Why do Jews hate black people if ther...

Houston, TX

#28 Mar 16, 2010
son of ham mizriam settled in Egypt, so Egyptians are black. Moses was from Abraham who was born in Canaan.(Canaan son of ham) also black. nobody in the Bible is white all the stories take place in Canaan and Egypt. the first white people in the Bible are the romans who was oppressing Jesus people. n now call they self Jews......

Houston, TX

#29 Mar 16, 2010
david was from ruth a moabite(they established Algeria,Morocco) black...david and besheba had Solomon. besheba was from cushite region(cush a desendant of ham)black.....I can do dis all day how about you put people and place together and not let somebody tell you about Jews.
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Bangkok, Thailand

#30 Mar 16, 2010
smh wrote:
the whole middle east is what was known as the land of Canaan. Canaan is a desendant of ham(black) Abraham was born in Canaan. ur is in Canaan. this shows you that a jew is really black r middle eastern. neva white
Many people would agree with some scholars who say that white Ashke(nazi) Jews are the biggest racists in the world. Yes, there are black Jews- mostly Ethiopian black Jews, and they are treated like dirt in Israel- despite the fact that they are probably even more Jewish than the Ashkenazi Jews. Today's Zionist Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of Central Asian peoples who converted to Judaism circa the 8th century, and genetically-speaking, they share little- if no, affinity with the Jews of the Bible.
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Summerfield, NC

#31 Mar 22, 2010
tcbringit wrote:
First of all, the jews in Israel are the real Jews of their religion, Judiasm, but they are not Hebrew or from the descendents of Abraham sts some of the rabbis. Moses was black and from the seed of shem. Noah states in Genesis that Japheth will enlarge itself and dwell in the tents of shem, the land of canaan, which is israel today. the hebrew descendents are not there states the bible, the gentiles are. all the prophets were black. Check out the miracle that God bestowed on moses to show pharoah who is also black. He turned his skin white as snow then it turned back to his complexion. Look at the paintings of Eygpt, they are all black and moses was black, because Pharaoh thought he was an egyptian. So was Abraham and Sarah. The Egyptians knew she wasn't white, they thought she was an egyptian. Jesus was black too. Read your bibles people. America is defending the wrong israel. always white washing. The truth is coming out
You are so right!!read this link and learn the truth--http://warofthewords777 .tripod.com/

Tulsa, OK

#33 Apr 10, 2010
i never heard of any jewish people that hate blacks
but if they do its probably becausethe way black people act.

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#34 Apr 11, 2010
What if you are a black Jew.... Does that mean you hate yourself???

Hanoi, Vietnam

#35 Apr 17, 2010
Yeah, I've read that Jesus may be Asian. After 2000 years we still don't know the race Jesus leaves you thinking who's profiting from all of this.

Raymond, MS

#36 Apr 18, 2010
Because Moses was not black you ignorant ....
Just because Louis Farrakhan says something is true dumb a$$ does not mean that it is. The black Church probably teaches you that every prophet including Jesus was black as well, that is also well, b-llsh!t.
Don't bring your racist white hating Jew bashing b-llsh!t about Moses being black, Moses was fucking Jewish and last time I checked there were no black Jews in the middle east, the life of Moses is well documented in history and in the bible, and at no time did he have an African mother. And Egyptians are not black either, so sorry dumb a$$, stupid f...ing question.
Sometimes there are stupid people and stupid questions.

Raymond, MS

#37 Apr 18, 2010
Try again David was born in Bethlehem which if you dont know is in Palestine. The shit you are trying to pass off as fact which contradicts not only the bible but history, is BS passed on to you from the black church.

In other words racist bullshit.

Darby, PA

#38 Apr 20, 2010
Betcha Sammie Davis Jr. Would be condused by the choice of topic. You do realize that to be Jewish is a religion choice not a race. I can be Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim or worship Buddah....do any of you have any idea of my race right now? Am I male or Female..... Young or Old? Hard to place someone in a category when you can't see them huh?
I think we should focus on the person and if you find friendhsip in their company the race & background really doesn't matter.

Secaucus, NJ

#39 Apr 22, 2010
Jews hate everyone - Their Talmud tells them so!
human race

Santa Clarita, CA

#40 Apr 22, 2010
well,I actually doubt that. jewish people love african american people. the both races have been through alot in the past. like,mistreatment,discriminati on,segregation,killing and terroizment. blacks and jewish poeple have alot in common.jewish people show their greatest love towards them and even wrote a book called,"a letter to black people". I am sure in my opinion,or if it is a fact,that there are some racists out there. but both of them should love eachother,show compassion for eachother and protect eachothers side. look back at history,jews and blacks are the most hated people on this earth. look how badly they were mistreated and betrayed on television and by white people. more further to say,can you really tell what's going on?

Cincinnati, OH

#41 Apr 26, 2010
moses was black...as was Yehoshua...read research nd learn

Cincinnati, OH

#42 Apr 26, 2010
they all were black yur the racist person b/c yu dont wan2 admit it...the facts are clear...don't be ignorant open yur eyes and take in the truth!!!!

Matthews, NC

#43 Apr 26, 2010
All of you are crazzy thair are no white Jews

Matthews, NC

#44 Apr 26, 2010
NO White Jews God would have killed them

Saint Louis, MO

#46 Apr 27, 2010
Some of the ish u ppl have to say is sooooo ignorant.....lik seriusly it's 2010..... Y the eff r u dumb a$$ lame a$$ ignorant a$$ ppl bashing ne race???? We all live together so deal w it.... There are awesome whtes blacks Jews Asians indians watever..... There are also shitty ass whtes blacks Jews etc ppl are ppl and u all have a diff opinion bt gro the eff up black ppl dnt stink biotch ur mamas p!!!! duz after she had ur ugly a$$ and Jewish ppl are great ppl jus lik other races sexes etc...... U guys r effin sad.....all races are great no one shud hate bcuz of complexity thts ingenuos and lame n there ws nobdy on ths post tht ever met Jesus let Him speak for Himself

Calgary, Canada

#47 Apr 29, 2010
You must mean khazars, be cause real hebrews are black. Song of Solomon 1:1
ace int Egyptians are black, hewbrews are black

dig up the bones of aceint hebrews and they are not white.

Calgary, Canada

#48 Apr 29, 2010
who are Khazar do your reach and find out


here is a little history lesson on blacks and Khazars


I don't promote hate but only the facts


Houston, TX

#49 May 5, 2010
man jews make money...black people want money...that why US supports them and hates black people

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