www.copart.com is not a good place to...

Pineville, KY

#281 Oct 16, 2013
Copart sells thousands of cars a week,you look at the pics or have a trusted inspector/or yourself check it out before bidding. I have bought many cars to rebuild from them with mostly very good results, getting cars that are what I could see in the pics.
The only drawback is that Copart now allows individuals to sell cars in the auctions, some have had parts removed and replaced with bad ones.
It is best to buy cars with the Insurance Company logos on the ad, then you know what you see is what you are buying.
If you don't like "taking a chance", there are plenty of cars for sale at dealersips and on car lots that you can buy.

Philadelphia, PA

#282 Oct 18, 2013
copart is not a good pace to buy a car.

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#283 Oct 29, 2013
I accidentally won the bid but i don't want the car what do i do please help ?
wisam kashour

Hickory Hills, IL

#284 Oct 29, 2013
The worst auto auction on the face of the earth. They scammed me I bought a 2013 Lexus es300h in August 20, 2013, the listing said Rejected insurance repair. They repaired the front and rear bumper to make it appear in good condition but everything behind the bumpers was missing from radiator, ac condenser, parking sensors, head lights were missing HID ballasts and bulbs, ac line was cut, the trunk lock, actuator, and key were disconnected from the inside so no body can open the trunk to see the frame damage and body repair. THE car AMPLIFIER IS MISSING that is worst part of all, In the listing it said secondary repair as rejected repair, they told me in meant frame damage, I didn't know auto auctions have a special dictionary to understand what they mean by REJECTED REPAIR . SO BEWARE of COPART. They are thieves!!!! YOU CAN REPORT THEM TO THE BBB and File a compliant I did already and waiting to see what they can do.

United States

#285 Nov 1, 2013
Don't blame Copart. Blame yourself for being so stupid to buy without kicking the tires. Would any of you buy a house from an ad long distance? No. I do business with Copart - locally. I would never buy long distance.

I don't wish to sound unsympathetic . But you must admit, it was kind of stupid to buy sight unseen.

Fairfield, CA

#287 Nov 10, 2013
All of you complain but you don't read or interpret thier rules and diclousures properly I was a dealer in va and have bought hundreds of cars from them over the years they are just a broker they do give photos and run and drive means it will start and may need a jump and will go into gear and move it's lot drive only and if your not a dealer your going to pay higher fees because you don,t buy in volume the best way to buy is be there and look at it if your not there don't complain I've a few and run them back thru the next sale it's crap shooting and thats how it is when I retailed cars the consumers have no idea how many cars a dealer looses money on cycling cars and taking hits on cars that aren't as good as they appear and sell them at losses at auctions again auctions are really dumping grounds so you have to evaluate the cars in person and still you will get duds so remember when you bid on-line your also bidding against people who are there in person looking at them and if the locals start dropping out and only out of towners are bidding chances are great its gone past what its worth or others are builders they stick to only 2 or 3 models because they proboably have 15- 20 cut cars and can over come it with and abundance of parts or use that vehicle to cut up to fix another one thats just how it is so before you blame the broker you may realize your not as smart as you think

Fairfield, CA

#288 Nov 10, 2013
Jhon wrote:
I accidentally won the bid but i don't want the car what do i do please help ?
pay the fees get them to sell it at thier next sale take your lumps and consider it lesson learned

Fairfield, CA

#289 Nov 10, 2013

Oklahoma City, OK

#290 Nov 15, 2013
After the May tornadoes and flood in Moore Oklahoma, farmers totaled my car. It had hail damage and had been flooded. When the insurance paid the lean holder the would not release the title until they got more money so i was told to go get the car. I was surprised to see all the red clay cleaned out and the smell gone. With a jump it started right up. The thing is driving it there was an awful noise coming from the rear end and front end then all the electronic things stopped working. The tow driver would not jump the car either time to tow it onto the flat bed it was drug. If a car starts looks good and motor sounds good dont mean a thing til you get it driving
former employee

Lewisville, TX

#291 Nov 20, 2013
Not a scam, but use common sense and read the fine print... Just talk to someone at the office before you start bidding so you know what Copart actually is. Almost every Copart employee will tell you that Copart is not for all buyers.

