why do so many asian women like white...

Los Angeles, CA

#2632 Dec 30, 2012
'cause Asian men are psycho and controlling so white men are less threatening to them.

A Vietnamese woman told me.

United States

#2633 Dec 30, 2012
Someone wrote:
'cause Asian men are psycho and controlling so white men are less threatening to them.
A Vietnamese woman told me.
there are psycho and contronlling men in every race.

Chicago, IL

#2635 Dec 31, 2012
I'm only saying what an experienced Vietnamese woman told me, who has dated multiple men of various races. I'm a woman who has dated men of multiple races myself, and I had similar experiences.

Of course there are controlling/psycho men in every race, but if someone is going to tell me that women are treated the same in the US as they are in the Middle East and Asian countries, I'm going to tell them to get the fuck out of town.

The Economist had an article a few months ago that disclosed that at least 25% of Chinese women married in China were physically abused...and those were just the ones who reported it.

This story also discussed a white woman who was married to an Asian man in China, and he was kicking her in the stomach, sending her to the hospital, etc., and she would tell the cops and his family, and they would just tell her "Oh, deal with it and get some rest"... it took multiple court visits, a prominent blog post, a petition of thousands of signatures (she was backed up by Chinese women) to get a divorce.

Her husband's main comment was "oh, cultural difference" because Chinese women are led to believe they should deal with the abuse. He felt no remorse: some cultures simply believe that women are inferior, even if not all of them are that way.
Carrie X

Santa Clara, CA

#2636 Jan 13, 2013
To the man who said for white women to get on the treadmill. Well, I do, and I am quite slim. However, most of the Asian women I know do not work out much at all. The skinny little girl bodies are genetic. They don't have to work at being skinny with straight bodies. Fortunately for them, skinny, straight shaped bodies are very in style now, and this makes them very popular in this era. I'm strong, slim, lean, and have lean muscles, but my natural curves of breasts and hips are not very desired by white men. I find my body type is more popular with Asian Indian, Middle Eastern, black, and Latin men. To each their own. I like the tall, dark, and handsome look, so everybody wins here.

Toronto, Canada

#2637 Jan 14, 2013
I don't know if anyone already said this? But to try to answer your question LEGITIMATELY: it's a matter of personal preference. It's not because (according to MANY of the falsified "facts" that are put forth)'white males are collectively better' in any aspect or 'asian males are collectively worse.' It's not about that. It's the individual's personal preference, and the natural attraction that takes place. But I do think there are some factors that can influence this attraction.

This is simply an inference, but normally in Westernized countries, and even in some Asian countries, Caucasians are idolized unreasonably. I'm just guessing, but perhaps due to the power and control (mainly through brute force I must say) they are known to have held in the past up to this day. So I suppose being exposed to these ideals can influence what you like.

Just saying, a lot of the comments I've been reading are ignorant and politically incorrect. So many of you come off as pompous, idiotic, racist assholes... so... watch what you say. If you actually want your opinion to be valid and to be listened to, at least get your facts straight. If you don't really know any, clearly express what is OPINION and what is FACTUAL... so you don't end up sounding unintelligent.
Just stop spewing garbage. Please. It pains me.

You know who you are.
girls makeover games

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#2638 Jan 21, 2013
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Someone else

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#2640 Jan 21, 2013

Are you meaning to tell me that women are going to be treated the EXACT same by the MAJORITY of the men in the U.S. as they would by the MAJORITY of men in the Middle East/Asia area?

I am not defending those who make racist comments without having facts and personal experiences to base it on. I don't glamorize white men. It would be foreign women who would glamorize them, because they find that maybe they can speak out of line or get an education without getting shot.

Also, have you dated Asian men? Have you known or befriended many of them? I have.
asian ladys

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#2641 Jan 22, 2013
as long there true love who care what races the women and men is ? god do not see races only human do .

Croydon, UK

#2642 Jan 23, 2013
Any asian beauty up for lots of cuddles.kisses.sex.long hair i will brush it for u.send sum pics to my mobile 07864750544

Duluth, GA

#2643 Jan 26, 2013
Listen if you are writing a research paper then fine,but to say that it is only white men,in 2013 that is not as true as before,television has made ti seem as if black men are lazy or do menial jobs,and now they are finding that there are black doctors and lawyers and millionaires,before they went with white men because that is all that would travel across the big blue.
I make six figures it matters not what i do,but it proves with some of the comments made that racism and stupidity still exist.
If you are going to be on the site then answer the quest intelligently,if not stay the fuck away.
My wife is chinese,she is 5'10" and i am 6'8" and she is beautiful,even from chinese standpoint,and she does everything to make me happy and i her,so stop being prejudice,biggots or racists,whereever you may fall.
That is one of the reasons when you look around there are asians owning companies,because you stupid ass idiots are worried about the color of someones skin.

GROW UP!!!!!!

