Why do Jews hate black people if ther...

Kenosha, WI

#93 Sep 5, 2010
Lori Shapiro wrote:
<quoted text>Stereotyping, aren't we?
PS I am Jewish and Proud of it.

^5. I'm not Jewish, I'm half Italian & half Dominican. But, I'm VERY pro-Zionist & pro-Israel.

Now, granted, throughout the decades, many Jews have been involved in leftwing "causes". But, most Jews are a VERY classy, cultured & honorable people. And Jewish people have been persecuted in every nation where they have lived. Yet, despite this, Jewish people still thrive & prosper.

And Jews have made TREMENDOUS strides & contributions to America & to the whole world in the areas of science, medicine, agriculture, engineering, architecture, banking / finance, industry (Heavy industry & light industry), law, politics, computers, space satellites, military science, military technology & military tactics & strategy.

And there are a lot of VERY good Right wing Jews.--- Jewish Defense League (JDL), Jewish Defense Organization (JDO), Jewish Task Force (JTF), Right wing International Zionists, Right wing National Zionists, Mossad Organization, Sayeret Matkal, Aman, IDF, Hatikvah, Likud Party.

And prior organizations --- Irgun / Herut & the Lehi / Stern Gang.

And Israel is Americas number 1 ally in the whole world.

United States

#94 Sep 10, 2010
wow- jewish people and black people were both slaves- i dont understand why all the hate? not to lng ago they(jewish people and black) people were hated in america-and still are! why say they think theyre better-when both have relatives that were killed,beating,shot,hung,raped -murdered because of their race? what happened in new york wasnt a black or jew issue- it was a sin issue! to argue what color the original jews were is silly- whats more important is not the color of their skin,but the condition of our hearts is more important G_D is real-what will you say when you are face to face with him? will he find you in peace- or will your heart be full of hate? theres a negative comment on here about blacks and jews and thats how alot of people feel about both groups- back in the day they wore mask(the kkk) now they hide behide a computer screen-i respect the ones that are open with how they feel- now they still hate you, but in your face they are smiling and you talking about another race and on the inside they hate you too-silly! i was in the store the other days-two jewish men were together-one was talking very loud and three white woman talked about them very badly- then one of the woman came behind me and yelled @ them- and made it seem as if it was me- i thought that was interesting- but my mother family is from portugal and i was told they were jewish slaves brought over to portugal- my father is black-none of that defines me- whats important to me is G_D! i want him to be pleased with me-there is only on G_D and only one way to him and that way is through the blood of JESUS- if you dont believe its ok- but you will bow one day! peace!

Calgary, Canada

#95 Sep 15, 2010
I am going to post this Jews should be the last people on earth that hate blacks!

&fe ature=related

Brooklyn, NY

#96 Sep 17, 2010
jew wrote:
she definietly was not black Teutonic Prince,black dude df. She was middle eastern you idiot go to school lol.
moses was as black as the pharoah of Egypt at the time and as black as Abraham, Adam and Noah you need to study. The middle East as you say wasn't as light colored at that time. You will still find "black" colored Arabs today comparable to the shades of Africans from subsaharan to north africa. The American mentality has a difficult time accepting the prevalence of blacks in history. It's similar to the negative propaganda promoted about Hitler and his falsely stated dislike for blacks as he hated Jews. America was built on putting down Africans and their history and that mentality exists to this day. Schools in The EU will teach you the fact that Moses was most likely black as well as King Tut many in that area at that time and give evidence to the fact. Americans are taught ignorance to promote an agenda of dividing europeans and africans from harmony, by whom I do not know.

For any one to claim that moses was not "black" is in ignorance or denial of historical evidence and reason. There is no relevant reason to believe the contrary accept an american movie made in the 50s.

Brooklyn, NY

#97 Sep 17, 2010
the Talmud will explain how Jews really feel about everyone else.

Brooklyn, NY

#98 Sep 17, 2010
1. Jews think Jesus was crazy and that Mary was a whore.
2. Jews think its ok to lie to a person as long as hes not a jew
3. Jews believe non jews are no better than an animal and can be used and exploited as such.
4. Jews believe that its a virtue to steal and cheat a non jew.
5. Jews believe its a good thing to kill a non jew

theres more but i've got a life to live.

Kenosha, WI

#99 Sep 18, 2010
believer1 ---- In regards to your previous post, post #94.---- You said "not to long ago they (jewish people and black) people were hated in america".---- Somewhat true but primarily not true. And this is why.--- In regards to Jewish-Americans.---- Jewish-Americans were able to use an "escape hatch" to "Whiteness" in America.

Now, there are some "black" Jews. And probably the most notable black Jews are Sammy Davis Jr., Whoopi Goldberg, Lisa Bonet, David Blumenthal, Nell Carter, Drake, Goapele, Meagan Good,, Lani Guinier, Kidada Jones Rashida Jones, Zab Judah, Jamaica Kincaid, Boris Kodjoe, Yaphet Kotto, Lenny Kravitz, Lauren London, Saoul Mamby, Rain Pryor, Tracee Ellis Ross, Rovetta, Maya Rudolf & Shyne.

