Why are Black Woman/ White Man couple...
Not Gonna Lie

Navarre, FL

#684 Oct 15, 2011
I'm only on 21-40 comments, but you seem like a true blue dumbass.
If God truely didn't want interatial relationships, I'd think he'd just strike us all down with lightning.

I've never, ever dated a black man, and I'm not fried, now am I?

I'm so sick and tired of you idiots thinking religion actually holds something during a discussion. It's subjective, retard. I don't give a flying fuck about what your pointy-hatted priest told you as a five year old before he molested you.
If you can give facts, not opinions from a book that hardly holds any real value in the real world, then I'd be sooo happy to agree with you.

And, if it is true that God, be it mine or yours, only wants us to be with our own race.. Then ew. If you really, truly think he'd rather us be inbread than happy, then you're really fucked up.
Either way, I don't think I care. I sure as hell know that I'll never, nor any other woman that respects herself, try to sleep with a wart like you. So, carry on with your stupidity, bask in your ignorance, because I'll be laughing at every word.

Gaziantep, Turkey

#685 Oct 16, 2011
okay guys come on there is nothing wrong with interracial relationships. I am the only black person in my school and i dont feel left out from anything. i have dated many of the girls in the schools and i got no comments from people whatsoever. People whoi say interracial relationships are racist and just dont want "lower class" races to start mixing with there race. P.S I am not targeting white people in anyway as black people also dont want there women going out with the white folks which i think is complete bullshit. people should marry anyone of anyrace in which the choose
mark in nh

United States

#686 Oct 16, 2011
I am white and marrying my black fiance the 12th of November 2011. Nothing said here on this site will change my mind.

Tampa, FL

#687 Oct 24, 2011
why get offended black men have been doing this for so long. Do not get offended if you see a beautiful sista with a man from another race, if you wont date me let it be over something meaningful. Black say they love black women just certain ones that is as far as i see.there are many beautiful black women you have the light ones caramels and chocolates too. Some of us are educated, classy and respectful of ourselves. Take me for example i'm 20 years old, no children, i have a degree in Business Adm and working on my bachelor's in both Finance and Intl Business, i work as a manager at a resturant, christian etc. As far as skin color i'm not dark, a nice brown. But black men my age are into non-sense well from what i see, that's why i prefer men at least 24 and up if not they must have a high maturity level. I'm not saying that becuase that is what i should have but what i am. But men of other races find me attractive, they don't see my skin color. Because i've seen some hideous light skinned ppl and i've seen some fine chocolate women who have together and im not gay. Some black men are defining themselves by what the world and media says, sadly these are the affluent ones not necessarliy the most educated, or attractive....well i'm off to class

Since: Oct 11

Toledo OH

#688 Oct 24, 2011
Tony17 wrote:
You know, from my studies of the Bible, It seems that God DID NOT intend for the races to mix. I know this will cause quite a bit of controversy but I can prove it. For example, if an Israelite mixes with a Gentile and they produce offspring ( called MAMSER) the offspring (s) are considered a contaminated species till the TENTH generation. The number ten indicates ORDINAL PERFECTION in spiritual numerics. Hence the TENTH GENERATION.
Tony if God didn't want the races to mix they wouldn't be able to reproduce same as having sex with animals
Love and Happiness

Goodman, MS

#689 Oct 26, 2011
I am a black woman who is happily in a relationship with a white man. I do not understand why black men are just so taken aback by the whole "I'm dating a white guy" thing. I think it is mostly because they think just because I am in college and am not a "hoe" I will be super materialistic and high maintenance, or the fact that my personality is not what they are use to. That is not true and I just have a unique personality. Oh well. It is clearly their lose.
mark in nh

Blountstown, FL

#690 Oct 27, 2011
I find it incredibly funny how if you talk to Catholics they can point out in there Bible how its supposed to be, yet a protestant or a Jehovah's Witness or a baptist they all can show you scriptures as to who's right or who's wrong. So as for anyone reading there Bible and claiming that interracial relationships are wrong apparently its all about how you yourself wishes to interpret Any one of the different Bibles and what you personally wish it to say. How ever God does not want the Bible to be used as a tool to fight or argue!

Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago

#691 Nov 4, 2011
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>Rose Wood, well damn baby. You certainly butchered these scriptures,LOL. You need a whole lot of Bible studies to clear up your confusion. Most of you have no idea who I am and what I'm actually about. You see me come here and talk a lot of trash etc, and you have no idea that there's actually more to me than meets the eye, more than what I allow you experience of me here. Trust me. I haven't told y'all everything about yours truly. And I never will,LOL.
Tony I am sure you are a Black Man..........so typical!

Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago

#692 Nov 4, 2011
Oh Tony, I am sure you are a black brother.........so typical!
mark in nh

United States

#693 Nov 4, 2011
Tony 17 who cares? You obviously mistook us as somebody should care about who you are when we all have our own lives to ponder and such. To me (as I'm sure most of feel this way) the internet is like watching TV don't really care if we meet the actors /actresses and such as long as they keep making shows/movies for us to watch.