Duluth, GA

#2644 Jan 26, 2013
Speaking of penis sze,any woman no matter what race,if she is with that same person all the time,her pussy will adjust,babies come out of there,you see anyone bigger than a baby,and for you slow peole anormal baby.
I am 6'8" 10.5",i am just a freak of nature i guess,but if you want a bigger penis,pills do not work alone,porn stars o not just tke pills and if anyone here believe that a pill can increase your penis size,you are sadly mistaken.
there are pills involved do not get me wrong but if you want it to be twelve inches like porn stars,you need a penis stretcher and viagara,your drawbacks,later it will be difficult to keep it hard and you will see some who are squeezing their base trying to push the blood forward.
Most women cannot take a really big penis anyway,trust me i know,it is not just about the size of your manhood,it is how you use it whether it is big or small.realistically if you are skilled in the sac,a woman only needs 3 or 4",i no it seems impossible,but those that want the big dick,like a little pain ect....
Truth Done It

Seoul, Korea

#2647 Feb 9, 2013
The reason they like you is that you will pay and pamper them. If a white guy is not finacially stable she will not give you the time of day. For real I'm in Asia right now I see it every day I'm AA and I have no reason to lie. I see countless young asian girls and I do say girls 18 t0 23 married to old guys in thier 50s and beyond yeah there might be a little attraction that being the y want the white US father figure. what young girls wants to be with a old man there are plenty of young guys thier age. Oh I forgot they are not financially stable. Truth done it.
Ben holland

Hadley, MA

#2650 Feb 10, 2013
Russian women are so much sexier and much better lovers than southeast Asians . Russian women have better bodies and nicer skin tone. White men like Asian women because its easy for us to please them in bed our penis is too much for Asian women that's why they pefer white men

Rauland, Norway

#2651 Feb 16, 2013
1ofdasians wrote:
Im an asian woman and i have family who married white men and i plan to marry one too..we asians marry men because were tired of little penises we want our vagina to be filled with the good stuff...we asians also marry white men because they are handsome,well some of them....we like to marry white men because they succeed in life, theyre the one who tries to make the mula for the future....we also marry them because they are a citizen who could get our family from our home country to america much faster....and especially because we asians want beautiful children and that can only happen if we fuck a white man....and its very true a mixture of white and asian will and will surely will make a beatiful baby...
Hmm.... as white man I feel it nice tha asian women like us, but I will not feel me comfertable to have a women who only like me becaused I am white. Asian women have strong genes so euroasian babies will often looks like asians. Espesially it the women came from southeast Asia. Asian women are often nice and beautiful


Since: Oct 12

United States

#2653 Feb 23, 2013
WHITE MAN wake up asians gens overcome yours.YOUR race wil decline .

Seoul, Korea

#2654 Mar 4, 2013
Your on drugs mate. If asian is what your refering to the state a part cause asia is massive indian pakistan tagikstan bigger than the original white mans land. States dont even belong to you and finally far eastern slagsvlove white man due them oral fxxing them from the ass and front. An asian man or black only from the west indies or africa wont do. No sodom bussiness too. Thats why they would do it. Asian do lack moral and common sence true that.
Admiral Zhou

New York, NY

#2655 Mar 8, 2013
I wrish my khock big enouf to dig in my arse

Since: Feb 12

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#2656 Mar 14, 2013
Kho wrote:
WHITE MAN wake up asians gens overcome yours.YOUR race wil decline .
Asian genes aren't as overpowering as black genes are.

White/Asian mix often times comes out more white than asian, and often comes out more asian than white. It's kind of a 50/50 deal with white/asian.

Whereas black genes are dominant over all other races.

This is the main reason why I'm open to having children with asian women than I am black women because my child will carry more of my genes.

On topic: The reasons why white men and asian women like each other so much is varied. But I think at the end of the day it's just a natural attraction to one another.

I've heard many singapore men are uneasy because in singapore there aren't any white people that live there. Yet singapore women have a strong preference for white men and many leave the country to find a white husband. It's a very interesting attraction the two have for one another.

I've never actually dated an asian woman, but I've had two chinese women flirt with me on a few occasions. And on top of that, I live in a small town with only a few hundred asians in it.

But at the end of the day, I still want my white woman. But if she's not available(which I doubt) then I'll certainly take up a beautiful asian woman as my partner.

My 2 cents.
Rl lee

Overland Park, KS

#2657 Mar 26, 2013
First of all white men and women are the ones that make all the myths and stereotypes! Stop hating on the white , asian , and Latino women that love black men. Every race has myths including the white mans pediphile myth! That's right , to catch a predator is about sick white men with little penises trying to have sex with kids! White people will always say a white person has the biggest or best in the world! Do you know how many black Jonh Holmes are in the black race. Tons of them! If you feel better thinking black men haven't got big pipes, ask white women not another jealous short dick white boy! Stop hating on blAck men , every race of women want some. Sorry !

United States

#2658 Mar 29, 2013
well the current statistics say that hispanic women with white guys are the most common pairings. however this is a natural attraction because i dont see latin women chasing down white guys because they perceive them as better or whiter. Also why are american white people obsessed with japanese culture?
Castle wrote:
<quoted text>
This kind of bitterness never ceases to amaze me. Where does this come from? Of all the interracial couplings I've seen discussed on topix and elsewhere, why does the Caucasian/Asian relationship invoke the most venom? Is it because it is the most common? Is it because we're still trying to "stick it" to the white man? Please do tell!
I was married to a Caucasian woman for five years and she qualified in every way with your description of "oriental" women. My soon to be wife happens to be Japanese and I've never been more sure of any other decision I've made in my life. I believe Think for a Change has it right when he states that it's simply a natural attraction. The statistics are what they are.

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