In addition, there are the "Beta Israel" (The Ethiopian Jews).

But, clearly, most Jews are White. So, most Jews could & can "pass" for "White".

Furthermore, black Jews were & are more acceptable to the non-Jewish White community. WASPs included.

So (And with all due respect), one cannot really make a comparison of Jews & African Americans in America. The dynamics are very much different.

You say "when both have relatives that were killed, beating, shot, hung, raped- murdered because of their race?".---- Well, this was clearly the case & deal with African Americans. With Jews, WAY less so. And it was way less so because most Jews were & are "White". Subsequently, Jews had an "escape hatch" to "Whiteness" whereas African Americans didn't.

So, the dynamics are clearly different for Jews & African Americans in America.

Kenosha, WI

#100 Sep 18, 2010
believer1 ---- Your point here.---- You said "what happened in new york wasn't a black or jew issue - it was a sin issue!".--- Now, you are correct that "sin" was involved. But (And with all due respect), still & regardless, there were racial overtones with the Crown Heights riot which happened back in August, 1991.

Kenosha, WI

#101 Sep 18, 2010
believer1 --- To expound upon Jewish-Americans & African Americans in America.---- With all due respect, the dynamics are very much different.

And this is why.--- From the very beginnings of this nation Jews were in positions within critical sectors of this nation such as in agriculture, banking / finance, industry (heavy industry & light industry), architecture, engineering, law, politics, etc..

But, from the very beginnings of this nation, this sure wasn't the case nor deal with African Americans. And this is why.--- African Americans came over in chains & shackles & were then enslaved.

And the dynamics were totally different for Jews & for African Americans was because of this critical factor.---- Jews are "White". Subsequently, Jews had an "escape hatch" to "Whiteness" in America. Whereas African Americans didn't.

So, the dynamics for Jews & for African Americans were totally different.

Subsequently, one can somewhat make a comparison of the treatment which Jews & African Americans have received. But, primarily not.

Kenosha, WI

#102 Sep 18, 2010
dreamhunk wrote:
I am going to post this Jews should be the last people on earth that hate blacks!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =9mRyGK5Z1YgXX&feature=rel ated

dreamhunk, I watched that entire YouTube video which you posted. And the message which this Jewish rapper named "EShy" was conveying was that the struggles which Jews & African Americans have faced are very much similar. And this Jewish rapper probably did this for public relations to "fit in" with the hip hop / rap community.

But, in reality, Jews & African Americans have somewhat faced similar struggles. But, primarily not. And it is primarily not because Jews are "White". So, Jews have had & currently have an "escape hatch" to "Whiteness" in America. Whereas African Americans don't.

In addition, the treatment which Jews & African Americans have faced is very much different. For instance, Jews were never slaves in America. Furthermore, Jews never experienced Jim Crow laws, riding in the back of the bus, getting attacked by police dogs, redlinings, getting clubbed as well as shot by police, getting discriminated against in housing & employment, etc..

And another thing which I noticed about that video.---- In that video, it was conveying that the Jews in Israel who have been victims of the homicide / suicide bombers is an equivalent to the struggles of African Americans.

And this is why I point this out.--- Using the Jewish victims of the homicide / suicide bombers is not a good example. And this is why.---- Most African Americans are more sympathetic & empathetic with the Palestinian "cause".

So, that video errored by likening the struggles of Jews & African Americans via showing the Jewish victims of the homicide / suicide bombers.


Kenosha, WI

#103 Sep 18, 2010
dreamhunk wrote:
I am going to post this Jews should be the last people on earth that hate blacks!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =9mRyGK5Z1YgXX&feature=rel ated

dreamhunk, an observation.---- From the early 1900s till the 1960s, many (If not most) Jews were very sympathetic & empathetic with African Americans struggle & cause in America.

But, in the 1960s, things changed. In the 1960s, many Jews began to shift more to the Right wing or at least to the center. And especially in regards to the main issues in America.

Here's an example.--- David Horowitz.--- Back in the 1960s, Horowitz was very left wing. In addition, Horowitz even had direct ties to the Black Panther Party (BPP). But, right after Horowitz's very close friend Betty Van Patter was murdered --- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betty_Van_Patter .

Horowitz's views on politics, economics, American society & culture began to change greatly. And what totally changed Horowit's views was when he saw the left wing in America remain totally silent when the left wing, communist forces in Southeast Asia (Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, Viet Cong & North Vietnamese Army regulars in North & South Vietnam & the Pathet Lao in Laos) mass murdered over 4 million people from 1975-1979.

Horowitz was totally disgusted by the left wing in America remaining totally silent about the mass murders & other mass human rights violations which the left wing, communist forces in Southeast Asia committed. And then, Horowitz did a total abrupt change from a radical leftist into a Conservative.

