www.copart.com is not a good place to...

San Angelo, TX

#234 Jun 8, 2013
Ouch...I thought I had done my homework and looked at every aspect possible. Even registered for a CarFax account that ruled out two potential buys. While the reviews here are pretty negative, my coworker said he has bought two cars from copart and is very happy with them so there is at least one positive review. I guess I'll have to do more research before I make a bid.

Sparks, NV

#235 Jun 10, 2013
Lonnie wrote:
I sold a car to copart. Is the check any good
Was the check good? i got an offer from them to buy my car but not sure if the check will be good or not, im not very comfortable signing away my car and the thought of being given a bad check.

Downers Grove, IL

#236 Jun 16, 2013
My dads probably bough over 100 cars on copart and most of them were steals. You just have to be real careful look for everything in the photos and don't expect it to be perfect. Some of the cars sit there for several months so don't be surprised if they don't start
mack in Mississippi

Diamondhead, MS

#238 Jun 17, 2013
I have bought 4 cars from copart, all 4 are still running 2 years later. However I do have a concern with the bidding concepts. When u are live bidding, other bidders from Third World Countries are bidding against you. Really , why would someone in a far away land bid on a $200 - $1000 total( clunker). I think it is a way to drive the bid up. In many cases it would cost 4 to 5 times the price of the car, to ship it to a overseas location. hmmmmmm

Antelope, CA

#239 Jun 17, 2013
how did the process go? I too am trying to sell a car to them and I'm a little worried that they might stop payment after they get the car did your check go through?
Lonnie wrote:
I sold a car to copart. Is the check any good
Bob Loblaw

Hollywood, FL

#240 Jun 17, 2013
Kandi wrote:
how did the process go? I too am trying to sell a car to them and I'm a little worried that they might stop payment after they get the car did your check go through? <quoted text>
For those of you wondering if their checks will bounce you shouldn't worry. They're a publicly traded company with plenty of money and won't pack up and leave in the middle of the night just to get away with stealing your $500 car.

Although they have some questionable business practices, bouncing checks on people isn't part of their gig. They're much more likely to make you an offer for your vehicle that's only half it's value.

The check will clear the bank but I wouldn't deal with them anyway.
Sai Ma Ha Tai

West Des Moines, IA

#241 Jun 21, 2013
I was bid a car lots 105892105 and let me deposit, I deposit $60.This lots show me sale date 06/24/2013,
After that I check my account current bid, is nothing.
when I check it again this lots 105892105 was end , why they let me bid and deposit,when I request to refund my deposit , they refund to me only $ 20. shit copart
James Bond

Houston, TX

#244 Jun 23, 2013
COPART IS FOR SALVAGED CARS!!! IF YOU WANT A CLEAN RUNNING CAR GO TO THE DEALER!!! You all need to stop complaining. I buy cars rom copart and flip them.I always ship them staright to the shop because iknow THEY NEED TO BE FIXED FIRST!!!!!!!!!!
Kim John

Houston, TX

#245 Jun 24, 2013
@ James Bond very well stated. These a fools. Bidding 10000+ on cars they have not seen in person or have someone inspect them first. A little advise to all copart buyers.. They sell salvaged cars!! period. AS intact or new the car may look, it is salvaged!! Especialy beware of partially rebuilt cars from Florida and Arizona. If car does not look salvaged always ask yourself why is it being sold through copart, where no one can test drive it? Avoid flood damaged cars unless you are buying them for parts. Always remember junk yards buy their cars from copart.Avoid front damaged cars even though all airbags may still be intact. Most important NEVER bid on a car you have not done some research on. I have bought and sold over 50 cars from copart. Some at a loss. Get good info on aftermarket parts and have a rough idea what it will cost

United States

#246 Jul 2, 2013
You are an idiot. Every one knows that copart sales salvaged vehicles. You dint pay enough attrntion or do any researsh and got screwed. So now you feel so bad for your self and how stupud you are that you feel the neeed to blame it on them.

Charlottesville, VA

#247 Jul 7, 2013
Never buy a car unseen, people. Never...
fr duffy

West Palm Beach, FL

#248 Jul 8, 2013
ibought a car from copart that had a junk title copary advertised it as a clean title and when i found out copart refused to take the car back scammers and crooks god have mercy on them the devil wont fr duffy

Fremont, CA

#249 Jul 10, 2013
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Moose Jaw, Canada

#251 Jul 10, 2013
I too was ripped off and screwed over by Copart.
Should have done better research before getting involved with them... Learn From My Mistake.....!!! it was costly.
Just a car guy

Houston, TX

#252 Jul 12, 2013
Sounds like you should have gone to a dealership. Car guys do not buy cars from dealerships. You get what you pay for. That is how car guys make money. They buy cars that need work. Then the car guy does the work. Then sells the car for a profit. I just found them and they seem great to me. I have bought from government auctions that you can't inspect the vehicle at all. Copart is a scrap yard. You can buy cars that have been totaled there. Just got in a wreck and they totaled the car. It is sitting on a lot right now. You could buy that car and drive it home as long as you tie the hood down. I can promise you it will be sitting at a small dealership real soon. So non car guys do not even look. But if you know what you are doing then you know to watch out.

