted the person at PayQ in order to make sure their presentation and explanation of their services were more comprehensible.
I'll be very interested to see how this message is received by posters and ACE executives.

Sparta, NJ

#60 May 6, 2014
(Don't get on me for the typos! lol)
The Educatedist

Ypsilanti, MI

#62 Jun 6, 2014
Having been with over a dozen mystery shopping companies I can fairly state the following about ACE shops. They vary greatly. A lot has to do with who has hired them and what they find acceptable. ACE is a sort of intermediary. Some shops I love. Others I do out of boredom.

ACE pays on time. PayQuicker is a tremendous pain in the butt as it has to always be monitored whereas all other shopping companies either a)Direct Deposit into your account b) Sent to Pay Pal Directly or C)Send a check to your mailbox. Only ACE seems to use PayQuicker, which is the slowest way I get paid.

A problem I discovered recently as I wasn't mailed about occurred when a shop was put on hold for a shop I did about a restaurant most everyone in my area agrees has horrid food. The shop practically gave me food poisoning and my review was honest but not entirely negative.

The shop cost me $35 with $5 reimbursement for bad food (decent drink) and a lousy experience. I've done about 5 previously for the restaurant and all were accepted with edits. This review was FINE. However, I met someone near the restaurant a few weeks after the shop and stopped in there to wait. I had the same waitress/bartender and mentioned the experience with the undercooked food.

WELL. As that was in the mystery shop report and due to saying that weeks later..I am now not going to get paid. Also, in chat I was told other issues the restaurant had with the report...which were embellishments...but now ACE claims this is a violation of the independent contractor agreement. Something after the fact, after publication, and after my creation has been utilized. I again also reiterate I only found this out because I was wondering where my payment was and visited the site. I wasn't so much as contacted regarding this issue.

This is completely different from other companies regarding such problem shops. So, IMO ACE is a low to mid-tier mystery shopping company. I wouldn't write this if retaliation from them wouldn't matter that much. I make far more with other companies and do mostly better shops. They have one restaurant shop I very much enjoy but seldom can get...and another shop at a costco where I think the payment is more 'high range' compared to other shops (i.e. they pay $15, others would average to $12).

There site regarding filling out forms is above average. I like the layout and find it fairly quick to do. Their site regarding finding jobs is below average.

Overall, I find nothing illegitimate about them. They are more for a hobby person and out of boredom. A lot of the shops when you include gas you'll lose money if you don't count the food you get. I think the problem I'm having with them now is the company that hired them being belligerent and having hurt feelings and demanding not to be paid do to the true content. So, ACE is put in a hard spot of insisting on payment and alienating a client who may run (very very small client) or making me mad and I quit (which probably won't upset them all that much, either). So, they chose the client and the morally wrong way to go. IMO they should pay me the full amount and the punishment should be no more mystery shops at that location ever again or some kind of other punishment.

Hope this helps
The Educatedist

Ypsilanti, MI

#63 Jun 7, 2014
I would add the results are likely skewed to death with this company for most restaurant shops. When your only reimbursement (primarily) is food from the restaurant...not many would go unless they'd like the food or think they will like the food. I had a sense of adventure and boredom with the restaurant in question.

After talking with friends and looking at legal issues I am debating to file or not with the Better Business Bureau over the issue. I've already chatted at length with someone so this shouldn't come as a surprise.
The Educatedist

Ypsilanti, MI

#64 Jun 8, 2014
I've consulted with some legal friends. They told me ACE is clearly in the wrong. The report I wrote was accepted by ACE. Further, it was used by the client. The client could have read it and refused it, but instead shared it with their entire staff.

There is no legal footing for ACE to stand on. It's a matter of a client trying to find a way to weasel out of payment and angry because they find the report too negative. Also, apparently of a slanderous client.

I'll note the food delivered was so bad I had it sent back. Upon return they just burned it (returned for under cooked shrimp. CLEARLY undercooked as it was translucent). I NEVER would have paid for it but for it being a mystery shop. I had it put in a box and threw it out on the way to my car.
lil mach

Kvetnice, Czech Republic

#67 Jul 8, 2014
Hi there! Is there anyone who is from the Czech Republic and cooperates with Retail Consulting ( )? Any experience? What is their salary date?

Philadelphia, PA

#69 Dec 23, 2014
DontApplyHere wrote:
<quoted text>
Do not give them ANY personal info either, like phone number, and especially home address!
There is a scheduler on Mystery Shopping Forum named cindy0614 who works for ACE mystery shopping company who will berate you, lie about you, BULLY YOU & then claim they will sue you for LIBEL just cuz you've complained about NOT GETTING PAID for JOBS you actually finished for their company!
Sounds like fraud plus harassment IMHO!
I have done lots of shops for ace and never had any problems with them. I always have gotten paid for every job I did for them.

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