From the 1960s till now, many Jews have changed from leftists / liberals into Conservatives. And this has especially been the case & deal from the early 1990s till now.

In addition, many other 1960s leftwing radicals have changed in regards to their political views. And they too have become Conservatives.

An example.--- Ex. Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver.

Kenosha, WI

#104 Sep 18, 2010
joe --- Your point here.---- You said "the negative propaganda promoted about Hitler and his falsely stated dislike for blacks as he hated Jews".--- With all due respect, Hitler as well as others in the Nazi Party of Germany did not like "blacks".

Now, this is why one doesn't hear about Hitler persecuting blacks.---- In Germany throughout the 1930s there was a VERY, VERY, small number of blacks. The blacks who were in Germany throughout the 1930s were a result of what happened in the closing days of World War 1 as well as the French occupation of the Ruhr in the early 1920s. The miscegenation of black African troops from Frances black African colonies with German women who lived in the Ruhr region.

But, since the number of blacks in Germany was so VERY small as well as because the blacks in Germany didn't hold any powerful positions in Germany, they weren't considered a "threat".

Some sources say that most of the blacks who lived in Germany were sent to concentration camps.

Throughout the 1930s & early 1940s, what the Nazi Party in Germany considered to be the main threat to them was leftists (Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, Syndicalists, Liberals, etc.) & Jews.
Aunt Jamiaha

Cheyenne, WY

#105 Sep 18, 2010
Genitalninja wrote:
because black people stink and jews have really big noses. Not a good match
The better to smell you with Raztus. YIPES/GADZOOKS! peeuwie!!

Calgary, Canada

#106 Sep 19, 2010
I was doing some research in to the topic of Jews and blacks found these videos

&fe ature=related



Calgary, Canada

#107 Sep 20, 2010
another link about blacks and jews


Calgary, Canada

#108 Sep 20, 2010
here is another link

&fe ature=related

Haines City, FL

#109 Sep 22, 2010
[Both Josephus and Artapus say Moses married a Cushite princess, named Tharbis or
Adoniah. According to those ancient historians, Cush is clearly Ethiopia, south
of Egypt. The woman (or women) clearly were royal.
The punishment given to Miriam for scorning Moses' Cushite wife was the white
skin of leprosy. The irony is that her medium colored skin became whiter because
she felt superior to the darker Ethiopian queen/princess. In other words, Moses
ruled, and he defended his (political) marriage to a foreigner (so as to cement
a foreign relations peace agreement.)
Miriam, had no status to complain to the obvious leader, Moses (who also
reigned over Aaron.)
Moses, not only "won" Ethiopia militarily, but he also "won" a foreign
relations victory, by the marriage. In other words, Moses became king of
Ethiopia (due to his previous status of king of Egypt).
Moses, is called "mighty". In other words, he was a victorious general. He
therefore was actually a pharoah, or a renegade military ruler who commanded
over nations enough to bring Egypt to its knees.
Aaron and Miriam also came from the Egyptian royal family. Perhaps even Aaron
also ruled as a "failure pharoah", who had no army, no might, no foreign
marriages, and indeed led the people into a false worship of a golden calf
(heresy deserving of abdication).(Aaron had taken over the leadership role (as
pharoah) after the king died in the Red Sea. See my website for the names of all
the pharoahs involved: arismhobeth.com )
Moses "took over" leadership after Aaron's failure during the obvious
approaching terror of the passover angel of death,(the golden calf--or Hathor
disguised as the fiery lioness goddess Sekhmet, sent by Ra to destroy Egypt).
Moses led the survivors,(the refugees from heaven-sent destruction), on an
evacuation hardship trek that lasted a generation.
Sincerely, Aris M. Hobeth
The Preacher

Atlanta, GA

#110 Sep 29, 2010
black dude df wrote:
<quoted text> she was and they also show it in the movie prince of egypt
The Old Testament identifies Moses' wife an Ethiopain woman (Cushite) Numbers 12:1)

Calgary, Canada

#111 Oct 2, 2010
here is another great link


Hampton, VA

#113 Oct 4, 2010
the reason jews hate blacks is because we are what they are claiming to be which is,the people of god.they claim to be descendants of moishe(moses)but contradict themselves by saying that we blacks are the the descendants of ham who by the way,begot the ancient egyptians(kemetu'u=the black peoples)it was not ham that was cursed,it was his son canaan or israel that was cursed.thus resulting in the canaanites an israelites being inslaved. so if ham is the son of noah(and he is)and ham had a son named canaan who noah cursed,then tell me, and if blacks are related to ham,then what do you jews have incommon with moses when moses himself was a hebrew and descendant of the canaanites which is why he said let my people go.(his tribe).this is why you bigotful jews hate us because we are the original hebrews. king solomon was black and so was queen makeda(queen of sheba or ethiopia) which edgar cayce in his akashic records soul journ said was the garden of eden. just thought i give you a true historie lesson.

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