Francesville, IN

#1 Apr 30, 2013
yes or no .

Greensboro, NC

#2 May 1, 2013

Melbourne, Australia

#4 May 2, 2013
Jews run australia too,our government tries to keep this from us
lol at white neggirs

Hazleton, PA

#5 May 2, 2013
I heard they got hold of Israel's gooberment too. The sky is falling!
Cindy on Meds

Tucker, GA

#6 May 2, 2013
No, liberal democrats run the US.

Greenbrier, AR

#7 May 2, 2013
Well, it is true. ZIONIST JEWS run the US and have near complete control of this government.

If you don't think so, just ask Republican, former US Senator, Chuck Hagel. He had a hell of a fight to be named oBOMBma's Secretary of War. Even though he is a former senator, and a REPUBLICAN, Hagel was loudly denounced for having truthfully saying a couple years ago, that Zionist Jews have too much influence over our government.

There are two Zionist lobbies in the US that pretty much run our government. AIPAC, the American Israeli Political Action Committee, and AEI, the American Enterprise Institute.

It was Jew bankers, Ben Bernake, and Jew Hank Paulson, who, as Bush's Jew Treasury Secretary, said that WE, are going to bail out the banks. I thought that the little Jew bastards meant, that the bankers, themselves, especially the corrupt, crooked Jew ran, private banking group, known as the Federal Reserve, would bail out their own kind, for having made bad bets and lost. But, NOOOOOO, the Jew Ben Bernake, and Bush's treasury Secretary, Jew Hank Paulson, INSISTED that WE... the American people bail out the Jew Wall Street Bankers who devised devious banking schemes and wild ass bets on Wall Street and lost.

Jews, through the non-federal Federal Reserve, control our money policy, and the use bribes and kickbacks to control just about every member of Congress, Democrat, or, Republican.

Jews and Jew lobbies control our foreign policy. They are the ones who decided that we would attack Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, nations that Jews and Israel don't like, kill their people, kill their leaders, and steal every damn thing that they could, including oil in Iraq, and gold and lithium in Afghanistan. Then, Bush, and Clinton, along with the Jew bankers, wanted to start up the heroin production, or, poppy production in Afghanistan, which the legitimate government of Afghanistan, the Taliban, had almost completely stopped. That didn't sit well with the Jew bankers, and the Bush and Clinton crime families.


Francesville, IN

#8 May 6, 2013
they don't want to know the truth. your nation is doomed. ignorance truly is bliss.

East Hartford, CT

#9 May 6, 2013
The Jews aren't controlling anything in the U. S.
They r being threatened, tormented, discriminated & being treated like a Rat in a cage!
Look at that poor guy Zimmerman who had his head BASHED onto a concrete sidewalk but has been charged with Murder!
It was self defense, not murder.

Greenbrier, AR

#11 May 6, 2013
ThatsNotTrue Jew,

You said..

"They r being threatened, tormented, discriminated & being treated like a Rat in a cage!"

Where is that happening, you propagandizing POS Zionist Jew?

Sure, some of your Jew bankers on Wall Street did receive a few threats over the scams and schemes that they used on Wall Street to steal our homes, then, MAKE US PAY them back for all the money that they "lost" gambling on Wall Street. WOOO-HOO, a couple of threats, none of them carried out. They got their Jew Bonuses, and their high ass salaries paid for by us... the US taxpayer. Nobody dead on their side. Nobody fired. Seems like a damn good deal to me.

Tormented? Really, you Zionist POS? When? Oh, you mean those hollow death threats that your Jew banker friends on Wall Street received, but were never carried out. I thought that I already covered that. You got our money, you got the home owners money, and you got their houses... isn't a Jew ever satisfied in their greed, or, is it typical Jew to keep wanting more from us. Hell, you got us paying your Israel $4 BILLION dollars a year, then we give you deals were the government backs up your worthless loans to buy stuff with us holding the bag for paying that Jew banker loan back. Then, you have us using our money and our soldiers to make war for you in the Middle East against people who never did a thing to us, isn't that enough?

No, you Zionist Jews want more. You control our financial policy. Greenspan was a Jew, Bernake is a Jew. When you Jew bankers got in trouble with your banking schemes on Wall Street, Bernake, the Head Jew at the not federal, Federal Reserve, announced that "we" are going to bail out the banks.

I thought, GOOD, the bankers are going to cover the losses in the gambling mistakes of their fellow bankers.

BOY, was I naive! When a Jew says "we", he really means YOU are going to cover the losses these corrupt as hell, gambling bankers made. See, being Head Jew at the not federal, Federal Reserve, Jews like Bernake get to tell us what is what in our financial policy in the US, and we, the American people cannot do a thing about it, because he is the Head Jew, and we have do do as we are told, and be subjected to all the Corrupt Jew Financial Schemes that they can dream up for us.

Hank Paulson, Treasury Secretary Jew under Bush, told us that we are going to pay off the bad gambling debts of the Jew Bankers, and we couldn't do a thing about it. Congress could not investigate, could not ask where the money was going, who was getting what, nothing. I think that is Jew control

Bush came and infested the government with Jews. Paul Wolfowitz, David Perle, Dougie Fieth, etc. They are the ones who cooked up the war on Iraq, for Jewy, Jew reasons. Iraq hadn't done a thing to us. Israel didn't like them, so, they paid off our congress, and sucked Dick Cheney, and we sent our troops to war, raping, torturing, and murdering over TWO MILLION IRAQIS who never did a damn thing to us.

Piss on the Zionist Jews.

Francesville, IN

#13 May 7, 2013

Francesville, IN

#14 May 7, 2013 Who was Harvey Milch ? Hitler struggled against international bankers, today the Jews run the banks. sorry uncle Adolph the Jews won .

Melbourne, Australia

#15 Jul 16, 2013
Dont worry the jews cant win because they're NOT THE CHOSEN PEOPLE

Greensboro, NC

#16 Jul 17, 2013
Which group of Jews run the USA? Which Jews are in this group who run the USA? One last question-where is this USA the Jews run?

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