www.copart.com is not a good place to...
Bob Richards

Ballwin, MO

#166 Jan 10, 2013
Now to those who want to buy and not sure if it's safe. I can provide for buyers services such as making sure that the vehicle they want to buy is a lagite and not a dealer junk. Anyone who interested can email me to: [email protected] with your information and I will give get back with you.
Todd Chicago

Warren, MI

#167 Jan 12, 2013
erepairables wrote:
Has anyone ever heard of/bought from erepairables.com ?
eRepairables.com has been in business for over 10 years. They have knowledgeable representatives answering the phones from 8am-8pm EST Mon-Fri . They are even open on Saturday. I have bought a vehicle through their system and know many other people who have bought vehicles and were happy with their service.
Bob Loblaw

Hollywood, FL

#168 Jan 12, 2013
Bob Richards wrote:
After reading a few comments I can add to all of this. Dealing with copart for several years I learned hard way some of the truth. I would recommend each one to use this guide as it will help you not to be burned over a bad deal.
Majority vehicle being sold through copart is insurance company vehicles, but most individuals (not dealers)do not want to buy wrecked vehicle and that's where so called dealers take big advantage of that.
So first step if you lime a vehicle and you want to buy call copart branch where vehicle is located and tell them to fax you copy of a title, if you will ask them over the phone they will not tell you who is the seller but they must fax it if you requested it. So once you have a copy of a title and you see that it's a dealer who is selling better not buy it you will most likely have a major problem with this car. Think always of that how come dealer want to sell through copart that is being sold as-is rather that through eBay or other advertisement answer to that no liability. So please do not bid if it's a dealer vehicle same goes for everything not just vehicles.
Second step, avoid some of the locations,this goes go Newburgh, NY, Atlanta West, Miami, Los Angeles branches, this is where dealers love to turn there no good junk into. Also remember that if it's a dealer car they can shill bid which means that they will raise artificially raise a bid using their buddy account.
Now most importantly know your rights. If a car being sold as a run and drive and when you come there and its nothin and drive copart must refund you back, if there is no keys with vehicle they must refund you back. Copart may and will probably say it's
not that way but believe me it is.
This is knowledge of a several years of dealing with copart. It's a good company overall but some dealers make this company look bad. When I want to buy anything from it I call them ask to fax me a copy of a title and again if I see that it's a dealer car does not matter how good it looks pass it DO NOT BUY it its an insurance buy it. The best thing is to go and look at the car before you buy because pictures can show so much it's usually always the case that there is more damage that you can see on pictures expect this.
hopefully this will help good luck
As far as I've seen on these message boards, this is some of the best advice yet. I didn't know about calling and asking for a copy of the title. It makes sense that you would want to limit your buys to insurance companies only and not some dealership looking to unload a problem vehicle.
Bob Loblaw

Hollywood, FL

#169 Jan 12, 2013
Bob Richards wrote:
Now to those who want to buy and not sure if it's safe. I can provide for buyers services such as making sure that the vehicle they want to buy is a lagite and not a dealer junk. Anyone who interested can email me to: [email protected] with your information and I will give get back with you.
Good to know. Which auctions/cities do you provide inspections for?
innocent buyer

Atlanta, GA

#170 Jan 15, 2013
This is a bad company i really hate they work with your money and try not to refund even the deposit , you will never win nothing goood , and costumer service from them are worst they only worried whem you ask for refund, they try to make you change your mind and stay with your deposit no matter if you will not get nothing ...FALSE AND BAD COMPANY FOR SURE ....

Lawrenceville, GA

#172 Jan 19, 2013
You guys fished in area you are not suppose to, Co-part is a salvage auction for professionals, (Dealers). Buyer beware.
Dave Pete

Livonia, MI

#175 Jan 21, 2013
copart buyer 2012 wrote:
i got a prerfect escalade at copart for 50$
I am considering buying a motocycle on Copart. Can you give me some more feedback? on your experience.
Greatly appreciated.

[email protected]
salvage dealer in missour

Plano, TX

#176 Jan 23, 2013
What is wrong with all you people. Copart is a SALVAGE auction!!!. Hence the PART in the company name (copart). These are all units that have DAMAGE. Buy from a dealer not a salvage auction.

New York, NY

#177 Jan 24, 2013
Mariks wrote:
Does anybody know what means "R" in front of the window? Some gays told me that it means the can drive? Is it true?

Atlantic City, NJ

#179 Feb 2, 2013
I was looking at 2007 VW Rabbit. The car was salvage due to theft, reported not running. I took a chance and bought it. I was lucky - the car was not running because it had wrong key. After I got new key from a dealer, it runs perfectly. I am not trying to e an advocate for Copart, but many posters seem not to realize that Copart mostly sells insurance salvage cars. They say clearly in their "terms and conditions" that the statement that the car runs and drives does not guarantee that it will run at a time when buyer picks it up. Also, their fees are ridiculous, but again they list them clearly. So this is not something out blue, you would know what your total would be if you read their fee schedule.

