hair cut stories of sikh boys and girls

United States

#4236 Jan 28, 2014
hello mani..awesome bro.....plz ask harleen to write her transformation story here
Desi boy

Brampton, Canada

#4237 Jan 29, 2014
Guys Please suggest me a haircut which will hide my baldness. Like i said i am bald from the sides and the front from the forehead. please help.
Ajai Singh

Delhi, India

#4238 Jan 29, 2014
I belong to a sikh family and so did had long hair tied in a joora. I never felt like cutting my hair till i was in 10th grade. I was the only sikh boy in my class and so i was the odd one out. Being new to the school and class i was also ridiculed by the batch mates as giani, bodha etc. used to feel low and had almost lost my confidence and one day the worst happened, I was bullied and the moment i retariated i was caught by my class goons and was beaten, my joora was opened and my hair were messed. I really felt bad and misarable. It was then when one of my colleagues karan came forward and rescued me. He took me to his house which was nearby and made me reattire. He told me to get a gud haircut and be a normal being and i would look gud with short hair. Probably i was very disturbed that day so i just affirmed his suggestion and told him to help me. He opened my joora tied a pony and cut it off with the scissors. Then i went with him to the barber and got a nice haircut. The feeling was gud and i looked smart in short hair. Next day all were surprised to see me and complemented my looks. Now i am in college and haircut is a regular deal for me.

Ashburn, VA

#4239 Jan 29, 2014
Desi boy wrote:
Guys Please suggest me a haircut which will hide my baldness. Like i said i am bald from the sides and the front from the forehead. please help.
faux hawk (beckham) or undercut
try buzz cut too
Ajai Singh


#4240 Jan 31, 2014
asdfgh wrote:
<quoted text>
is your hair receaded from side?
No actually i have very dense hair and they havent receeded from sides but its recedeed a little bit from front. But i think it will be fine with passage of time. If u have receeded hair go in for a head shave and let the hair grow unanimously all over and then style it. After my second cut i have kept short hair with long hair on top and crop hair on sides and back, i also keep a shapped stubble and shave the beard below my chin and on my cheeks. I feel gud with short hair.

Delhi, India

#4241 Feb 1, 2014
hi guys i'm a 15 year old sikh and i have a moustache and little bit of beard. But seriously i don't like my beard either moustache many people make fun of my face because i don't look good with my beard but that's not the point peple say whatever they want i don't listen to them. But personally i hate my face because of beard i look so ugly with my cut beard some people know that i cut my beard but many of them don't know. Yeah i know you will said that you're a teenage and wait for some years than make your decision. No i have to change my life i started feeling depressed because of this i don't go for playing outside. I asked my dad about cutting my hair but he said if i cut my hair he gonna through me out of the house i don't understand he drink alcohol my mother and sister shave their legs and arm but my dad don't say anything to them whenever i asked my sister if you can cut your hair why not me. She never answer this question.when ever i see myself in picture i just wanted to burn the picture when i was 12 with no beard and moustache i look so good i have the picture but when compare my earlier pic with latest on i feel bad. I dont understand many people who cut their beard who are great singers like diljeet dosanjh and rdb, people clap at their song but whe i cut my hair people slap. I need help my dad dont know that i cut my hair but i wanted to ask him please tell me what to do my dad is very strict i like my religion a lot but their rule like not cutting your hair is a bad very baaaad rule.

So i'm confused what to do.
Pawan Singh

Delhi, India

#4242 Feb 2, 2014
Hi guys I am 19 years old sikh boy and had very long and dense hair but lastmonth after a lot of waiting and thought I got a cool haircut and shave. I wanted to cut my hair since I was 12 and since then I used to keep good care of my hair so that the haircline doesnt receed, I used to wash them frequently, oil them , and tie the joora and patka loose so that I dont loose the hairline. I did not had the guts then to get a haircut. when I beacme 17 I statrted to trim my beard, my family opposed it but late on all went well. Well that was the begining, I started to keep stubble insted of the beard and when I was supposed to go to my house I used to grow the beard. While I was in hostel I also started to trim my hair and used to cut them till my shoulders and tie a pony. It went on well but last month I went to my friend's marraige at Jaipur, over there while I was using the electric trimmer of my friend I accidently shave off my beard on the left side, but till the time I could register the left side was completely shaven, in order to give it a balanced look I had to shave off my beard. Then th eturban was not suiting well with beard so my fried suggested me to get a haircut. He removed my turban made a long pony and cut it off with the scissor, then tooke me to a nearby saloon for the final haircut and shave. The barber was too good and he did his job very fine. I was looking very good with the haircut and short hair suited my face.

Ashburn, VA

#4243 Feb 3, 2014
I am a sikh(age 17) and have long hair. Im an agnostic. Sikh girls or any other religion girls dont go for a turbaned guy for dating (generally) but there a some who dont care about turban but care about personality of a person(these girls are kinda rare). I actually feel betrayed cos my sister and cousion do not want to marry a turbned guy(they said it staright forward).
I am the youngest, sister and brother have their haircut and forcing me not to cut(dafaq?) i kinda feel heavy in my head and exams are near. I am thinkig about shaving my head. So wat do you this people?

