www.copart.com is not a good place to...

Bothell, WA

#258 Jul 30, 2013
Who knows what the owner or buyer believes in or interprets when they purchase there dream car or another item on inventory. Maybe they can restore and trust in their crafted skill set to develop another fixer into amazing vehicle for safe travel or could clunk out at any moment on the highway. It is up to you to right a great review to allow good business running impeccably well. If this car wasn't great who says the next one isn't? Its just a vehicle, that you paid nothing for...goodluck.

Hillsboro, OR

#259 Aug 6, 2013
I have bought 2 cars from http://www.easyexport.us/ which is Copart broker, I didn't have any big issues with the cars. You just need to be careful and attentive looking for everything in the photos, comparing the prices etc.

Lathrop, MO

#261 Aug 26, 2013
Copart is what it is, a place to buy cars that have been previously used. This is not a place to buy used cars and expect these cars to be in perfect shape to buy them. I have bought several cars, put money into them and they run great. This is an auction, you have the pictures in front of you and expecting it to run when you pick it up it totally stupid. This is an AUCTION< not a car lot! Wise up or quit bidding.
John Mcintosh

London, UK

#262 Aug 28, 2013
Copart have a car listed without reserve all week but change it on the day of the auction so that it now has a reserve the staff have no manners and tell me there manager is not available and when I contact head office they state this practice is permitted and accepted how can we make a stand and put this company out of business there just out and out scammers .

Batavia, NY

#263 Aug 29, 2013
I have bought more than a couple 100 vehicles from Copart. A few of them I won without even bidding alot higher price. They said I clicked and show you a sheet that proves it. I know I didn't. I do it on several other live auctions, there website is the only one that happens on. It shouldn't automatically up your bid without you actually seeing it happen. I really don't know of to many people that pay more than they want for anything. The print out showed exactly what happened, it bid for me. I didn't click on that amount myself, I KNOW it. Money not the issue, issue is bad business. Very poorly handled. All on my end, not there problem. Piss poor!!!!

Los Angeles, CA

#264 Sep 2, 2013
Son una mafia sucia copart es lo podrido de los carros en su mercado y cobran por todo berifiquen bien antes de comprar o vender
Peggy Garcia

United States

#265 Sep 3, 2013
Y'all are all a bunch of crybabies ..if you don't know what you are bidding on don't bid. What part of "salvedge"don't you un
junk car removal

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#266 Sep 3, 2013
Cash for cars is our business. Junk cars are a nuisance and an eyesore. In some cases they can cost you money: if your county wants you to keep them registered and insured regardless of if they run or not, or fine you for not moving them. Getting cash for junk cars is a perfect solution to this problem.

We buy junk cars including, all years, makes and models in any condition. Wrecked cars, junk cars, damaged cars for sale, and even crashed cars for sale are of interest to junk car buyers. Yes, we buy wrecked cars; and more importantly you junk a car with us, junk car removal is included free of charge, provided it is local junk car removal. You do not pay us one cent instead we take your junk car for cash paid on the spot.

Lost car title, that is OK to. Getting a new vehicle title can sometimes cost more than a Junk Car is worth, but it is ok, lost vehicle title is no problem at all. You can still sell your car for cash, junk cars with no title is NO PROBLEM!

Bradford, UK

#267 Sep 4, 2013
I to bought a car, it was advertise as runs and drives

but in fact it has mechanical issues

stay away from this company

Money grabbers

Houston, TX

#268 Sep 14, 2013
Omg!!! I fell into the same trap. I bought a car that was listed as "run and drive", which shipped to me from Florida to Houston TX. Upon arrival, the had no key and after making a key for it, didn't have power on the dash. I have spent over $3000 on a car that I bought for $10,800 and the car hasn't started yet. I'm taking it back to Houston auction to re-sell even though I know im going to lose some of my money. Copart is very fraudulent and I think everyone should know this and stay far away from them. I wondering how else I can spread this new to real mess their business up. Please I need advise cos it's such a big shame on copart!!!
mr titan

Highlands, TX

#269 Sep 17, 2013
I'm glad to read your comments before i bidded on these cars. That is so horrible that these people trick you all into buying junk vehicles. I joined to get a truck for the engine but never could get a winning bid on really totaled trucks an i think they bid you up to get more money. Everything i bid on is always $100 to $150 more than my bid when sold sounds fishy to me now.


#270 Sep 19, 2013
I wonder why guys make noise about copart.How long does it have to take one to know that folks at copart are gangster trying to make a seemingly descent living.

