The latest "JUDITH DEVENEY" scumbag "...

The latest "JUDITH DEVENEY" scumbag "THRILL"

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 7, 2013
YES it IS clear that JUDITH DEVENEYS scumbag recruit role in all of to leach anything she can off anyone sjhe can in hti if it lays on what she calles her property that she aquired theating the life of her husband.."I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKIN DEAD' "YOU"RE FUCKIN DEAD" was repeated a second time so he wold nti misunderstand the continuation fo her plans with the scumbags she still enies being linked to..that is the foundation fo the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" names she gave her dogs in this also..the ROSE part of "THE THRILL" was established at Beverly Davis's scumbag recruit home and I was to meet my "HE" replacement pick Valerie Dedich after I helped clean her up some more..that is..The ROSE plan was on me then by those two and Sue Levea's "Get Maureen's kids some money" plans of it all...I had said just after CHRIST MAS 2008 while at a friend of George Levea's home talking to his friends wife..that "get George's kids some money" was my idea..and Sue was in on the "get Maureen's kids some money' in stead of hsaying er brothers kids..I found that odd also..regardless of Sue's how plans..Now Maegan BUCK had already moved out in Oct that year..and maegan knew the plan to get valerie cleaned up and cleaned up was a HUGE undertaking that Val claims she made the choice her self on with "freinds" input? or just herself? So this all was in motion just a short time beofre Jean levea's SOLDIER ONWARD death..1-10-09..Diana Bush scumbag cashier at Strupplers was running her mouth also telling George's friends wife "Don't listen to her they said it's not true" How did Diana Bush know what I was going to say..They told the friend's wife later and she gave me attitude later also so what..all this just as short time before what would be jean Levea's death..and I was talking then ONLY about my suspicions of George's death...Then 1-10-09 soldier onward took place..soon after..No I did NOT talk about about the frineds wife's house ..NOT even a issue for me then with what I dealing with that was just more scumbag shit talk..Jean is now dead also..I do not learn of this until the 29th of Jan a the oswego lib on my way to Mexico DSS..where the caseworkers "outside intervention" conversation went on that day..all about me..and that caseworker knew Jeans death was part of this also..It was a shocking day for me all was so much to absorb..WHY doesn;pt anyone else see whats happening..I could NOT make sense of ..Most of those I had turned to were already aware of the plan behind it all..Some NOT of the how the Levea's deaths linked..2009 the MONEY Offers year..for me by ROGUES was about to the taunts at me on from Maegan BUCK in 2008..

They had ..some of them the technology being used to set me up as a "sexual predator" plan..while in reality it was mass murders being commited that narrate the very plan these scumbags recruited in this thought they were working...I am NOT surprised by those my family recruited into this so easy..NOT at all..Now I understand all the stories..and the lack of comeplete details scumbags they suckered with ti all were given..Its your own fault scumbags for being such narrow minded suckers to begin with..are you all still in "wait" mode for the big "He" finale of horros?

I know most can't wait to taste the blood o more vicitm's ...Judge Eugene Hafner anf NYS POfficer L Jesse..fine ROGUE they are in the continuation fo all fo this...Liek the Probation dept for David renz..JUDITH is having the time of her life destroying and selling others people property..Like Renz had raping a littl egirl and murdering her mother..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 7, 2013
FOR THE RECORD scumbags YOu can tell JUDGE Hafner to take his little audio of the "JUDITH" "She's crying" court curcus contrl she has and shove it up his ass..I like MY audio of JUDITH audio much better it explains the 'she's crying" continuation of the her first "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" continuing set upo on her husbands plans..and THAT IS WHY judge Hafner did NOT sign that restraining order against JUIDTH as asked ot by the DAS office..JUDITH had more deadly taunting scenes to act her set up n her husband and how NYS ROGUE Officer L Jesse was working that set up on him like Charles (VER PLANCK RD RUNGE did on me off Officer MD it was headed into the ROGUE "so long ago " second time second place" dead;y "scene" and how ..The "system" or courts JUDGES and Probation Depts..The ROGUE way of blaming Oswego County for my sons "reverse"..Terry Reynolds stole in 1995 that partial court paper work from my appt and someone read it worng MY SONS records need to be opened..My son never raped anyone.."Angie baby" slept though the whole court issue as well as CHRIS T MAS..This whole deadly story was built on scumbag recruits thinking they knwo everything..its why the name JOHNSON -DAVE is part of the later 'encrypted" clue now..."HE" is in "reverse" right down to HERKIMER now..that points at me by "HE" plan ..all part of what "JUDITH" is working now..Nickel less and by poison..She has to wipe her husband out(YOU'RE FUCKIMG DEAD" was to be an SAAB 1994 GREEN SAAB plan called an "in the Middle" Rd "accident" plan set up waiting..Meagan spoke of this in 2008.."she's going to be the one crying" GREEN I feared was my sons car.."JACK HIM WRIGHT"

All JUDITH Like Dorothy Mills was just work the set up and ROGUES do the rest and that way she gets "EVERYTHING HERE IN MINE" and the next military scumbag recruit JOHN NY comes along off it all on me...That's what JUDITH'S "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" fun was all about..and the Joke is on JOHN NY wife the 3-19-12 Bill McCarty birthday set up on me clue link..that put it all in motion to where it is now..So they raped a little girl and murdered HER exchange for my familys BILL FACTOR NYS GOV 'Angie baby" plans.