Copart is a legitimate business, but they are not very user-friendly to the public. I worked there for quite some time. They are an auction service that specializes in selling salvage cars, boats, trailers, etc. that insurance companies or dealers need to get rid of. That said, Copart's primary buyer base is made up of used-parts recyclers and dealers that either fix salvage cars or use them for parts. Some states won't even allow the general public to purchase salvage vehicles (This requires a dealers license, which means this is a professional buyer base.) I wouldn't recommend that anyone shop for a used car at copart, because that isn't what they primarily sell. If you are looking for salvage, then you won't find a better selection anywhere else. The public can sell cars directly to Copart but honestly you can get much more money just selling a junker to a dealership.
One word of advice to anyone who considers buying a car... Actually go look at the car in person before buying. Hiring an inspector is risky unless you know them personally.
Lastly, I never agreed with the "Run and Drive" status that is advertised. Copart's definition of Run and Drive is that the engine will start, and the transmission will engage in forward and reverse to move the car. That's it! Don't expect much more than that unless you inspect the car yourself. It is illegal in most states to try to drive a car with a salvage title down the road and it WILL get impounded if you get pulled over.
I hope this is helpful.:)
sammanja dollar

Doha, Qatar

#293 Nov 21, 2013
Him copart
know what your doing

Gilbert, AZ

#294 Nov 22, 2013
The general public is allowed to buy cars from Copart but they really shouldn't. unless you been in in the industry for a good while you probably shouldn't go to the auction, every auction is the same, copart is no better/no worse. the only time I've ever gotten ripped off by an auction is when I trusted on the internet pictures to tell the whole story. what all of the experienced buyers do is go to the auction site the day before and inspect the vehicle they are interested in. That way you can make a informed decision on how much to spend on that car based on the repairs that it needs, also they have a formula. if the vehicle, including the estimate of repairs exceeds percentage of the book value and there is no profit to be made, they will move on to the next car on their list. You have to have experience assessing body damage and formulating a repair estimate. Before going to any salvage auction there's a great money to be made if you know what you're doing, hence the phrase "where car guys go to buy cars".

Lansing, MI

#295 Nov 26, 2013
If you are going to buy from a salvage sale online use an inspector. These people are listed at the major salvage auction sites for a fee. Another service out there is one called salvageresearch.com

These people will help you by doing a history of the vehicle. They will also tell you if it has been tampered with prior to showing online at the auction.

Don't bid blind..........

Dayton, OH

#296 Nov 27, 2013
i hsve bought many cars from copart and had never had this big of a deal i think that you are the problem not copart it is called buyer be were lol

Barstow, CA

#297 Dec 5, 2013
copart buyer 2012 wrote:
i got a prerfect escalade at copart for 50$
B.S! I have been buying with cooart for over ten years and they are really shady. The only way u got a good car from coprt for $50 is if you bribed someone.

Kirwin, KS

#298 Dec 5, 2013
I just read through all the complaints on here about Copart. Those that are complaining are idiots! Copart is a salvage car dearer company. All of you complaining should hae done your damn research before. Over half of you are complaining about the pics. What damn business do ny of you have estimating damage? Almost everyone on here is in a pissed off rant about the fact they didnt pull a diamond out of goats ass! I bet if for a second any of you had asked them selves and professional why the vehicle was so cheap you retards wouldnt bein the position you are now! Know what you are looking at people! I have been in the collision industry for over 15 years. I have bought countless vehicles from copart but I also know what the hell I looking at! I also know there is a risk and sometimes I make a mistake! Any of you assholes who looked through there site knew they sold wrecked vehicles. Its not coparts fault you made a bad choice its yours! You should have done your research
know what your doing

Gilbert, AZ

#299 Dec 7, 2013
Damn teenagers with daddy money. If they would spend as much time doing research, as they do internet bashing they wouldve known better

Chelmsford, UK

#300 Dec 15, 2013
try working for them, absolutely crap management, don`t give a toss for the staff, but hey , have just realised that the staff turnover in uk is very high, now they want to know why, crap salary, under manned, crap arrogant local and area managers, blah blah blah
Public Buyer

San Antonio, TX

#301 Dec 17, 2013
first of all always run the VIN of the desired vehicle via CARFAX or some other vin check software. and proceed from there. if you still have any scepticism, hire a 3rd party inspection!!! otherwise youre taking a risk that many dealerships do daily and by the hundreds.

i do NOT have a dealers license, however, i purchase one(on average) vehicle a month. I prefer to use Copart, but their inventory is limited compared to that of IAAI and other brokers that i use that inventory many different auctions all together. i often resort to using Ridesafely, however, their fees are higher than anyone elses(meaning they charge a higher auction fee and Broker fee on top of a unique $55 documentation fee) and payment has to be sent via wire transfer. if you cant handle the 'not knowing' or the fees or anything esle, i would highly urge you not to buy from any internet auto auction.

remember, you still have to transport the vehicle if not bought locally, and that is a whole other realm of dealing with more strangers and trusting people... IMO its the worst part of the whole thing.

anyway all these places have to operate in accordance with laws. if they didnt, im pretty sure none would be as successful for as long as they have been. you take a risk; only you are accountable... they just allow you the opportunity. just be greatful you can bid at these auctions without a dealers license!!!

New Baltimore, MI

#302 Dec 17, 2013
im a large salvage dealer and i cant tell you that copart is the best place to buy inventory. BUT WE ARE PROS !!!! for all the back yard mechanics and dealer wonabees ..please stay away. you will get f..k guranteed... and as far as buying a 97 honda 1000 away?!?!? are u nuts?

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