Things are "THRILL" deadly again in n...

Things are "THRILL" deadly again in newtown

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 1, 2013
Today a male here in my newtown began to carry on with a familiar story from 2008 by claiming hamburger pattern that reminded me of 2008.."14" He began by claiming "hamburger" I took out of the refrig to thaw for my boyfriends dinner was going to broke down by meen did would eat some of it also..You have to understand the patterns of how these scumbags do this and WHEN as in TIME..They may NOT even understand how and what they do is the missng link to stories meagn Buck told in 2008 that sounded past temse then..But were all actually part of the "HE" plans in my future..Now this male is not seeing in my widowns and the claims from BAD scumbags of "fraud" her food wise a daily thing..It's what he said after all of that and his push to seperate me and my boyfriend off every little spat we have..This males words are consistent with things Maegan sid in 2008.."14" "He" is moving the clues in by this male..The strongest indication "HE" is not done killing yet.

There si a blue house just down rd from us here and ALL of the commotion comes from that area and just beyond ..Once in while they send kids to the other side of the house I will provide photos it the entire area soon are neighbors are sparse)

One thing I need to "clarify" is the pattern of "supporting" me is being worked here by these neighbors the samew way Tammy Rowe did it to, Charlie Diefenbacher to Maegan (Casino) BUCK ..Jackie Martin was the only 151 scumbag appt dweller who did not front two faces..She gave no clues BUT stayed on her destructive path in this all along.

The only difference here ise claims fromthese scumbags that are missing of what Like maegan she ws promised if she acted along wiht it right down to what the "judge" would like about her an unwed mother no married who goes to college..Meagan brought all those issues into her marriage and college while she lived above me for just over a year..Maegan moved out just off the Fulton Cop Arigo issue over my signs about her taunts on he littles girls death "WAIT TILL THEY TELL HER ERIKAS ALIVE" she would yell in my windows NOT "trying to help" in a good way.."14" It was all part of some GOOD THING" Maegan was doing ith Fulton PD though all of it was mentioned ot today by my newtown scumbag neighbors who immediately knew the link of the "14" TOTHE DAMAGE TOTAL MY SISTER CAUSED ON 3-29-05 the left over numbers..1929.40 "zero's mean noting" 9-29 her "in the middle" birthday signature..leaves a 14 ..A RAPE of a 10 year old took place on the last pivotal 14 date.

Today is 5-1..a 15 in "reverse" this is all just 2 days off the memorial date of JUDY BLANCHARDS 2010 tractor wheel death leading to 5-5- George Leveas birthday the day Judys death was announced..the deadly scene scumbag recruit JUDITH DEVENEY used to set her husband up on 9-6 for ROGUE NYS Officer L Jesse..

TIME Frame reuse of the newtown scumbags new taunts from old talk in 2008..The date a 15 clue that a BILL Vickery link and its NOT GOOD its deadly to little girls..possibly a 14 year this time ..I had concentrated so hard a 12 year old of the 10 and 11 year olds who died in this ..its seemed logical..BUT "He" chose another 10 year old and did not successfully kill her..10-11-10 2-11 clue ..again..skipped the 12-"trick" on MY mind off it all..The last pivotal 12 was a date 12 -12-12 one day after the trial "JUDITH" set up on my boyfriend..MILLENNIUM date-deadly "trick" The issue of the 2-11s is me and Bill Vickery BOTH born on the a 3 and him an 8 the DAY "HE" set up truck driver Brett Kurtz to kill that child..and Jerry Vickery Tarbells BIRTHDAY is 11-2..who's now a TRUCK DRIVER suddenly himself at the age of 54 or so.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 1, 2013
So "HE" is waking up the JUDY time frame again..and has played all the links off her death through "JUDITH DEVENEY" and the plan she had to set her husabnd up in her EVERYTHING HERE IS MINE" plans of it all leading to the "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" issues that have come along off it all with all the MO oc consistant clues..