So JUDITH is leaching it all for all she can get...The CLUES she puts out in her deadly sarcasm are far more important..and another JUDGE Hafner is right there to help this scumbag out..YES I think we NEED to compare audios and let others hear my "hostile" "arrogant and immature" attitude" while HAFNER plans to cover "JUDITH'S "She's crying" deadly clue sarcasm up with the scorned woman act cover she uses..while he was talking shit to the DA about "believing" "something went on" and "yes I do belive they shot those cops"...well NO SHIT..They just raped a child again too..also HEY did anyone notice all the "integrity" behind it all yet? Just as long as they all with in the "system" act dignified while they were sticking it to that little girl and "JUDITH" gets "EVERYTHING" off it all I guess is thats all that matters.

So the BIG Plan was to image it all as my boyfriends fault."He" according to scums uses me for protection..I don't see that happening..and THANKS for the input about what they ROGUES will do to him after they kill me off..nickel less and by poison..The NO OT rumors in 2014(<-# again??) started with Maegan BUCK and she told my mothe rwho told my father and Bill Vickery who knows this whole plan also..if the "in the Middle" Rd plan fails. I DO NOT CRY OVER SHIT LIKE "JUDITH DEVENEY" They could have ended "she's violent" plans on me if I had seen her smashing my stuff..the "profilier" sucks..its why he covers his pleasure with scumbags.

Scumbags.."HE" isn't going to do anything but talk shit to shit and kill people off it.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 7, 2013
I LOVE my think all this went on .wih so many "supporting" me? can't say wne ton ..there is new 14 clue in the air and its terrifying..beginning to pop up all over..

Right now..Oh YES before I forget JUDITh was feeding her lawyer the "they said he was involved in it" line about the JUDGE a HAFNER ..they are so attracted to MILLENNIUM dates..WHY she trying to sway her lawyer that way .I don't know HAFNER was on her side using me as the needs looking into ..

Now let me get to the MOTHERS DAY this year a deadly 5-12 date clue "line up' with a 4-12 "trick" deadly date..MOTHERS DAY..MOTHER was the murdered Librarian clue to FBI DE LORE EA BOSTON "perfect" "COINCIDENCE"....on 4-15-13....MOTHER is the deadly theme behind many "scenes" in this...Yes I know 5-12 is a 1-25 "anagram"...also ..

This YEAR has been full of deadly clues pivotal dates..MOTHER is the theme..I am reading of this the ROGUE FBI is mad anout a MOTHER and a LIBRARIAN issue..Now eejust left TAX DAY and that was pivotal for me on 4-15-08 linked to the syracuse FBI.."Judge" clue input taunt...Now MOTHERS DAY is a 5-12 date and 12s are BAD news..This one by "perfect' "COINCIDENCE" "line up" with the deadly 4-12 "trick" date in Utica...Like 3-14-13 on the VER PLANCK RD "line up" with 4-15-13 in BOSTON..."Al Qeada's" a ine of FbI Shit...they were being pulled in that cover the ROGUE FBI and military scumbags..behind it all and Maegan BUCK knew this also in 2008..She was military scumbag recruit herself..who wanted to defect also..Her "profiled" imag was that she would.."feel sorry for" me even Tammy Rowe knew that in 2008..Jacki Martins role was to "reverse" anything Maegan had done or appeared to have done in my favor..

So right now the deadly "system" and ROGUE FBI is betting on "JUDITH"..for their next deadly plans of success.5-5- just passed ...

I do have to again try to get some info on this OCO TAXI issue..and NO as I expected my Tracphone minutes did not come though on my plan off all the time I spent with the non english speaking phone clerk..Meagan said all my appts etc would get "screwed up" "nothing will go right"..BIG DEAL ROGUE can screw up!!..its one right screw up after the other..See my boyfriend is supposed to be dead..and according to scumbags "NO one will talk or help you" "They're gonna keep it up" "TILL THERE IS NO ONE TO HELP YOU"..You people better start thinking about helping yourselves..I survived much this with no one anyway..

YES I am the one you are all told to "wait" to see me die..Then what? the new scumbags "gain"ers for the next ROGUE movie plan get recruited..You people won't know where, how or when.."HE" will just be gone..Oh let me guess that si when Oswrgo County ROGUES fight back for all of you ...yea ok..just keep "wait"ing..

Albany, NY

#4 May 7, 2013

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