hair cut stories of sikh boys and girls

Ashburn, VA

#3978 Oct 15, 2013
I am 17 and bald from sides. This is very disturbing as i cant get a decent haircut cos of balding. I will have to keep this turban for rest of my miseral life. This balding is causing anxiety. My grades were good but because of balding my grades turned bad.

Ashburn, VA

#3979 Oct 15, 2013
I am feeling betrayed too cause both my brother and sister cut their but when i told about me cutting hair they fu(king hit me yes hit me hard in head. My mother too is like a b!tch. She never understood me for her their were only two child. She too trims her hair but did not let me. For her their is only god never me. And i am planning to go UK for further studies. But i think i would be hit with racism in their.

Birmingham, UK

#3980 Oct 16, 2013
Hey I'm a Sikh girl and I'm 20 years old. I have recently cut my hair and stylised my hair by having layers. I personally don't believe in religion or God but my parents do. I'm going back home in 3 weeks time. I don't know shall I wait until Christmas holidays. My parents are going to hate me but they will understand as they know that society is changing plus my brother trims and my dad used too. I don't know!!! Please help

London, UK

#3981 Oct 19, 2013
pannu you are right this girl was stuped

United States

#3983 Oct 20, 2013
hey friends. today i frst tym myself shaved my beard after my haircut.the feeling was worthless.i decided for dis yesterday only and bought gillete razors and shaving gel.In mrning i shave before was amazing.Now my face is clean which was looking nasty before .i m very much happy and decided to shave myself in future.bie.......
K Kaur

Bradford, UK

#3984 Oct 22, 2013
Wahegurujikakhalsa, wahegurujikeefateh!

Brothers and sisters, you guys are cutting ur hair to fit in, into the 21st century. Why do u want to fit in? Stand out, u r blessed to be born into a Sikh family. We are engrossed in Maya but we don't realise it.
Since daas started to wear a dastaar, I have been given so much respect. Singh and singhniya say fateh to me... Even if I don't know them. Why? Because they see that guru gobind singh ji's singhni is coming.


Dad's could be wrong here but when guru teghbahadur ji gave up their body, and their sees returned to guru go bind singh ji, GGSJ asked how many Sikhs there were, the guru piyara could not answer, because they all looked like Hindus. GGSJ then said, I am going to make such a distinct identity so that from miles people can say ' there is waheguru Ji's son/daughter.'

Dharam Rai jabb lekha mangey, kiya mukh lehkey jaingaa?

I don't think my English made any sense there...
K Kaur

Bradford, UK

#3985 Oct 22, 2013
(A Dialogue between Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji and the Prison-Superintendent Mr. Gupta at Nagpur prison.)


Myself: Is it necessary to keep the head on the human body?
Supdt: The body cannot survive without the head.
Myself: If, however, it could survive, would you be willing to get rid of it?(If the body could survive without the head, would you remove the head?)
Supdt: The head is more important and is an integral part of the body. With the head the body becomes complete and without the head, body cannot survive at all.
Myself: Have you placed the head on your body yourself?
Supdt: No, God has placed it there.
Myself: Undoubtedly God has placed the head on your body. If, however, it were placed by you, perhaps, you could afford to remove it as an unwanted burden.
Supdt: Of course. But how can we remove or afford to get rid of something given to us by God?
Myself: Well, suppose, if someone removes that God-given head from the body, what would you call that person?
Supdt: Undoubtedly, he would be called a tyrant, oppressor, murderer and an assassin.
Myself: If someone asks you questions as to why you have kept a head on your body, what will you think of him?
Supdt: It would be a sheer stupidity on the part of the questioner.
Myself: Just the way, our heads are placed on our bodies by the Creator Himself, the same way, the hair on my head and yours as well, have been grown by the same God - the Creator. Therefore, your question regarding keeping of long hair is irrelevant in itself, because it is not I who has grown it there, but the hair is God\'s gift. Just as the head on the body is God\'s special gift, so is the hair given by Him. It is our first and foremost duty to look after the hair (God\'s gift) as we would like to look after and protect our head. Those who do not maintain God-given gift on the head,(cut off or completely shave off their hair), are, in my well-considered view, ungrateful and disloyal to the supreme will of God. I consider them murderers.
Supdt: No, they cannot be called so, you can give them some other name, because in cutting hair no blood is spilt.
Myself: You mean if blood is spilt, then alone it can be called a murder or assassination. What if someone is strangled to death? Would you still not declare it a murder, because in strangling a person, no blood is spilt, though death does occur? It is no use indulging in verbal arguments. You know very well that in certain methods of murder, not even a drop of blood is allowed to spill. Would you not call perpetrators of these crimes as murderers? If not, what else will you call them?
khoji sikh --xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#3986 Oct 23, 2013
vaalan diyan doe naavan---some Sikhs who got haircut say they did it for removing rebuild hot trouble making friends and gf bf wf hsb shauk pankhi di tarah asmaan ude etc beant these in pjb darje de oh sabh whereas if one sees it is fifty prc suitable milda julda and these kinds of have five prct plus again same five prct chain ahmeat rebuild unless majbouri kptkpn rebuild

Ashburn, VA

#3987 Oct 25, 2013
Are you really oiling your daughter hair now?

