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Otis Air Force Base -Wind Turbine Failure

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Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#1 Oct 30, 2012
The Massachusetts Military Reservation (Otis Air Force Base) received and installed its 1.5-MW Fuhrlander turbine in late fall 2009. The turbine has a gear box failure.

The gear box made by Jake ,a German company has had gear box failures in Portsmouth ,Rhode Island and Princeton ,Massachusetts.

The cost of the repairs three years later after the warranty costs over 600 thousand dollars . The turbine was built and finished December 15, 2009

These gear boxes appear to only last about three years or one year after the warranty .

The wind industry is hiding a dirty little secret -These turbines need new 600 thousand dollar gear boxes as soon as three years after construction.
Paul Hurley

Providence, RI

#2 Oct 31, 2012
Jahnel-Kestermann gearbox failures Portsmouth ,Rhode Island - Princeton ,Massachusetts and Otis Air Force Base


One owner said he had researched the ex-factory cost of a new gearbox and believed Vestas to be profiteering from correction of problems the turbines were delivered with. He asked why owners of turbines with JaKe PSC 1000 gearboxes were not offered the same free replacement of the failed component as provided in the 1990s to the owners of 1200 NEG Micon turbines equipped with gearboxes from Flender. Greth said the Flender problem was the result of a design failure in the gearbox. This is not the case with the Jahnel-Kestermann gearbox.

Changing hands

Meantime, private equity firm Arques Industries has acquired 89% of Jahnel-Kestermann, rescuing the company after it ran into trouble, partly over the failed gearboxes. The remaining 11% stays with the owner family "for the time being."

Jahnel-Kestermann's problems apparently took a turn for the worse after Vestas cancelled a gearbox upgrade deal the German company had agreed with NEG Micon. At the peak of its performance in 2003, Jahnel-Kestermann's turnover was EUR 44.9 million, with about half of that in the wind business. In 2004, turnover dropped to EUR 35 million and it has shed one-third of its 300 employees.
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#3 Nov 30, 2012
Found this on a Cape Cod site .If it's true the Otis wind turbine is breaking down within the three to five year period costing about a million bucks !


Rose Forbes
Plymouth, MA

Tuesday Nov 27

While I appreciate everyone's interest in the success of wind energy, I feel I must clear up the issues associated with the Otis Air National Guard Base wind turbine located at the MA Military Reservation. The owner/operator of the Otis ANG Base wind turbine is the Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC). Our name changed from Air Force Center for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) on 01 Oct 2012 after a reorganization. I am the project manager for the operation of our pump and treat systems, the plume cleanup, and the three 1.5 MW wind turbines installed by AFCEC/AFCEE at MMR. We have one 1.5 MW Fuhrlaender (FL-1577) wind turbine and two 1.5 MW GE wind turbines at MMR. We installed the wind turbines to offset the costs and environmental impact associated with our cleanup program.

The FL-1577 started operating on 02 Dec 2009. The GE turbines started opeating on 03 Nov 2011. Regarding the FL-1577 gearbox, it HAS NOT failed. We noticed some metal flakes in the gearbox oil this past January and had a borescope inspection done. The inspection showed pitting of the gear teeth caused by pressing the metal flakes between the teeth. The problem component in the gearbox appears to be a bearing. Based on Fuhrlaender's recommendation, we are continuing to run the wind turbine while we work on procuring a new gearbox that has a different/better bearing. We monitor the turbine continuously via remote monitoring for a variety of parameters and we have technicians who visit the turbine each weekday during rounds conducted for our treatment systems.

We expected the gearbox to last for 10 years and it still might but we are going to err on the side of caution and replace it given te results of the borescope inspection. I do not have replacement costs to report at this point as we are still developing the plan; but, I will be glad to provide this information when it is available.

As an engineer, I like to have facts and I like to see things work optimally. If they break, we determine why and we fix them. We don't waste our time on rumors. If anyone would like to get the facts on the wind turbines at MMR including how much they are saving the taxpayer and offsetting air emissions, please feel free to contact me at rose.forbes@us.af.mil.
Bill Carson

Mattapoisett, MA

#4 Dec 4, 2012
Massachusetts -Gear Box Failures -Wind Turbines

http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/334599... #

December 3, 2012 Deval-ued Wind Power
Green-energy delusions inflict a heavy cost on a Massachusetts town.
By Kevin D. Williamson

" Masschusetts governor Deval Patrick is as green-power mad as any up-and-coming Democrat, and he has set an ambitious goal for the commonwealth’s utilities: begin producing 2,000 megawatts of power from environmentally preferred sources by 2020. Patrick’s green dreams are way up in the air; on the ground, things look starkly different.