Now JUDITH like Dorothy Mills will NOT stiop her involvement in this..and I would say it's for the same reason Dorothy mills would NOT stop regardless of what common sense or human decency so many others tried to talk into her.."HE" has something on "JUDITH" also..Who even went so far as to claim "I did nto tell that Officer to arrest him" as well as her claim of "it's NOT me on that audio" the DA..That is consistant with Maegan BUCKS talk in in 2008 that the courts "will make him hire a specialist to verify the voice paterns"..and the plan is her estranged husnand who I know now Meagn was talking about would not be able to afford it..NO Lanza is NOT doing anything that is NOT paid for..That way ROGUES won't try to shut him down..

How did the recorder issue come in to it..ME of course they knew I would pack him with hearing what "JUDITH" was saying and doing..and that is why SANDY at the Fulton Lib was so interested in us when we talked on Facebook there..
So her doinsg to him under a mutal like seperation was the front "JUDITH" used to set him up and O kept telling him..She was playing mind games with him..BUT things like her vacation were throws on me also..I thought what kind of woman would just go on vacation if she thought her husband was screwing around?..and cared?..I was sure she did not..She was out looking for a place to live..and later he tried to help her along with that..She calls it pushing her out..The LAST thing i would do in that situation is vacation...There was no "scorned woman anything coming off "JUDITH" This same woman who stood on her porch harassing me after..She did NOT want her husband back she wants his "EVERYTHING" and that is all she wants..alive or dead but "YOU"RE FICKING DEAD" makes it so much easier for her....and then JOHN NY comes along.

It does NOT matter if I am with my boyfriend or not to "He" BUT it s clear "HE" wants me nickel less that was "HE" plan..That bullet has been fired..

The ONLY TIME death was not an issue in this is from Bill McCarty's 8-11 home BUT "realtive" was the pattern..and it linked othe name Dorothy(Mills) she was the new BAD scumbag off My mother and her brother Georges 6-27- death to Beverly Davis's and her cousin Mike Miller's 9-12 death Peggy Devneys' National Grid date-power out is a cops going to die for sure clue and my focus then was Orlo Green) That left one #3 death completion of the clue open..The image was "designer clothes" set up at the thrifty Shop in oswego on 8-18-1l while Sue Russel played the roulette clue started by her now husband Jerry at the casino on 12-5-09 at me..while the 8-18-11 Jeff Galloway WILCOTT death clue ws printed..its not just a typo Jeff is Lorinda Fullingtons cousin..Galloway was the last Power out clue..on 3-10-11 in my birthday the next day 3-11 to the Deputy Gallow shooting on 3-12..

So one "relative" death "in 3s" is open..and pattern is it links to a BAD scumbag recruit relative...Nho's name and date always work also and overkill clues.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 May 1, 2013
HUHTAMAKI there is strong indications that uppers there like at Charlie Gasko_Sunoco ROB Feister and Candy to DAR at Dunkin Donuts #9 were involed in this also for the THRILL side of it ..That comes like this..McCarty was charading "trying to help" me get a job there..then he pull the shit later off it also..His brother ALBERT go hired in this time frame..after all those other opps..The DICKFOSS, Gloria letter came from human resources..dated the 12th and I knew..DICK FOSS is a trench-grave like issue..dead dick- impotent....and GLORIA is a movie about an older woman who had the balls to take onthe MOB alone..My mother knows all about the GLORIA movie issue and the fun she had with it too though all of this. My sister CHRIS had told her that also..My mother liked the plan all she had to do was give me the eviciton..So Dottie was to put me out on the streets and BILl was supposed ot hed off to VEGAS on it all..My brother Jerry's "He's helping us out" comment the night he moved me in there..

Someone at or HUHTAMAKI made like Charlie Gasko-Sunoco and DD made some "gain" off all of this somehow. They had a Wendy's plani in motion for it also and CHRIS T MAS HOLLY was the "gain" from it there.

It's the BAD stuff going on behind it all that you need to see.

Dorothy Mills plan on me was that I would die off the hardships that summer..BUT here I am..LOLOL.