Chandannagar, India

#3988 Nov 3, 2013
there is no point of keeping hair.. i am 17 and balding(my hair is thinning too) damn it's very depressing.
Raman Preet Singh

Ashburn, VA

#3989 Nov 3, 2013
Why do you boys and girls need to think of cutting your hairs....??? Whyyyy??

Howrah, India

#3991 Nov 3, 2013
Raman Preet Singh wrote:
Why do you boys and girls need to think of cutting your hairs....??? Whyyyy??
Then what's the point of keeping long hair?

Since: Nov 13

Ashburn, VA

#3992 Nov 4, 2013
hobo wrote:
<quoted text>
Then what's the point of keeping long hair?
Its because our religion teaches us about purity every Singh or singhni who get their hairs chopped would surely realise their regret...
It was NEVER about keeping ur hairs ws about keeping it pure n uncut...its sacha swarooop 'the true image' of a person thats wot has been taught....its not about looking good or ugly...couldn't u look good being a sikh....yes u caann broo...each and every sikh guy or sikh girl can look good, there's no doubt in that for sure.

Chandigarh, India

#3993 Nov 6, 2013
Gold wrote:
<quoted text> @g singh: That should not be a problem. You should ask your mother to talk to your dad. She should tell him that now he is asking for a haircut. later he will have one and come home. At least he is respecting the family and asking to get a haircut. The family should appreciate that.
I am sure that your mother will help you and she will also take you to barber shop/unisex parlour for a hair cut. I will suggest that you go to a barber shop for haircut. It is cheaper and they ask no questions. It is such a relieving experience. The work on the head and the clipping of hair all over is to be experienced to be believed! Once you get a hair cut you will see how handsome you emerge and you mother will be the first person to hug you and admire you. Try and get her to talk to your dad. And she should take initiative and take you to barber shop. You can get a clipper cut all over and when you hair grows back, get it styled properly. You will never regret and will love it! Best of luck...@
hi gold glad to know that u r from Ludhiana I am a big hair fetisher and want to meet my kinda people in Ludhiana pls reply thanks

Chandigarh, India

#3994 Nov 6, 2013
any girl or boy who wants to chat about hair or is hair fetisher and is in Ludhiana pls feel free to meet we will njoy together
khoji sikh --xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#3995 Nov 8, 2013
vaalan diyan doe naavan--16 wrds hrp in Sikhism --dhur baani aaye tin sagli chint mitai hau apo bol na jaanda kahia sabh hukmaye jiyo --rebuild
manmeet kaur

Pathankot, India

#3996 Nov 8, 2013
i m 21 years old . my family didnt allow me ever to get hair cut . i have waist length hair with split ends nd i just feel embarrassed to keep my hair open . all my cousins have got short nice hair cut . even my first cousin got bob cut before she had to take admission in college . i want to get hair cut wht should i do :'(

Since: Nov 13

Ashburn, VA

#3997 Nov 9, 2013
Hello Manmeet,
I want to tell you that haircut is not only solution for the split ends, there can be some substitute for that for sure
Split ends occur when the protective outer
layer of the hair cuticle wears away
because of external stressors, such as heat
styling and salon chemical services.
Use conditioners that are good ones...
After you apply
conditioner in the shower, slowly run a
wide-tooth comb through hair until all the
tangles are out and do this without making your rough after rubbing those with towel.
If you use a hair dryer, use some top rated economical brand, rather than inexpensive ones that are not good in performance, the latter ones can dangerously overheat overtime and can tend to burn your ends split...
Treat your hair with so much care...and
Use only
covered elastics with no metal piece to tie your hairs into ponytail...don't pull your hairs very tightly..
Always use a
nozzle on your dryer to control and direct
the flow of air, and dry hair in a
downward direction before sectioning off
and drying completely with a round brush.
This way, you spend far less time with
intense heat straight on the hair
Hope you right soon up here, sorry for so long reply lol... ;)
And please plz do not cut your are a sikh girl....your hairs can get better without cutting,and hairs are so beautiful thing that girls have....
Don't cut your hairs bring a sikhni
Hope you right soon up here....:):)
khoji sikh--xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#3998 Nov 11, 2013
vaalan diyan doe naavan--some Sikhs since some time have been asking regarding sehat health what does --azaadi--40 words haraph --sarab rog ka aukhud naam mera vaid guru govinda har har naam aukhud mukh deve kaate jum ki phanda jo jo deese so so rogi rog rehet parbrahm nirjogi jeh praasad aarog kanchan dehi liv lavo tis Raam sanehi-- samjho--rebuild
khoji sikh--xyz

Saint Paul, MN

#3999 Nov 15, 2013
vaalan diyan doe naavan--pocket dictionary of Sikhism for Sikhs hankaar nahi karna pdosfshnk --gurbani--jisda sahib daadhaa hoi tis nu maar na sake koi tiste upar nahi koi kaun dare dar kiska hoi nanak -- rebuild--poura zarur parho--rebuild dtlos

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