Brighton, MA

#253 Jul 16, 2013
Nice I love

Brooklyn, NY

#254 Jul 17, 2013
They tried to screw me many times. Once in an auction that was listed as minimum bid I was told the reserve wasn't met after I won. Then after two days the car as relisted with my highest bid shown as they tried and did sell it to someone else WTF? In the middle of a sale cars just fanish from the auction like someone in the back room said yank it I sold it! WTF. In general they suck I bought to harleys and were very lucky because I jumped them on my own and started them when they weren't looking. F them!

Santa Fe, NM

#255 Jul 17, 2013
I learned a few important things about copart auctions. "Pure Sale Items" don't have secret reserve prices, meaning the seller will not counter offer after bidding closes. And, There are a lot of hidden fees.

East Moline, IL

#256 Jul 22, 2013
Wow after reading half of these posts, I can already tell who knows what they are doing and who clearly doesn't.

First off these are salvage vehicles. There will always be damage of some kind on pretty much all these vehicles. The only time you may ever get "lucky" is if someone wants to sell their vehicle, actually took care of it, and didn't want to sell it to a junk yard for peanuts.

Next big thing you all need to know is this is a business. In this business the insurance company determines how much they want to sell it for. Those "hidden" fees you people like to talk about are what the company has to do to make money. I mean seriously you think they buy these vehicles for dirt cheap and then stack the fees against you? Common have some common sense. First off a company like this has to pay the insurance company for these cars. So if a insurance company goes this is worth $4000 to us. Ok so a random buys this vehicle for $4000 as the bid price. So what you saying is Coparts shouldn't make anything for themselves? Yeah ok you have no idea how business works.

Continueing on there isn't a yard alive in a business like this that would do anything to the vehicle. Now I'll admit they don't go into detail with photos, I'm sure they don't, but when you selling over a million cars a year you think they really have time to take more than 12 to 16 photos? Yeah didn't think so. A company like this is probably pushing XXXX amount of cars per week and then they have to make room for more inventory.

Personally I could understand a shady company doing shady things, but most of you feign ignorance like it's your job. If you go into this expecting gold, guess what, the people that make money off of this are experts at this. It's like flipping a house. Do you expect to not put money into your investment? Are you really expecting a top notch vehicle for less than $1000.00? Don't be stupid now.

There's a reason why this company has lasted as long as they have and is number 1 in their field. It's because people that have the slightest clue know exactly what they are getting and how to turn it into profit.

Wise up people.

United States

#257 Jul 26, 2013
Hello All,
1st. I have to say I have purchased 17 vehicles from copart.
2nd. I am a dealer, with a shop, and all the skills to fix cars.
3rd. Copart is not a car lot. It is a salvage yard. You shouldn't be buying cars from copart and expecting them to be 100% drivable right away.
4th. I've made upwards of 450% on a couple of the cars i've bought.(best deal = bought a 2001 Jeep for 600, sold it for 4200 two weeks later). Just changed a starter, radiator, did some exhaust work, and waxed it.
5th. There has never been a company like copart. IAAI is okay and generally cheaper, but how you make money is to buy 1. a Clean Title car that needs work. then 2. buy two or three of the same cars to make 2 working cars. 1 will be clean title, 1 will be salvage title, sell them both, then sell the excess scrap. Look for the clean title car that has mechanical damage, then buy the hit car (hit in the back) because it will have good engine and trans, switch them out, and sell the clean title car right away. Then buy a third car(hit in the front) so you can use rear body parts, and spare engine parts to rebuild the salvage car. then paint it. then sell it for payments to someone who is poor for $50 a week for the blue book value. No credit check required. if they are 31 days late you reposes it and sell it again. you make 400%. lastly scrap all the extra metal/seperating the aluminum and copper.
6th. Don't attempt if you don't know how to fix cars and do not have at least 10,000 in cash sitting around.
7th. Check with Certi-Fit for any body parts you can not reuse. don't buy original replacement, they are overpriced.
8th. Don't get into building cars if you don't have/can rent a booth/or know someone who paints cars cheap

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