Salem, OR

#180 Feb 9, 2013
I have had a bad experience as well. I was fully aware of the fact that this is a salvage yard, but I bid on a pure sale motorcycle. Bid closed I was the high bidder. I received an email the next day stating that due to an error on their side they cancelled my bid and relisted the motorcycle. I know they just thought it didn't go high enough.

Since: May 12

Location hidden

#181 Feb 14, 2013
Hello every one,listen up,Salvage vehicle ,means salvage vehicle,you bid at a salvage price,,you do not bid at a price like a new car,you lays tell our self if this shit is no good ,then I can scrap it ,I bought a few salvage in my life time ,I never regre it ,but now I move on ,I only buy new and still you get screwed by some delers,you wife screw you some time ,much less a use ar sales man,I am dory for you.

Tyler, TX

#182 Feb 15, 2013
You all realize that copart is a salvage yard? They clearly state this on their site. For all of you getting "scammed", I have one piece of advice. Do your homework. Copart clearly states all of their fees when purchasinga a vehicle, and they clearly state "as is, where is" meaning it's your job to load the car, fix the car, etc. You are getting these vehicles insanely cheap. Of course they are going to have problems. Why else would they be in a salvage yard. Stop complaining and learn how to properly buy used vehicles.

Midvale, UT

#183 Feb 19, 2013
I bid on a SUV and I won at the north portland location. They removed the radio from the picture. They installed the old radio. Once I received it and delivery to other state, I complained. The manager who is a useless and against customers said send it back to return your money. What about my shipping paid $400
He said it s your burden. I was going to Sue copart. Never do business with compart. Most employees are not professional. The Idaho front desk lady is worst I ever talked. Copart hires flake bimbos type of people. Any claim....forget it

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#184 Feb 20, 2013
Copart is the worst place in the world to buy a car ,
The idiots with the fork lift is back by management the Miami yard is the worst
Their fees is too high and there is no kind of customer service
Their scam is to sell you a perfect picture then forklift you scrapp

Claremont, CA

#185 Feb 20, 2013
My husband and I called to inquire about selling a motorcycle to your company, it was explained from the very beginning that this motorcycle had been involved in a frontal accident and as a result had a salvage title. My husband was told that because of the salvage title, Copart was unable to pay us anymore than $2200; this was an agreeable amount so we decided that we would sell the bike. At the time the estimate and agreement was made, we did not yet have the title in hand. Jeremy Williams guaranteed us that the estimate was in the system and that the re would be no issues. Today, 2/20 my husband called to schedule the drop off transaction, again Jeremy Williams assured us that we would be receiving $2200 for the SALVAGED title motorcycle. About an hour later, Jeremy Williams called my husband back and informed us that the quote was invalid because the bike had a salvage title. My husband explained again to Jeremy that this was all part of the original agreement and Jeremy stated that this was no longer the case. My husband grew agitated because of the miscommunication and at this point Jeremy hung up on him. When my husband called back Jeremy continued to rudely argue with my husband and hang up on him AGAIN. My husband called back a third time and asked to speak with a manager. Jeremy told my husband that Kurt would be calling him back. At this point and time roughly five hours later, we have received no phone call from Kurt.
I am absolutely appalled at the level of customer service we have received at your Vallejo location. I have never before had such horrible customer service. I can see now that the public is not your priority and that you would rather work with dealers and business owners. However, after I am done with my reviews and letter writing you will find that many businesses will be cautious when using your company.
Car Man

Pittsburgh, PA

#186 Feb 22, 2013
Your an idiot....IT is a salvage car and could have been there for months.....and it is salvage your not aloud to drive it until the title has been changed in your state.......Idiot.......

Vallejo, CA

#187 Feb 22, 2013
I bet you white boys could find a great creeper van for your pedophile runs on that website though!

United States

#188 Feb 23, 2013
i drive a 50 ton tow truck for a heavy truck buyer we buy about 3 to 5 heavy trucks per weak from coparts all up and down the east coast they are totalled trucks and we move them areselves the yard guys don't like to help you but good prices.good luck people.
Dealer in MO

Huntsville, AL

#189 Feb 28, 2013
I am a dealer and have bought and sold cars through Copart. You have to be real careful when buying from copart. you need to find out if its insurance or from a dealer and you need to ask. For the most part the autos Copart sells are there for a reason. And selling cars the fees are ridiculous high they will charge you for every little thing they can think of. My opinion never buy a auto unless you can personally inspect and drive yourself. Buyers be aware of Copart. Unless you know what your looking at and can repair the car yourself I would pass on Copart. Good luck.

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