Sad commentary when elected office holders in Boston city hall won't show the courage to stand up to end excessive greedy demands by corrupt unions.

The babbling out going mayor and the candidates running to fill this empty suits office all stand by , do and say nothing about the excessive demands by police unions.

They hide behind the arbitrator decisions. Let the arbitrator pay the taxes. If the tax payers have to pay this sad increase then the tax payers should have the final say on the contracts and taxes.

No policeman on the planet is worth 24 % pay increase except the KGB they get results. The Boston police are already overpaid for the weak results they produce.

If they are such a GREAT force why are there so many guns and drugs in the hood, why do we have so many illegal immigrants in Boston??
Decertify all unions stealing from Boston city tax payers or let the tax payers have the final say on pay raises or pay decreases.

Stop city mismanages from hiding behind arbitrators weak decisions, make city office holders decide in open process in front of the tax payers who should have the final say on any pay adjustments.

Based on performance police should take a 15% pay cut.