Columbus, OH

#694 Jan 4, 2012
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>Sweetie, I am not gonna get into a deep discussion with you on this as I can tell you cannot go to the level on this that I can ( the third level). There are three levels in the Bible form which things are taught. The first level is for babes and novices of which you are. The third level s for those that are more advanced and can handle the MEAT of the Bible as opposed to milk and there are very few that can go there including most so called Th.D's. I will not embarrass you unless you insist.
Im sorry, but i suggest you would stop talking because you don't know what you are talking about. Please reread the bible the correct way instead of misinterpreting what the bible is actually trying to say. So you my friend, are embarrassing yourself
#695 Jan 7, 2012
Tony17 wrote:
<quoted text>You've got to be a CRACKHEAD. Look at your photo. LOOKS LIKE YOU'VE JUST PUT DOWN A CRACKPIPE.
What a terrible thing to say.

United States

#696 Jan 15, 2012
to see the world seperated and divided by racial issues is pure ignorance and fear of the "unknown".....& to talk of the right and wrong of the bible is just more idiocracy....due to the that knowing is half the battle you can not fight what u do not know......what is wrong is to pass judgement against someone else and raise suspision of their views....or therories.....to believe in anything is how we progress in the future!!!!!
Black mans nightmare

Berlin, CT

#697 Jan 21, 2012
I just go up to a younger black chics at the clubs around the ages of 18 to 27 and start talkin to them cool at first then I bring up the seen around me about how all the brothers around the place r all over the white girls and how's that make her feel that her own kind prefers white girls and that the black women r the ones gettin it the worse out of the interracial seen then I teller i love to eat black pussy and within an hour I'm tappin that black ass works every weekend for the past 20 years

Since: Feb 11


#698 Jan 22, 2012
Black mans nightmare wrote:
I just go up to a younger black chics at the clubs around the ages of 18 to 27 and start talkin to them cool at first then I bring up the seen around me about how all the brothers around the place r all over the white girls and how's that make her feel that her own kind prefers white girls and that the black women r the ones gettin it the worse out of the interracial seen then I teller i love to eat black pussy and within an hour I'm tappin that black ass works every weekend for the past 20 years
You can barely spell. I doubt any black woman would date white trash like you

Van Nuys, CA

#699 Jan 22, 2012
I am a black woman involved in a relationship
with a handsome and really cool white man who
I love and he loves me! I do know black men are
very offended by black women and white men. I
don't know why this is such a big deal! black
men can go about their business and date non-
black women and black women for the majority
are like "oh ok?", they move on. So the double
standard is full of bs for us black women who
prefer white or non-black men. By doing this,
it is a personal preference, don't trying to
say to black men, your not worthy of us! we
are just looking for something new. This is
not a sin nor a cultural betrayal to prefer
a good man, that will be good to us and for
us who is not black. This is not 1800's to
1950's, where a balck or white person better
not be seen together romantically. Screw them
if they have a problem with love of a different
flavor! God never said interracial love was a
sin or bad, he said loving someone of differnent
spiritual faiths is unequally yoked in his eyes.
That's the proble. Black women can not not
should not be made to feel pressure or guilt
from the black community that she loves and
knows through her upbringing. Because she does
not date her own race of men. Nor should a
white person be labeled a "race trader" for
his heart loving a non-white person. Society
can be so cruel and ignorant, but as adults,
it is our lives and our business by the deep
blessings of Christ whom our spirits chose to
love. They don't like it, close your eyes then!
life and love goes on with or without your
uneeded approval!

Van Nuys, CA

#700 Jan 22, 2012
typo mistake line 23: It should read, black
women can not nor should be made to feel
pressure or guilt..
Line 11: Should read, not trying to say black
men are not worthy of us!..

Hancock, NH

#701 Jan 24, 2012
I totally agree Melody and I am a white man married to a black woman. I see the looks, from both sides of this proverbial coin. I am (because of my wife) a non violent man but some times those looks and mumbles from others make me want to hurt someone but then I realize that would be stooping to there level. As a former martial arts instructor and soldier I am not superman but I am capable of hurting someone but that is Not gonna happen.
It seem there are a lot of folks that try to use religion for hate, I don't get it.

Bethlehem, PA

#702 Jan 27, 2012
P Diggs wrote:
I have noticed that the interracial couples of black women/ white men are on the rise. I have seen the faces and heard the comment of many people, but it is supprisingly black men have the most to say.. Black men have had the attitude that black women are good enough to become sucsessful with, but a white woman is the one to spend it on, so they drop the black one and pick out themselves a white woman to garnish his arm with.
When a white man is seen in the intimate company of a black woman, there is all this talk. I even saw a black man married to a white woman make a negative comment right in front of her. Please people, help me to understand this.
Because black men have shit for brains

Saint Paul, MN

#703 Feb 3, 2012
My husband is a WM and I am a BW we love when people hate on us, that shows how pathetic they are. We take pride in what we are which is an interracial couple. We enjoy seeing the faces of haiters on either side of the race spectrum. Were in love and Boone else matters. If people can't stand seeing interracial love then they belong in the 1800s. :)

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