Injustice In Coweta County Ga.

Injustice In Coweta County Ga.

There are 23 comments on the Scott Edwards on story from Apr 20, 2006, titled Injustice In Coweta County Ga.. In it, Scott Edwards on reports that:

April 20, 2006 My name is Scott Edwards, formerly of Coweta County, GA. I am writing so that you will know the story of how I have been the victim of malicious prosecution at the hands of Sgt.

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Lagrange, GA

#1 Jul 22, 2006
Dear Mr. Edwards :
Although my son's case is somewhat different from your case , the point in fact is the same. My son was accused of crimes , arrested , threatened durning the interview , actually hit by the investigator with other officers present , and I was threatened as well if I brought charges against the officers. Nothing at this point has been done to the officers nor the investigators. I have contacted the Justice Department in Washington D.C., Governor of GA., and the news media. Still , Justice is not served.
My advice to you is this : Keep the Faith in God for He will prevail in everything and serve the Justice! I will keep you and your family in prayer Mr. Edwards. God Bless.
Scott Edwards

United States

#2 Aug 22, 2006
I have just seen your response, I would like to know a little more imfo. Did this occur in Newnan? I have contacted everyone you have except the Justice dept. I have learned an awful lot with all of this lately. We filed a complaint with Coweta CO. and it was inproperly investigated. Of course the officers did no wrong.I am sure with enough complaints to the Justice dept. about this same area something might get done. Keep me informed, or perhaps we could discuss some of the issues. Thank you for responding. God Bless you and your family.
KB- Fayetteville

Alpharetta, GA

#3 Sep 12, 2006
Mr Edwards,
Our story is a lot different than yours but it still includes the coweta county sheriffs dept.
As I am sure you know how hard it can be with anyone to do with that department, my mother & fahter-in-law were both arrested on false charges & nothing more than a resturant reciept as a search warrant. I could also go on, but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone, a lot of others are fighting the battle againt the entire department.
God bless you & good luck
Scott Edwards

United States

#4 Sep 12, 2006
It would be great to get enough people to battle this hick town. I believe one of the detectives was having an affair with my now deceased young daughter, and wanted me out of the picture. Now the entire dept. is covering for him like all cops look out for one another. He knew her all too well. This is a very corrupt town. Maybe with enough complaints the Justice dept. will investigate.
Concerned Citizen

Newnan, GA

#5 Dec 28, 2006
Scott, I know first-hand of the corruption of the Coweta County Sheriff's Department. I don't want to go into too many details here, but there are quite a few of us who are concerned about the power of Mike Yeagor and the corruption and nepotism within his department. I could go on and on. My grandson was killed by a friend of the sheriff and no investigation was done. God bless you and I wish you the best.
Newnan Resident

Villa Rica, GA

#6 Jan 15, 2007
Mr. Edwards, I have lived in Coweta County all my 43 years. All I have ever heard is that the Coweta County Sheriff's Department is corrupt. Good luck too you and your family. Hopefully you will find out the truth about your step-daughter's untimely death. The People in the wrong will pay.
someone who knows

Kathleen, GA

#7 Mar 7, 2007
Scott I know the truth, I was in court on the 5th of feb.and that was a laughing stock the way thoes people lied.It was obvious they were told what to say by Ray Mayer.God bless you.
Hank from griffin

Kathleen, GA

#8 Mar 7, 2007
We have seen first hand what has happened to this young family. Ray mayer and John Lewis set out to destroy this family.They took nothing and made a mountain.pulling a string on a bathing suit,and made a felony of this.Where else except Newnan!People on the jury that convicted Scott that recommended councling,you should see his life now.This could happen to you ,your husband ,son or brother in Coweta Co.Please tell everyone you know to read what happened to this young man.
TB Chief

Decatur, IL

#9 Mar 7, 2007
Who Cares?
Hank from griffin

Kathleen, GA

#10 Mar 8, 2007
Maybe you would if this happened to you or someone you cared about.Thats why things are like they are now because theres too many people like you that "don't care"

Dawson, GA

#11 Mar 12, 2007
Dont ever, ever, piss off the police. I would get all of you criminals in the Edwards family if I could. Quit your whining. You all broke the law, now reap justice!
someone who knows

Kathleen, GA

#12 Mar 12, 2007
you are so right when you piss off the law in newnan they will do or say anything to get you.
Professor, SURE
An Insider

Powder Springs, GA

#13 Mar 13, 2007
I've watched this thing unfold for this family.
I've watched the pain that the Edwards' family has walked through.
To the professer (sic): You have proven your ignorance by slandering the Edwards' family here. You have also proven that you don't know them at all. I have known them for years and to call them "criminals" is ludicrous. Maybe when your son,
husband, brother, or someone you love is falsely accused, then you will understand this family's pain.