Ashburn, VA

#4244 Feb 3, 2014
Teen girls look for cool boys with all that messy hair shaved face or a good beard style. We sikh boys who have maintained hair and beard are not even looked, watched with strange eyes. These teen consider us stupid and backward. Also at the age of 17 worry abou my hairline cos of hairloss for tieing joora and turban.....balding in frontal part and sides which is depressing. I just want to enjoy my stupid life nothig more ;(. Cant cut hair coss of hairloss well i think i have to wear this pag or patka for rest of my miserable life.

Delhi, India

#4245 Feb 3, 2014
Hi i belong to a sikh family and all near ones except my parents are cut surds. I slso used to feel when i was in 10th that i should cut my hair and so went for the haircut at the age of 16. My parents though were not happy with my decision but they did not explode as i had excepted. I kept on short hair and used to try various hairstyles and also started to shave my beard when i was in 12th. When i went to college i used to almost change my hairstyle every month and i started to smoke and drink a lot. My life had become a worthless bauble which was just to smoke drink flurt. I somehow felt something missing in life, though i had the best lady in college as my gf but then also something was empty in my life. During my final year i finally proposed my gf which she denied, although we were committed but were not formally together. The reason was that she was a non sikh and wanted to marry within her caste. When i ssid that i my also a cut surd and even more smarter then many hindus she just rejected with a reply" I cant trust you, since you are not loyal to ur religion how can you be loyal to me". It was a kinda bouncer to me and a flashback of my long hair, haircut, shave, hairstyles, smoking and drinking and cool dude image horrified my thoughts. I cried alot and my life became miserable as i had heard these words from my grandfather who though no more was in british army and a british officer had said the same to a sikh sepoy who had cut his hair. I was in a delima. Thereafter i again became a sikh at the age of 22 and now i am 26. I now find myself to be complete and the turban and long hair are a pride to me. Waheguru made me return and will guide you all.

Nasik, India

#4246 Feb 3, 2014
I want to cut my hair i am also getting hair loss but my parents will not allow me tu cut pls help me friends i am 16 year old every one tease me n make fun of me


#4250 Feb 3, 2014
A hunble request to all my brothers . We are the pillars of sikhi , I'm not here to give a philosophical lecture about sikhi but share a personal experience . I am a Commercial pilot and had cut my hair during my training . Yes I agree with all of you that during collage or school I used to hear commens from people for having jura and beard and used to feel bad but even then I used to date non sikh girlz and have all the fun of life . But later when I enetered the professional world I realied that the turban demands respect and people trust and respect a turbaned sikh much more than a non turbaned one . If you feel you don't look smart in jura and beard then restyle your turban , learn to wear a turban smartly and set ur beard right as per your personality , trim your beard if u feel its not going with your face ( sorry to offend many) but never let go of your turban . Till date I haven't been able to become a complete sikh due to my profession but I would wish all you teenagers do not commit the same mistake I did .
About all my sisters I have basically nothing to say as being a girl its your right to look pretty and walk the modern highway. Please never forget that you are a punjabi and even if you cut or trim your hair do not opt for radical short haircuts that even others do not recognize you as punjabis. And yes date and marry punjabi guys there are loads of punjabi guys who are damn attractive please so not marry intercaste ."Punjabiyan di shaan vakhri" I understand love is blind and maybe your guy is a true gentleman but still we marry only once and rest is life . After 5-6 years of marriage there is hardly any love its just giving each other company that is the time when you will miss your punjabi culture the most . You will feel like and alien in an abondoned world.

Nagar, India

#4251 Feb 4, 2014
Do sikh mothers like to maintain their sons pagdi and jooda these days.

Nasik, India

#4252 Feb 5, 2014
singh wrote:
I want to cut my hair i am also getting hair loss but my parents will not allow me tu cut pls help me friends i am 16 year old every one tease me n make fun of me
pls help me friend i am hating myself i dont have friends every one make fun of me n i am also getting hair loss pls help me!!
Sukhpreet kaur

Kurukshetra, India

#4253 Feb 6, 2014
Feeling Exicted ! Got my long braid cut today in unisex saloon !

New Delhi, India

#4254 Feb 6, 2014
lucky you


#4255 Feb 6, 2014
now a days sikh moms are not interested in maintaining joodas of children. mostly moms are working now a days so no time for long hairs. some women take their children for haircut from beginning. same here my chachiji want haircut of children but chachaji is not agree . she knows that children are not going to keep long hairs in future so by hook or by crook she will cut their hairs soon. she has also changed my mom . mom also got her hip length hair cut to shoulder and rebonded them. further she herself cut my lil bro hairs . she is also insisting chachiji for children haircut. moreover sikh boys and girls of today dont want long hairs. i have seen many boys who do jooda when were small but when grow up they cut their hairs and girls long braids are cut in short pony .


#4256 Feb 6, 2014
QUOTE who="Sukhpreet kaur"Feeling Exicted ! Got my long braid cut today in unisex saloon
congrats .. how you did this?
Sukhpreet kaur

Kurukshetra, India

#4257 Feb 6, 2014
@ Mani I didnt cut it my self
barber did it at saloon
Sukhpreet kaur

Kurukshetra, India

#4258 Feb 6, 2014
he holds my braid in his hands and cut it off with scissors !

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