Last September in the tiny town of Princeton, Mass., the general manager of the local utility authority sent out an extraordinary little memo that is one part standard bureaucratic posterior-covering and one part cry for help, noting that a modest wind-energy project already has lost nearly $2 million — a whopping number for a community of only 3,413. For perspective, consider that those losses occurred despite all of the subsidies the utility received for its wind-energy work; when the cost of those credits is accounted for, the real losses are even higher, but of course subsidy expenses are not borne in full directly by Princeton residents. Nevertheless, customers of the Princeton Municipal Light Department now pay more than a third more for their electricity than does the average Massachusetts residential customer, adding some $774,000 to their power bills in 2011. The financial position of the PMLD has been weakened, and there is little hope for significant improvements under current conditions.

“As best I can look into the future,” general manager Brian Allen wrote,“I would expect the wind turbine losses to continue at the rate of around $600,000 a year. This assumes current wholesale electricity rates, no need for extraordinary repairs, and that both turbines continue operating. If any major repairs are required, this will be an additional expense for the PMLD. The original warranties on the turbines have expired, and extended warranty options are not available.”

Those warranties are an acute concern: After becoming operational in 2010, one of Princeton’s two wind turbines broke down in August 2011 and was not back online until nearly a year later. Princeton had a warranty from the turbine’s manufacturer, the German firm Fuhrländer, but the usual political cluster of agents and subcontractors meant that the whole mess still is in litigation. If Princeton does not prevail in its lawsuit, it will suffer hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses. The cost of replacing a gearbox on one of the Fuhrländer turbines is estimated at $600,000."
Concerned Citizen

Providence, RI

#5 Dec 12, 2012
The news media in Massachusetts and other areas of New England don't present a balance of the news.

For example today the Otis Air Force Base ,Cape Cod ,Massachusetts has a three year old wind turbine that needs an expensive commercial wind turbine gear box. The gear box issue has already happened in several of the first wind turbines in New England . One in Princeton,Massachusetts and another at the Portsmouth High School ,Portsmouth ,Rhode Island. The Princeton gearbox was over $600,000.00 the Portsmouth turbine still broken near one million.

The New England media has no news of the ongoing commercial wind turbine failure.

The news always presents a "puff" news story about the start of a new turbine but no one is following up the O&M ,operation and maintenance of the these three year old wind turbines. The turbines were sold to last twenty years but need expensive gear box replacements every three to five years .

On October 20,2010 all the local politicians said they were going to build an ocean wind turbine port in New Bedford .Today it looks like its more like 100 million or more and probably will go to Quonset Point ,Rhode Island .

Last we read for years a local Middleboro, Massachusetts steel company was going to build the bases for all the ocean wind turbines .When it was announced recently that the foundations will be built in China the news media just didn't bother printing the news .

People don't trust the news because they only hear one side of the news. Did anyone ever read a story about these catastrophic commercial wind turbine gear box failures and how much they cost to repair every three to five years . The papers won't report it!
Jack Kelly

Jamestown, RI

#7 Dec 15, 2012
The people at Otis are not being up front about the gear box failure.They have known about the problem since January of 2012. The failure is a political embarrassment as many cities and towns got taken in the wind turbine scam .

Below is the Portsmouth RI gear box review -the same company made all the gear boxes for all the wind companies from 2008 to 2010.There are up to 600 (six hundred) possible failing gear boxes from those three years . This is a big government embarrassment that the turbines only last three years
Jack Kelly

Jamestown, RI

#8 Jan 30, 2013
Hanover Massachusetts


Hanover to terminate contract with turbine company
Events Calendar
By Mark Burridge
Wicked Local Hanover
Posted Jan 30, 2013 @ 02:32 AM
Last update Jan 30, 2013 @ 02:52 AM

After nearly two years of delays, Hanover officials are terminating their contract with the company hired to build the town’s still-incomplete wind turbine.

Town Manager Troy Clarkson said Monday that the town had to cut ties with Woburn-based Lumus Construction because the company had failed to get the turbine up and running. The 210-foot structure is next to the town’s water treatment plant on Route 53 and was expected to provide most of the facility’s power.

“The contractor wasn’t fulfilling the contract,” Clarkson said.“The turbine needs to be spinning.”

Clarkson said the town would withhold the final $100,000 owed to the company and is seeking to recover money it already paid. He said a stipulation in the town’s contract requires Lumus to pay the town $1,000 for every day past an established completion date that the project goes unfinished.

Clarkson said 700 days had passed since the project’s completion date, so he expects the town to receive $700,000 from Lumus.

“We are absolutely prepared to do anything and everything” to recover the money, he said.

Selectmen Chairman John Barry said he supported the decision to terminate the company’s contract.

“There is a strong level of frustration with the fact the windmill isn’t spinning,” he said.

Clarkson said Lumus did not respond to the town’s termination notice within a seven-day window. The company’s website lists phone numbers for its main offices in Woburn and Portland, Maine, but neither number was in service Tuesday.

READ MORE about Hanover’s turbine project.

Read more: http://www.patriotledger.com/topstories/x6947...

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