So the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego "profiling" manipulations began off it all..No need to kill a cop if I'm dead..The new plan to kill me was clued in FBI Agents Nicholas Ivies "friendly fire" LOLOLOL..I'm so fogged by that whole narration pattern..BUT if they did use it the military direction ofo ti all would not fit "either wf" So it looks like LUNDY pulls it off with "freinds" and military scumbag right after the other now ..I met the woman of his dreams Valerie Dedich AFTER I thorws the casino money offers..they dropped my freeplay coupons from 20.00 down to 15 as the clue thats Bill Vickery all the scumbags claiming I was spending so much mone there..To me it was worth every dime to spend YOUR money that way..To bad I did not have more GOD knows what I would have been able to learn. BUT $152,00 max off my UI while paying rent ect. does not get you far.

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. The death -murder picks up again at AFIIN DEVENEY and her mother Peggy's home TIME frame..2012 was a pretty safe summer.

The deadly my mother linked MOTHER clues begin almost immediately..9-12..I had only been there about a two weeks..AFTIN is a WATERTOWN link also like the BOSTON bombings suspects..what exactly is her link in the military? Now this is the time frame where all GEORGE LUNDY clues stop EXCEPT "JUDITH DEVENEY" "in the middle" GEORGETTI name..and ROGUES keep her ongoing scumbag activity front and center in this.."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" JUDITH GEORGETTI(Deveney) did NOT "JUDITH DEVENEY"

HERKIMER took place and so did FBI APE dog RHYMES wth rape..BOSTON and the WATERTOWN suspects..Maegan Bucks 2008 "3 of them" and her Kennedy library talk.."NO they will be white" (I was thinking blacks again for something scums were trying to pull) "HE" kept hispanic links in tact..the "DOGS" clues.. Let's forget the TRICK DRIVER My Dr money chardes for min -LOTTERY)

Scumbags immediately pull the "Jerry said he didn't day nothing" THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT..and so is JERRY..

HE made sure he used medical planning in this while way back Fulton cops promted "she (me ) has extensive medical training" ??? YES I went to nursing school I sure did..BUT look how "HE" used the "association"

Lets forget names, dates and lic plates for a few mins..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 May 1, 2013
So off the Probation Dept "intigrity rape of 10 year old on VER PLANCK RD on 3-14-13..tothe BOSTON 4-15-13 TAX DAY bombings that the ROGUE FBI will spend thousands upon thousands of dollrs trying to find anything they can use as direct "Al Qeada" claim behind it all..The WATERTOWN suspects behind it all..are the most guidiong clues to why AFTIN DEVENEY stole what she stole from me that i had all that time until I was at her mother "reverse" margaretville in oswego home..YOu know the BULGAR article was in my facbook phots LONG before Aftin stole it from me..She's the WATERTWON military scumbag "association" to BOSTON..and the ROGUE plan to win this all the scumbag shit they di anyway..They tell YOU all to stay out of it..You are being terrorized..for the "Judge inthe towns goit blood stains on his hands" type trail they must have to "win" FIXED off the crimes of military "gain"er scumbag after military "gain"er scumbag to look good..

The night the lights went out in Georgia..Even Maegan said it was George Lundy doing it..he left hsi signature anme every where BUT the ROGUE FBI and NYS POLICE let him..?? While they donated a few of their own to his cause? "COOL"

Hey scumbags Jerry wont pass a polygraph eiher..The only one will will is Valerie Alan Jones did..

"HE" is "14" now..along with a JOHN NY dog plan..JUDITH is still trying to destroy hr husabnd as planned..He did not cmply with BAD scumbags so you now predict where that is going...There was a ROGUE NYS Officer sent for her BUT "audios" can change things..That is why DA Nickelson did what he did for Dorothy Mills and BILL M..WHY JUDGE Shared (RD) like the Probation Depts "integrity"

Cuz the JUDGE in the town gost bloods stains on his hands..scumbags call it it "cool"

Lets watch the Aal Qeada" show FBI DE LORE EA puts on in Boston..."cool"

"14" it was an "in the mddle" rape date ..forwarding a 10 year old and a former Oswego SCHOOL librarian.."HE" is saying catch me if you dare..The ZODIAC KILLER used the same MO..He too told police and the public how it was going to be and then he just vanished...
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#7 May 1, 2013
The Boston Bombings sucpects lawyers name is JUDY Clarke..LOLOLOL "cool" How "luckiest" for me..
lol at white neggirs

Hazleton, PA

#8 May 2, 2013
OMG do they make me laugh. lolololololol

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