Elizabeth, NJ

#272 Sep 21, 2013

Elizabeth, NJ

#273 Sep 21, 2013
Good buyer
mike caldwell

Kansas City, MO

#274 Sep 25, 2013
I bought a 2010 BMW 750li from COpart. The pictures shoed to have a bad passenger fender. That part was correct but it did not say that many parts were stolen from the car. They covered up the air bag deployment. They are liars and scam artists. You can ceertainly sell a car as is where is no warranties stated of implied but you cannot intentionally deceive people with the intent to earn more money. There is a law against that and soon there will be a class action law suit filed against copart.
Manny Kali

Wantagh, NY

#275 Sep 25, 2013
SalvageZone.com has lots of vehicle to choose from and they have been established since 1996. All their cars are in stock so you can ask all your questions or concerns before purchasing a vehicle. Copart is a good place to buy vehicle but you need to be knowledgeable. I do not recommend buy a vehicle from copart if your a first time or moderate buyer.
copart buyer

Livermore, CA

#276 Sep 27, 2013
I bought several cars at copart and one thing i learned was that if the car is missing headlights or tailights but everything else is in tact then that car has a bad engine EVEN IF IT RUNS because the car will need a head gasket as it was given a temporary fix. this happened to me also with a car that did not look like it needed anything. This guys at copart sell a lot of cars with bad headgaskets and make the car look like it's is in good condition, -- I am talking about their RUN AND DRIVE SECTION They also do it with other cars that they actually put their own fender benders on cars with bad engines and transmissions. Copart is a verrrrry sneaky company doing a lot of frauds and they can easily do it because of their AS-IS sales and also many of their costumers are from overseas, if you are going to buy a car there make sure it has enough body damage to know that it was in a real accident and make sure your costs don't go over when you bid.,, all and all I would stay away from a company that practices all types of scams . COPART is a company that has no self respect let alone integrity. Better to just stay away.
copartmember1234 5

Abbotsford, Canada

#277 Sep 28, 2013
I've bought many cars, boats and trailers from copart.
I'd say they are scammers. I still occasionally buy from them but check and recheck before bidding and before paying if something is not like advertised.
Example..... 2003 Suzuki XL7 was supposed to be "runs and drives"....I went to
pick it up with my trailer(6hour drive) and they tinkered with it for an hour
pretending that something happened and there is no spark. I figured I'll load it myself with a winch so they wouldn't damage the suspension with the forklift
like they always do..... I opened the hood and first thing I could see was timing chain cover with a hole in it and chain sticking out..... and they told me take it or leave it.
Another 2002 XL7.... I wanted it for parts so it didn't matter if it run or not....
It had close up pics of tires and spare in the back. After driving for 8 hours to get it I paid and they brought it outside with the forklift and put it on my trailer.
.....and I noticed that all 5 tires were bold. Since I bid on a few XL7s at the same time I thought that maybe I was thinking of a different one that had new tires.
Got home, checked pics online and....it had brand new tires on the pics.
On the inside window there was a sticker from insurance adjustor and if I remember correctly it was called "inventory" but i might be wrong....it said 4 tires @ 95% and spare 100%.
I called the manager and he told me I already took the vehicle so they won't do anything. I called the insurance company that sold it through copart and they didn't do anything about it either.
I called the manager again and told him that it is either somebody that works for him is stealing or he himself. Black on white. They steal and lie and we can't do anything about it.....so I would say boycott them.


#278 Sep 29, 2013
Hi everyone,

I want to buy a car from copart its my first time, if I win a bid and then send a driver to pick up the car do copart give the transport driver the title for the car or do copart post the car title to your home address ?

Can I have infor in regards to sending a transport driver to pick up the car and the car title .

Thanks to all

San Diego, CA

#280 Oct 14, 2013
After reading the site, I wonder how dumb the people that go there are. Why do you ask! It makes it very clear they are "salvage cars" which means that an insurance company deemed it "totaled". I.E. they need repairs. If you didn't read the site or the disclaimer. You get what you get, but for the ones that buy it sight unseen. You get the bonehead of the day/week/month/year award.
I have bought two motorcycles from them and I knew what i was getting into, I repaired them both and I ride one and I sold the other one. If you want to buy a salvaged car then know what your getting into. Don't buy a car from a salvage car place and expect it to be perfect! Most will tell you right of they need repairs and if you ignore that! it is your fault!

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