Jenkins, MN

#14 Apr 22, 2008
who cares??? come on you can`t be serious!
who cares???? being accused of something that will inevitably DESTROY your life even when found innocent?

Jenkins, MN

#15 Apr 22, 2008
well said! i don`t know this faimly but i`m trying to find out more? i m having a very hard time could some one help me out here?

“Eye for an Eye”

Since: May 08

United States

#16 May 12, 2008
Scott, this probably won't make you feel any better but it is happening all over, I live in Hutchinson Kansas one of the most corrupt cities in america. It is so bad that the cops openly brag about being corrupt and laugh at anybody that stands against them. within the last few years about 20 cops have been fired from everything ranging from bribery to theft even forgery of documents. The only reason they were even fired is because there was documented proof against them. The chief of police here if you file a complaint against one of them will give them your name and address and it is well known that a string of harrassments begin until they get you. Personally I have found the best way to combat this problem is to tell everyone you know your story even people you don't know, e-mail your state officials everyday and keep them documented. Call every lawyer in your town and tell them your story even though as i found out they won't help you but it will get back to the police that you are looking for a legal means to finish this. Here is the best one if you have absolutely nothing to hide and i mean nothing to hide contact the justice dept. everyday for a month they will get tired of hearing from you and will do something but as usual they will screen you as a suspect to find any dirt on you. At the same time you need a petition signed by atleast 2500 hundred people that feel the same way you do about the police dept. anything less and they do not take it seriously. Have your petition well worded and clearly asking for a change in administration. You have a long battle bro i feel sorry for you but dont let those a**holes push you into doing something that strengthens their case against you. Although it is a very serious matter to you - to them it is only a game learn how to play their game and beat them it is possible.
Justice Served

Newnan, GA

#17 Jun 5, 2008
Scott Edwards is a child molester and his wife is a liar. You people are idiots, and it is apparent that you are too stupid to do any research on this incident. "Kim" wants to know more about it? USE YOUR BRAIN! The case is disposed of and has become public record. LOOK IT UP! REVIEW THE EVIDENCE yourself. You will see why a jury of his peers convicted Scott "the molester" Edwards for his crimes.
sheriff buford mcclatter

Ucluelet, Canada

#18 Jun 5, 2008 in a whole heap uh trouble boah!...

this here is sheriff buford t. mcclatter uhtalkin at yuh,.....we gonna bust yo ass ,un then them good ole contry boahs incarcerated is gonna bust it fo real...heh heh heh.

naaaw, ya'll listen up,raught quick!...auhma gonna give yuh one chaaance tuh fess up tuh yo bad deeds, un then uhma gooonna let bubba here take ovuh, iffen yuh wants tuh deeeesend inta uh world uh hurt,yuh bedda git tuh blabberin...

by the way folks, uhm runnin fo macon county sheriff agin this yeeeuh,......."so don't fergit tuh vote for the former canadian mountie, fer a safer county!"....

Glenwood, AR

#19 Sep 30, 2008
The judical system is what is messed up. They are unfair and biased in their decisions. Coweta County needs to have better people with a good nature running things. But the way the economy is going things are going to get worse and people are going to do more horrible things. Fairness on our part is just something over looked and forgotten.
Tom Paine

Newnan, GA

#20 Jul 20, 2014
I didn't vote for Sheriff Yeager, I mean my God, his brother's the Coroner! Such an obvious case of nepotism and the good ol' boy system in action. So such police abuse is to be expected. What else could be expected? My opinion of the police is rather low anyways. Though I have broken no laws I have been on occasion pulled over and harassed by young rookie cops. This must stop.

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