Which ethnicity has the most beautifu...
South Beauty

Mission, TX

#410 Nov 14, 2012
Honestly, I think if you're pretty, you're pretty. It doesn't matter what race you're from. I've seen pretty people from many races, and the race doesn't affect your beauty, it affects your KIND of beauty. Ex. hot, cute, pretty, etc.
Every race has their own pretty people.. You can't stereotype beauty.
Rima nal

Las Vegas, NV

#412 Dec 8, 2012
Armenians have the most beautiful women

Wilmington, DE

#413 Dec 14, 2012
Historically and presently, Ethiopian women have been known for there beauty. In DC where there is a large community of them, I have seen tourist look on with amazement at the sheer beauty that is displayed from the exotic features Ethiopian women posess.
Btw- all different ethnicities are beautiful

Pondicherry, India

#414 Dec 19, 2012
i think mexican womens,and cuban,latin girls so attractive

Hamilton, Canada

#415 Dec 20, 2012
East asian

Brantford, Canada

#416 Dec 27, 2012
bala wrote:
i think mexican womens,and cuban,latin girls so attractive
I agree but I would add Dominican women to that list to.

London, UK

#417 Dec 27, 2012
Asian, white and black - not really into Hispanics (although technically Hispanic is white) except for the Columbian woman in Modern Family. What I'd give for an hour with her!

Lima, Peru

#421 Feb 2, 2013
lia wrote:
<quoted text>
and yet filipina have the most interacial marriages with white men, obviously they have no problem attracting any good looking cacasuan men.
That is not true!!! Hispanic are not consider a race but we have 43 percent of white notñ hispanic are marry with hispanic. More than asians and black. The filipinas that I know are marry with ugly men. But you have to remember that you call good looking in a white men may not be consider good looking for other outsiders you ecthinicity.I found out this with my asian friends. What they consider cute, my other no asian friends consider it ugly.Many of my friends are marry with white. I have friends marry with indians guys. I wish US statistic will tell us how many hispanic are marry with black or asian that are not hispanic.
Sorry but many good looking guys in Hollywood are dating or marry a latina. Also the future Queen of Holland iis latina.
For the people who filipinos made sounds when they eat. That is not true. My friends who filipinas do not make noise when they eat and that has to more with manners than being from a country.

Lima, Peru

#422 Feb 2, 2013
Jackson wrote:
Asian, white and black - not really into Hispanics (although technically Hispanic is white) except for the Columbian woman in Modern Family. What I'd give for an hour with her!
Go to South America and you will find many like her. I move with my husband from the USA and they are many like her.
Salgado woo

Aurora, IL

#423 Feb 7, 2013
I am Mexican,tall with big lips long legs and nice skin,I think I'm hot.lol
Salgado woo

Aurora, IL

#424 Feb 7, 2013
I think Mexican women are beautiful like me.Im tall with long legs,nice skin and super nice hair........
cio waterwalker


#425 Feb 17, 2013
as long as they have a hole to poke in, we can say em pretty or beautiful as far as they want to hear it and we get to do what we want. just keep saying the damn word until they turn blue. they must be a bleeding fairy to begin with.
White man

Houston, TX

#426 Feb 19, 2013
I'm so good looking I can't stand it!
Randy West

Mississauga, Canada

#428 Feb 24, 2013
Spanish and Indian women are the most attractive women in the world..unless you are biased or full of greed to accept the fact. It is what is it

Brooklyn, NY

#429 Mar 8, 2013
Jennavieveful wrote:
<quoted text>
I grew up in Miami, I know there are some beautiful Cubanas and Dominicanas, but, like Puerto Rican girls, they just aren't very classy. I know plenty of beautiful women from both countries, but of you have a conversation with them you'll probably feel like you're speaking to a trucker, or Pitbull for that matter. LOL
And what are you talking about Brazilians aren't that good looking? Victoria's Secret? They're known for it- Adrianna Lima, Giselle Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Maiara Walsh- all gorgeous. They have some seriously incredible mixes down there.
I am a Dominican American woman, and let add by saying, extremely educated and sophisticated, that's what I've been told.
So be very careful on how you make these ignorant generalizations, because quite honestly, my darling, THAT, is in NO way "classy" nor does it display any level of education.
-Word of advice, from a Dominican woman who can kiss her mother with this mouth. That's right, I'm not a truck driver.

Burnaby, Canada

#430 Mar 31, 2013
Filipinas- the only one that could truly say they are a fusion of the East and West (Colonized by the Spanish for 333 years, 50 years by the Americans, has Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Polynesian influences already too before the advent of the Spanish and the Americans).

Kolkata, India

#431 Apr 19, 2013
Every country..no matter if its in the americas or asia or africa or anywhere has beautiful women..god has made beautiful people everywhere...if u do not agree with this just check this out..one of your favourite celebrities or models or whom u think to be beautiful might be from some part of the world that u might not have expected..!!!

Stockbridge, GA

#432 Jun 7, 2013
Indian girls have my vote! Hispanic are cool too tough.

Brisbane, Australia

#434 Jul 10, 2013
white guy wrote:
<quoted text>
I disagree, you can only find pretty women in the eye of the beholder.
If the beholder does not find them pretty, there is nothing they can do.
Absolutely! You're right dude, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and always will be

Marietta, GA

#436 Jul 11, 2013
There are only 3 races on Earth, anything else is just a mix of two or more of these races.

Caucasian, Asian & Black.

All three have attractive women, but it's no coincidence that the most attractive black women in America are part white. If you look at fully black women in Africa, they're just not attractive at all.

I think the most attractive are Asians and Caucasians. I know all this might sound insensitive, but it's true, no one looks at National Geographic magazines with pure blooded black woman and think they're hot... NO ONE... when they're white or asian though, it's called PlayBoy.

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