www.copart.com is not a good place to...
joe joe san antonio

San Antonio, TX

#190 Mar 1, 2013
i bought a honda accord 2001 or maybe it was 1999 but when i bought it had a small problem in the tranny most of the damage was inside and i only bought it for 1200 i had to check it thoroughly before i bought it im a mechanic
robert koltz

West Palm Beach, FL

#191 Mar 2, 2013
i am sueing copar for misrepresntation of mileage on a $10,000 car i bought, filed a complaint with fla dmv and fed govt. car was supposed to have 6300 miles , had undetermined miles when i checkd car fax GM voided the warrenty when they found out, copart would not make good my loss they dont care about their customers be ware what you see on their site may not be correct and they will not do the correct thing they sold a car with not actual miles as having only 6200 miles i am out thousands until they go to court becareful dont buy there ,
robert koltz

West Palm Beach, FL

#192 Mar 2, 2013
i am suing copart and filed complaint with fla dmv misreped the milage, and the title becareful copart is not a good honest company they dont act responcably buyer beware!!!!!!!
Copart member

Abbotsford, Canada

#193 Mar 5, 2013
One of the vehicles I bought from them was advertised as "Runs and drives"
and it turned out the timing chain was broken and made a hole in the cover.
(when I got there to pick it up they couldn't start it and said that their mechanic
tested it and for some reason there was no spark..... but they run it a day before. I am a mechanic and first thing I saw when I opened the hood was oil everywhere and a hole in the aluminum chain cover.... and seized engine.)
I went to pick up the vehicle 72h after the online auction so too late to return.
Another one had brand new tires on the pictures. They made sure the close ups
would show how nice the tires were. Damage was to the RF corner (easy fix).
When I got there (I drove over 1000miles) it had bold tires! It even had an inventory sticker on the inside of the windshield from the insurance company that they were selling it for and it said that 4 tires were @ 95% and spare @ 100%. An SUV with bold tires.... it cost me an extra $1000 to put it back on the road. Good thing I had a flatdeck trailer and didn't attempt to drive it home cause they left the lug nuts loose!
Thieves and liars! I contacted managers of both yards months ago and still haven't heard from them.
Yes you can get a good deal from them if you're lucky but with today's market of buying, fixing and selling they make it more of a gamble to make
a profit. No matter what, they charge $ from sellers and buyers but when there is a complaint they can't be bothered.
I can't even count how many times they damaged my vehicle's suspension parts and bumper covers with their forklifts. It all has to be taken into consideration. Their rough handling of a car can cost an extra $1000 to$1500 on average.
There are other auctions that might have a smaller selection but you won't be treated like shit and owners will do their best to make customers happy.
I'm surprised that the insurance companies are still dealing with copart.
Good way to ruin their reputation........

Houston, TX

#194 Mar 6, 2013
I planned to buy from them; I dare not now.

Birmingham, AL

#195 Mar 7, 2013
These cars have the keys in them and will crank even if the fluids have leaked out.. just because it cranks doesnt mean itll last.. I looked at a truck and considered bidding, I started it and checked it out and wen I looked it up, it had already been sold.. I dont feel too comfortable with bidding on a car that someone can monkey with before I can go get it.. and omg those forklift drivers are gonna kill someone..

Van Nuys, CA

#196 Mar 11, 2013
I have bought a couple of cars in copart and most of the time it has been a good deal. sometimes I have had back luck with details or problems the car would have without advertising. But of course it a salvage yard and the cars ended up there for a reason. if we wanted a warranty or a car with no problems we go to a dealer. so any of you knows of another place for actions better than copart?

United States

#197 Mar 13, 2013
So what are some good auctions to go to.?

Denver, CO

#198 Mar 13, 2013
I had bought a 2010 bmw, from them (stated as runs & drives), and the same shite happen to me. Picking the car, but end up tow it home, and that sucks. That car has so many parts missing from the engine, there's no f**ken way that car was ever runs on it's own power when it came to copart. If it is, then it must be stolen by copart employees, and copart should be responsible for that kind of shite. Copart is a bit**.......
Dont' t ever buy from them!!!!!!!!!! Stay away!!!!!!!!!!

You'll end up spending more money then buying from the dealer........

Milton Keynes, UK

#199 Mar 13, 2013
thanks everyone. You have helped me make the decision not to buyt a car from copart.
Thaks guys you are all great!
Pam man

Chalfont, PA

#200 Mar 13, 2013
Copart is great! Just bought a volvo for 700 home put in 300 and sold it for 2,700 bucks, not a bad deal if you ask me

United States

#201 Mar 14, 2013
Copart is for "car guys" just like the add said... So if u don't know about cars an insurance auction agencies don't buy
Happy Coparter

Willis, TX

#202 Mar 17, 2013
Copart is a salvage auction! If the cars were not damaged,they would not be there. Duh!!!!
take it back

Cape Coral, FL

#205 Mar 22, 2013
you want a deal on a car
take back the government where is the nation of for the people by the people
its more like
by the lobbyist for corporations Get Smart you yuppie complaining scumbags the best deal you can get is to
Pay attention

Mooresville, NC

#206 Mar 22, 2013
Copart gives plenty of oportunity to inspect the cars before the sale date....if you dont take advantage of that ,, why is it their fault???? sounds like irresponsible "victim" mentality.... if you dont have automotive knowledge or are to lazy to drive yourself to the copart facility to do an inspection.... YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BIDDING ON THE CARS ,DUMBASS.... IT IS A SALVAGE CAR AUCTION,,,, MAYBE COPART SHOULD HAVE THE WRECKED CARS DETAILED AND PUT AIRFRESHENERS IN THEM FIRST????

Summerville, SC

#207 Mar 27, 2013
the body shop,(friend)buys 1999 cad. deville, lt. sway in front 52k mi. act. mi. loaded for 1750.00 + fees 250.oo+ - . Buys a 1997 cad. deville for 800.00 hit hard on side (clean nose). charged 4000.00 + 750.00 to tow in his state .Total approx.7000.00 for repairs,cad. retailed at time for 15500.00 approx. Saved 8000.00$$$ Thanks CO-PART (still running strong 7+ years .)

Mcdonough, GA

#208 Mar 29, 2013
You guts that buy these cars from a salvage sale and then expect you can drive them home are just plain stupid! Maybe even too stupid to be out on the road driving anyway. Look at the title info dumb dumb. This is a salvage auction not a car dealership. Everything is as is and there for a reason. I have bought plenty of cars from Copart either to repair and retitle or to part out. If you are stupid enough to travel a 1000 miles to buy a Honda with a salvage title and then get mad at the people selling it.... Then please do us all a favor and give the keys to someone else that may have some small shread of brain activity.
the man

Shelby, NC

#209 Apr 1, 2013
First off copart is great I bought over 100 cars from there. You just need to no about cars. If you don't them then stay away. I bought a 03 Nissan altima with rear tire missing for 1600 low miles 76000. Sold it for 4800 and cost 300 to fix. Example. People need to stay off copart that don't no shit about cars. People nowadays want everything for nothing. And most cars there are better than the ones at the dealer auctions atleast you no it was running when they crashed. Most salvage cars are better than clean titled ones. Its like this car dealing ain't easy you just got to no what sells and the tricks. And I hate people on there that run up the car so high you can't make a profit as a dealer and by the way glad most of you hate it.
the man

Shelby, NC

#210 Apr 1, 2013
Dumb asses,don't buy run and drives they are mostly all bad. And. If you spend more than 5000 on a car there your just an idoit. At all car auctions the car has been mess with,so dealer lots same thing. Waste your money and buy a new car u lose 8000 soon as u drive off the lot good luck
A buyer

United States

#211 Apr 1, 2013
repo joe wrote:
I do a lot of business with copart buying and selling and I have never had a problem the cars are what they say they are look at the pictures and prices they are not a car lot they sell wrecked and repossed cars they don't have the cars checked and if they did there would b a fee and cry babys would complain about that too. If you want a car with no problems go to a car lot
There is no need for name calling. Copart is deceitful and that us the bottom line

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